10 ways to increase your awareness

1. True raises awareness, lowers her lie.
Every time you take the truth, promote the truth, tell the truth - you raise their awareness.

2. Courage increases awareness, reduces its cowardice.
Courage always requires conscious effort. For the manifestation of cowardice do not need anything - except that close their eyes, but to hide in a corner. In making decisions, think about whether you want to brave decision. If not, maybe you're just hiding from the problem, lowering your awareness.

3. Compassion increases awareness, reduces its cruelty.
Manifestation of compassion can only occur in a state of awareness. Cruelty can only be unconscious - is unlikely you will want to consciously be cruel.
4. The desire to raise awareness, apathy lowers it.
Can be long to think about what is good or not your desires as good targets you have set, but the fact that well-defined desire - raise awareness. If the desire is vague, there is no focus - awareness is reduced. Clear desire to generate action. Vague desires lead to apathy. A large number of desires without certainty, what do you carry out at the moment - lowers consciousness. Therefore it is necessary to define your goals and choose the one that you carry out the moment - this will increase your awareness.

5. Attention to raise awareness, distraction lowers it.
Warning - the key to awareness. Attention to themselves, their thoughts, emotions, to others, to their mood, to words, to what is happening. All of this - to raise awareness. In a state of deep awareness to the limit you focused. Encouraging manifestation of attention around you, each time becoming more and more conscious person.

6. Knowledge raises awareness, ignorance lowers it.
Always strive for to learn more, look for knowledge not only about themselves but also within itself - it raises awareness. When you close your eyes on the knowledge you downgrade awareness.

7. Common sense increases awareness, reduces its inconsistency.
Consciousness can be increased even when you do not use your mind, for example, during meditation, when you do not think about anything. However, when you use intelligence when you are judicious, you're doing more good for increasing your awareness than when you are inconsistent in their arguments.

8. conscious people raise awareness, reduce its irresponsible people.
Talking to people who live consciously and constantly improve their awareness, and helps you to raise awareness. People living less consciously, will drag you to their level. You can choose the people with whom you live, work and communicate. Seize this opportunity.

9. Health and energy to raise awareness of disease and reduce its passivity.
Laziness, passivity lower your consciousness and eventually lead to disease. Shalt every action energy - and it will increase your awareness.

10. The intention to raise awareness, promote it. Intention to lower awareness, lowers her.
This is the power of intention - if you're really going to want to increase their awareness, life itself will tell you ways to do it. Consciousness can be increased infinitely.


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