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Hello! Want to share your photo report on the construction of the closet.
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My wife and I entered into a new apartment, a studio. Naturally furniture from nothing. For the first time parents have given the old Soviet wall. At some point we realized that the wall is full, and the appearance of it left much to be desired. We had to do something.

An idea to buy a wardrobe for the whole width of the room. After a brief analysis of suitable furniture offices, I was horrified. The price of the cabinet with 4 doors was of the order of 50,000 rubles. This is without unit. At that time, and now, that kind of money was not. Therefore, it was decided to do it himself. Was "smoking" forums to learn the nuances of technology and construction.

So a preliminary description of wardrobe:
The total length of the cabinet (wall to wall) - 3420 mm
Cabinet depth: - 500 mm
Height from floor to ceiling - 2500 mm
Color: Wenge (as it turned out, my wife did not get a color computer desk)
Chipboard thickness - 16 mm.
The overall result of the money will report at the end of the post.

The first step, wardrobe was designed in the program Compass-3D. I designed it for a long time, about a month. All measured the house, my wife and I picked up the necessary content and arrangement of shelves and rods.

After a brief search, found the firm, which according to my size will make the cut and edging details of a future cabinet compartment. For the price you are: 8920 rubles. On the appointed day, I was with a friend (Andryukha hello!) Arrived to pick up the items. Only began to be loaded, then of course, as an evil, it began to rain. Stsuko! The most fun was found that two long element (2500 mm) in length do not climb into the car. About 600 mm protruding from the trunk. Well, nothing to do, I had to get out and ride well.

After the arrival and unloading of pieces of wood, I decided not to bathe and to begin construction of a new day. By the way, the time I had a lot, since I was at that time the unemployed. Photo 1. On the morning of wood were laid. And then I truhanul and realized that I should not have it all started. He walked with them, I thought, what is there to do. And away!

Photo 2. For convenience, all the elements were arranged and sorted.

To work were purchased:
 - Mallet
 - Konfirmatnoe drill
 - Drill wood
 - Evrovinty (Confirmates)
 - Screw caps
 - Gon
 - The level of 400 mm
 - 2 corner clamps
 - Dowels
 - Roller guides for drawers
 - Wood saw
 - Metal furniture corners
 - Decorative furniture corners
 - Template for drilling perpendicular

Since cable internet I have hidden in the plinth, had to be cut from the lower uprights recess under the plinth.

In the production of I originally ordered edging only one strony bearing elements (front side plastic edge 2mm), because it is not a cheap pleasure. Having read messages from the Internet that stands out from chipboard with time formaldehyde, bought in hardware store black melamine edge. Looked at a couple of spots obuschayuschego video and began to glue itself. Sometimes it turns out good, sometimes lousy. In any case, this will be to the side wall, will not be visible. In the photo 3, the process of gluing edges on the rear end.

Photo 4. Painstakingly Measure out the hole locations.


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