Observation, care and awareness.

Man must learn mindfulness, says Osho, and a way to learn it - more than observe that there is at the moment, "here and now", to be more attentive to what is happening. Watch what thoughts come to you, what emotions arise as you perform different actions - go, eat, wash, work ... Watch every action and their reactions to the actions of other people
Awareness needs to be developed in all. If you eat, pay attention to the taste of food, watch how you chew it, like hold a fork, what feelings and emotions is the food. Of course this observation will make the food taste better. In fact, the food does not change the taste, just now you eat consciously, so start to realize its true taste. Previously, you were thinking while eating a variety of extraneous things that you were not aware, and the taste of food from you escaped.

By the way, one of the best ways to lose weight - is mindfulness while eating. The man eats a lot, but eats - because he eats too fast, and the mind, twisted somewhere in the clouds, do not have time to evaluate the quality and amount of food, so it seems that you need to eat more. Observation, slowness and mindfulness while eating can significantly reduce the amount of food eaten, and the saturation comes much earlier, food taste better, and improves digestion, and does not accumulate excess weight.

Observation and awareness - are two sides of the same phenomenon, therefore, trying to be careful, you become aware
Be observant, walking along the street, breathing the smells, admiring nature, feel the ground under their feet, breeze, touch, listen to the sounds - and such practice will reveal a new awareness, a divine world - a world that is full of mystery and beauty
If you constantly find yourself thinking that the observation points in the "here and now" has stopped, do not blame yourself and blame - it's a waste of time. Just go back to consciousness, be careful with this very moment, forget about the past. As the awareness you each time to stay longer in the now moment.

Being in the moment here and now, not chewing on the past and not fantasizing about the future - that is awareness.

The practice of mindfulness - three steps

Be attentive to your body - it is the first and very important step in the practice of mindfulness, says Osho. Watch every gesture, every movement, every sensation in the body - thanks to such care disappear, many foolish and harmful habits, the body relaxes (out corporal voltage, power) Returns the normal tone and good mood
When reached the state of surveillance in relation to the body, connect and care in relation to the mind - be aware of the thoughts that come to you. Observe how they appear and disappear. This is the second step in the development of awareness. You do not need to do anything with thoughts, do not chase them, suppress or direct the other way - quite simply their observations - and this awareness changes everything. You will see in your head gradually reigns calm and serenity.

Then the third step - watch the feelings and emotions, which, like the thoughts come and go. They also do not need to do anything - you just care for them, are aware. They live their own lives and their own laws, and you are their observer, witness.

Once these three steps are completed, there is the harmony of body, mind and emotions, after which happens spontaneously fourth - full awareness. You realize yourself conscious being who is an observer body, mind (thoughts) and emotions. This self-knowledge, which makes you awake, and only in this state, do you know what the real bliss. You learns his true nature, the nature of the soul, aware of itself pure consciousness, which is the witness of thoughts, emotions and body activity. And then there is bliss - the freedom, joy and happiness
The bliss of self-realization is the goal of life, the practice of mindfulness - through him, and the observation and care - instruments
Based on the book of Osho "Awareness"


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