Refrigerated cabinets: the scope and features of the system

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Refrigerated cabinets: the scope and features of the system
Today the chiller to purchase, because the consumer market is filled with the widest range of equipment of this type. However, we recommend you to choose the right model in our catalog of refrigeration equipment, because only we have offered high-quality options at an affordable cost.
Scope of application and temperature range
Refrigerated cabinets are often installed in restaurants, cafeterias, markets, coffee shops, hypermarkets and pharmacies.
Since a variety of foods and medicines need to be stored at certain temperatures, you want to choose the right temperature range. The cabinets differ in the level of cooling products:
— low temperature;
— medium temperature;
— is universal.
Doors and their opening and closing
Refrigerated cabinets polair can have two types of doors: the deaf are made of stainless or carbon steel, or glass. First apply for short-term savings products in enclosed spaces. Glass refrigerating Cabinet of this type has doors mounted shelves, which you can get at different altitudes for the harmonious arrangement of products. The second is ideal for installation in sales rooms, where the internal goods visible to the consumer.
The door system can be of two types: the coupe or swing. Glass door compartment convenient because you do not require any space for opening and are easy to open, so chill Cabinet sh of this type can be placed immediately with the seller. Functioning model of this type at a moderate temperature, provides for the storage of beverages and food. It includes lightbox and backlight, which are in the upper compartment. In addition, it is possible to paste ads to interested visitors, turning them into regular customers. In particular, the popular refrigerated cabinets with glass door in pharmacies because it allows you to take the drug without compromising the temperature.
Refrigeration Cabinet with hinged door system, generally order cheaper coupe, however, greatly inferior to him in terms of practicality and functionality.
How to buy chill Cabinet Capri with sliding or hinged system we have?
If you want to purchase the chiller compartment from the catalog of our online store, in this case, please contact our managers for help. We will help you to choose the right model to meet individual requests and needs, and then make a purchase. On all models is warranted.

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