Two opposites.

As our planet has two poles, and has the two opposites - the two cerebral hemispheres: feminine and masculine. The human body contains hormones, as their inherent and partner. This simple truth says that our life is contradictory and unstable. As much as we would like to balance a duality will always be "butt" with himself and with the world. This applies to everything from ordinary life to philosophy and spirituality. Our nature is stronger conclusions. We are programmed to fight with the pendulum of life, unconsciously trying to balance it. But fighting the mind with its nature, we are stronger kindle battle all the best with all the bad. Infighting has always manifested externally; in the form of frustration, irritation, anger, sometimes passing into open war. So on what basis do we expect from our civilization harmony and prosperity? What are our arguments in favor of peace in the world?

While waiting for a happy future, we hope that the world would be better to believe all sorts of political and religious utopias. We are waiting for understanding from family, friends, state, god of the aliens finally, without even thinking, as we understand ourselves? We know exactly what we want? Can we in the hearts thirst for peace throughout the world, and emotionally are at war with their neighbors for a parking space. No matter, the battle takes place in reality using available tools or in our imagination.
Our minds are constantly jumping between different poles. In the morning wake up alone, but others go to bed at all. The man in the everyday consciousness does not even think where fixed his attention. While in the general flow of information, the human mind is wandering in a huge stream of images. His attention is dispersed on different external objects, but not on body consciousness. Consciousness of the body - this is when the attention is fixed on the now, at the same time embracing opposites. For example, knowing that all people, without exception, have both positive and negative qualities, we are less demanding as to itself and to others. This realization can be called awareness.
Usually the opposite is true. Man sees only what he wants to see. His mind is fixed or on the positive or the negative. On the basis of the same polarity makes erroneous conclusions, whereby - and inadequate actions. Then, after some time, the person can still realize their mistake, but time has already been lost, and lost part of the life force.
Our life is mechanical. We are constantly making the same mistakes, we walk in the same paths of life, afraid to deviate from the usual route. Our difference lies only in the fact, where the trails we are and that at this moment are going through. After all, someone has stepped on a sunny meadow, and someone else walks, making his way along the path through the bushes. Whoever in the clearing, once also made his way through the bushes and had roughly the same feelings as the traveler on the path.
Understanding the essence of our car and its duality, it is easier to balance on the verge of opposites. See our solutions for not only positive but also negative aspects, and vice versa. For example, money can give us material resources - is the energy that can enhance or destroy the power of the person. Excessive extravagance in life is not at all- sredstvam- depletes our will. If we can not conduct personal economy in the home, then what about spiritual practice, where the ability to properly distribute the flows is its foundation. Money is never enough, and the more, the greater grows the appetite. For example, first you buy shoes for 35 EUREKA, then, when money became more - over 350. At the level of mind most know insatiable consumption, but with the tenacity of a maniac continue to waste yourself on trifles, justifying a favorite expression of the man in the street - and what I'm worse than others!
Awareness - this is when a person becomes "hunter" for its energy. He already knows where and in what situations lose their precious energy in the future is trying to block the leakage.
On the other hand the desire for material is sitting in our genes, so useless to run away from civilization and eat a pasture, in the hope that it will bring us closer to God. Also, do not hide behind the "spiritual" practices materialization. Thinking that the Creator will thank us for our zeal, such as Mercedes. After all, the universe is abundant. At least so say the followers of the New Age. In general, reading wise books, attend seminars, is sent to all thoughts of "love" and "the great kryshevatel" thank you for a different nyashki. We corny want to satisfy their needs, hiding behind spirituality. Therefore, ordinary man in the street is much integrity, than fans of the "magic." He does not hide from their desires under the roof of the deity, and honestly as you can consume.
It is important to understand that all sorts of psychic, magical practices may be just as auxiliary tools, rather than the main road. Magic - this is the way downstream, which we will not lead to awakening, and more sucked into the quagmire of human passions. Magic does not improve man, but it reinforces to what is already there: for example, jealousy or fear, and many more of this, what we do not guess. But maybe you do not have these qualities? Then go ahead.
We have been through the experience of magic in past civilizations highly organized, and they were punished by the embodiments of the Stone Age, and in the higher plane, long wandering in the lower astral plane.
There is an opinion, what is the spiritual man, the greater his chance. Maybe so, but expands his consciousness, not a bank account. And the more "advanced" the man, the less he has material desires, and therefore he does not waste your precious energy on stupid consumption. He was pleased with what he has.
The fate of each allocates only as much money as you need to implement. The objectives are different, one is working up a sweat, and another pours as from a cornucopia. And if someone wrote a book of how to get rich, and it hit the jackpot, it does not mean that those who read his advice too, will live in chocolate. From birth we have a bonus in the form of a future vocation, which would feed us. When a person does not see his gift, the whole life fighting for its existence, vegetating in the greyness of life, or decompose in luxury. If a person feels their gift and come after him, his life will be more soft and fluid, with no sharp corners, as his personal power resonates with the task of incarnation.
The vast majority of people have to live by the principle. This they taldychat each other daily - And what can you do, right! It is necessary to raise children on their feet, a living somehow earn. Most go through life under that magic word "must" rather than by his vocation. We are afraid to walk the path of truth desires trust in public opinion. And instead of following the call of the heart, we do everything - we climb into debt because of the consumer basket inhabitant. While working for the money, we lose not only health, but also time. By the end of life we ​​arrive tired and broken, a dissatisfied. Lost time for the realization of vocation, we are forced to take out the next incarnation. Therefore, we again and again pursues "Groundhog Day" in various incarnations, until we accomplish what we are destined by fate.
And the fate of the inexorable thing. But many still are trying to cheat by using magic. Art allows for affirmations and images of a person's intention, but it does not take into account the fact that a person is only a fragment of the cosmic "I" (Fields) with a small range of features. It is entirely in the fate of the program, and it can only change our higher 'I'. And before him dostuchatsya some affirmations and rituals is impossible. You can, of course, fall into the illusion that you communicate with your higher hypostasis as from "the old man Hottabych", which fulfills all your desires. But I can say with confidence that he had to have very different plans than our immediate Wishlist ego.
Is not enough stars in the sky, it is better to use perfectly the resources that are given to us by life itself. It is able to reallocate resources away from important life problems, to the secondary. Also enjoy the things that we need, and not to buy fashion brands for the image. Ponty only destroy the power, as they spent twice and sometimes three times more money. As the saying goes, "not by Senka cap". The problem is not that we have something not enough, and that we can not be content with what we already have. We always want to try "alien hat" on itself. At the global level, our immoderate appetite destroys the power of nature. In nature there is no waste and uselessness: everything to the place and by the time. Even her beauty is not for the sake of satisfaction of our aesthetic eye, and a rational necessity. We also, like Mother Nature, must be sober and frugal even on unreasonable expenditure of our energy. And ordinary material life is our hunting ground where the trophy is our awareness.
If we hunt for the Force, the force is hunting us.
If I have the big money, then I will have more financial possibilities, but also will always be willing to take them away. So, the money for me to be a strength and my weakness. If I am endowed with a lot of energy from birth than my friend, that overconfidence eventually de-energize me. I just wasted on trivia personal power. A friend of mine, knowing my weakness, learn how to preserve and increase energy. So in my power to be concluded weakness, and his companion - the weakness of hiding power. Also, in a democracy ideas, hiding the dictatorship, and dictatorship - the elements of democracy. Medicine, which treats may also cripple. And public institutions, cultivate psevdointelligentsiyu, which in addition to his own mind can not see anything. Politicians love to talk about truth and justice, and themselves constantly deceiving the electorate. Behind the mask of virtue may be hiding greed, but behind the facade of love - banal affection
. Knowing fancy frills of life, its inconsistency, we no longer cling to a specific image or event. We, balancing on the edge of duality can not be ideal to take away the attention from the truth in a kind of illusion, where everything is simple. In this utopian mind reality (usually where we do not) live happy people swimming in abundance. They are doing great writers, actors, politicians, philosophers, saints who can not be defects because they are needed as the perfect rebuke for imperfect. It is always possible to accuse a person point out its shortcomings, setting an example of a sample. Ideally, you want to bind a person to a particular image and behavior. If, for example, I have about something I write, then there is always a critic, which, based on authoritative sources, show me to my uninitiated. But there will be some who will idealize me, creating the new idol for themselves. But if I do not meet their expectations, then quickly rejected as another misunderstanding. Many "gurus", knowing pull people to the ideals, do not interfere with his disciples to mold his idol. On the contrary, strongly supports their way of confessor, as he feeds him well. This master better pretend to be a fool, than to drag on itself a heavy burden imposed on him "advanced».
On the other hand wants to lead us and show us the way to come was something bright and sublime. This is the law of evolution - to reach for the light. But, seeking to evolve more rapidly, you can easily slip off the thin line of sobriety to the other extreme - involution. Sometimes it is difficult to understand on what side you're on. You think you are flying in a religious ecstasy towards the light, but in fact blissfully fall into the abyss of matter. Evolution - it is not a revolution, when they want now and in a hurry. A slow maturation over time.
The top and bottom are always there and will be in our minds as we are subject to evolution. This trick Spirit. Polarity is not static Nirvanic worlds, when the mind rests. Therefore, in our mind there is always a point of reference and alluring spot in the distance. Downlink and uplink flows - this is the energy of motion: plus and minus, from which we will never get rid of, even in the energy of the universe, where there is no material forms. We will always remain in the minds of the four cardinal orientation, otherwise there is no point in all of this. If it makes sense, then, there are guidelines - the laws of the universe. As well as "hell" and "paradise" will always haunt us in our minds, because this carrot and stick evolution. When deviate from the intended course of the soul, then, getting to the point of "sobriety" we are "infernal" pangs of conscience, because of the failure of lessons. And when we harmoniously follow his destiny, we experience happiness.
The development of consciousness - is not only enthusiastic feelings, but also the soul
Trial. What's at the bottom - and then at the top. Our home life is the practice only when we realize:. Ie, not just stupidly live and witness for themselves, for their reaction to life situations and try to balance the energy of a conflict. Emotions - this is a litmus test, which shows what we have to work on that, or another minute. And our desire to lead us to where we get the most important lessons. Working on a man working with the microcosm (the subconscious), highlighting its awareness. At the same time, the man himself is a microcosm for the sphere (higher self), which is also trying to discover their essence. She has her problems with the subconscious, for example, such as we have - the unconscious fragments
. Warning - this is the focus of consciousness. In metaphysics it is defined by a point in the center of the circle. A circle symbolizes the limitations of consciousness. The movement of the point within the circle up, down, right, left - is the work of attention. At the time of movement of the attention captured by the new coordinates of the experience (the reality). Descending and ascending streams penetrating Sphere, used attention to its movement. Putting opposing flows in one focus, locking them together, account is sustainable. At that moment, a fragment of it - a person inside the fire burns (ascension). This fact can be said that Sphere finally matured and she no longer needed humanoid fragments for maturing.
The more attention is shifted to the upper edge of the Fields of the circle, the stronger the updraft will push the consciousness to the boundary of the cocoon. Meanwhile downdraft beat outside Areas. From both shocks cocoon wall becomes thinner, until a crack, through which the inside of the bubble breaks new energy (quantum leap). Man at this time is awakening from the sleep of the material. In his mind break into new knowledge, which can be intimidating for him. Man under stress when his mind breaks through the old boundaries of perception. Old is always afraid of the new. But over time, new knowledge removes all the contradictions in the mind, making being holistic. The person is becoming a total truth, and no crazy speculation can no longer knock him off his chosen path.
If you have areas of focus is shifted down the circle, the mind falls into the abyss of the microcosm, further fragmenting. At this point, Sphere, as if asleep, and its man-fragment- not see a complete picture of life, but only its fragments. He can not collect all the puzzles of life because of the primitive mind. For him, the puzzle piece and have his whole life, where everything is simple: good and evil, black and white. For him, there is no finer gradations of light.
These are the two extremes of consciousness. The surge of new knowledge or fall into unconsciousness. It is a general principle for all consciousnesses. It does not matter, it has a physical body, or plasma.
God is in heaven and man on earth.
The shift of consciousness occurs only at the moment of impulse of the Spirit, when the unknown, vskolyhnuv bunch of emotions in man, imprinted on his physical reality. Unusual energy shake the whole body, from the brain to the intestines, affecting the thinking of the man and his deeds. A person is born a new picture of the world, the quality of which depends on the resources of his mind. And the more energy comes in its "circle", the wider range of perception.
At the time of the shift of consciousness shatters the old "picture", and replaced by another comes. Between the boundaries of "pictures" consciousness experiencing nirvana (white noise). As long as the consciousness is awake, images always appear. And what images are true and which are not, people decide according to their level of development.


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