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I don't care what the world is. All I want to know is how to live in it. E. Hemingway


Psychologically there is not one, butfour different freedom: more precisely, four different levels of representation (representation, expression,...)

The parable of Bert Hellinger about freedom:

"The disciple asked the teacher: "Tell me, what is freedom?"

"What is freedom? – asked his teacher. – The first freedom – stupid. It resembles a neighing horse, throwing its rider. After that, he was still stronger tightens the reins.

The second freedom – repentance. She reminded the steering, which after the collapse remained on the wreckage of the ship instead of having to sit in a lifeboat.

The third freedom is the understanding that comes from stupidity and repentance. It resembles a straw swaying in the wind, which is still standing only because the bend in the weak places."

The pupil asked: "is that all?"

The teacher said:
"Some believe that searching for truth in his soul.But it thinks and searches through them,a Great Soul. Like nature, she can afford very many mistakes, because without changes blundered tired players on new. But the one who allows you to think it gives it a bit of space sometimes, and as the river carries the swimmer, which allows it to carry itself, it is the combined efforts towards new shores".


So, considering in terms of freedom the modern world, we see in it the vastness of the militant stupidity; the prevalence of all sorts of regrets about lost and frustrated; some, but a fraction is already quite active and stubborn hope for the best; andabsolutely pitiful remnants of the desire to follow the World Soul...

I propose to accelerate the attainment of genuine freedom for the sake of, and for, replace stupidity awareness; regret is spontaneity; hope, intimacy (no sex, because in transactional analysis, this implies simply the ability to speak openly about their needs and concerns); and adherence to the World Soul – a total rejection of all scripts: activity in particular and life in General.

So with full awareness; very spontaneous; open (and close...) stating his; to renounce all imposed by society and societies of the framework and clichés, having found, if not true, then at least reasonable freedom of true Adulthood...

It was then, as you probably realized on some conditions or prerequisites for achieving genuine and not imaginary freedom. However, the question is about, sorry, psychological content (and structure) of this beautiful concept, already considered as a phenomenon, as it remains "behind the scenes". But all of us, fervently and passionately striving for liberation from all bonds and fetters, it is imperative not to guess nabukalu know the signs of true freedom. So again, do not chase her Ghost, is clearly manifested in all sorts of riots: senseless and merciless (Pushkin)...

For those who don't quite "cut" in my writing exercise, I will say it is easier and sharper. Tell me, what – what are these criteria – you will learn that the liberated? And will you be able to learn about it if you didn't know the signs of this genuine freedom? That's why I raised (to himself...) this question. And even once managed to get a decent answer – which, of course, is not the ultimate truth (I'd like to see a truth...), but it can be the basis for modeling (and check "for lice"...) all sorts of exemptions and freedoms of even the most democratic type and kind...

So, in my opinion, true freedom consists of two components.

The first of which, excuse me, given to all, without exception, the Creator. And the second transferred for implementation by the people (and assumes the exercise of freedom, given by God, people are also, well, justkind of obliged to do something themselves). Or rather: they just want to do it, and that is the only way — not "must" and "should"...

What God has given us, in this (freedom) plan to reduce to two immutable rights and one, sorry, the duties of man:

  • the right to free expression (the notorious freedom of will...)
  • the right of choice and
  • responsibilities to be responsible for their actions and their consequences.
Well, that man should exercise himself "freedom", includes almost three psychological characteristics:

awareness as the ability to analytically and/or intuitively aware of the real motives, conditions and circumstances in your life

focus, as a conscious choice as a priority of sustainable and relevant situations, goals and intentions

commitment, as the ability to achieve chosen goals, in spite of "terror protection" and resistance himself and his environment.

What follows from all the foregoing?Well, first, perhaps, is that no one, anywhere, ever has the right to deprive others of their free will and right to freedom of expression. For it has given and commanded by God, and to do so, either openly or hiding behind the Fig leaf of democracy and liberalism, it is absolutely immoral and absolutely decadent...

Secondly, only the right to free expression sufficient for the emergence of true freedom. Because you need a real (not declared...) the right of choice and responsibility for first and second. And right what if from the point of view of these criteria to look at the world today, it appears that real and enduring, God's idea of freedom does not correspond to any one country. Because even in the most "advanced" of them will not end with choice. And the liability of each and all replaced by the irresponsibility of the "silent majority" and fake democracy covering actually fangs do the "haves power" of transnational corporations and their political lackeys.

Well, and thirdly – without any policy – hexagram above the level of the internal relations demonstrates a curious thing. What will freedom of expression is the basis of the determination (that is, if not the first, don't wait for the second...). That responsibility is possible only in conditions of full awareness. And focus both directly and indirectly, implies the right to choose: as a necessary and possibly sufficient conditions.

In conclusion – stated at the beginning of the formula of true freedom, so to speak, mathematical terms (as used to say Stanislavski, the gun hanging on the wall in the first act, in act III, or the end, therefore, must shoot...).


True freedom = (Will × Choice × a) + (Awareness × Focus × Commitment).


So once again I will emphasize that none of the components of true freedom cannot be "omitted" without total destruction. For if you something, even the most reasonable, kind and eternal, multiply by zero, zero as it would turn out.

So, for example, Will and Choice without Responsibility turns not in the God-given freedom and willfulness. Selection Responsibility without the right to Expression is transformed into beautiful decorative and declarative — "dummy". And the Will and Responsibility without choices and opportunities to become worthless ideological toy, fit only for domestic, not certainly for her life...

Similarly, the Awareness and Purposefulness without Purpose turns into a fruitless project-mongering. Awareness and Determination without Focus can do well, very far to have a man that's just probably diverting from his true goals. But the Purposefulness and Determination without Awareness able to produce atrocities: "unconsciousness", as they say in such cases...

It remains to add that true freedom is always TO and not FROM. That is not from something but for something, possibly decent. But this question of meanings, values, motives and needs of human life at various stages and levels of life will be discussed in a separate article...


Consider that the inside and outside of you wants you to exercise the freedom of expression, right of choice and duty of responsibility. With the inner work as EUFOR, and the external output outside of your individual space. Actually, it's a tip for those who at least to some extent familiar with the basic psychology of the INP, so if it's not about you, just try to control the manifestation of internal factors and limit – until the elimination of external factors.

Work on the development of his Awareness, Focus and Determination. For the first good practice of self-observation. For the second – drawing up a list of short -, medium-and even long-term objectives with an analysis of their importance, relevance and priority. Well, for the third just divide (divide) "way" of achievement of these goals into small, daily steps. What do regular, the this and controlling...posted


Author: Sergey Kovalev

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind - together we change the world! ©

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