One happiness in the hands of and 8 fallacies of mankind

Limiting misconceptions

1. Life begins with first breath and ends with the last.

Eternal life. Just change forms. Nothing disappears without a trace and is not happening out of nowhere. Life was, is and will be! Some believe in transmigration and new embodiment. Someone that the soul is immortal. And those and others are right. People for bright and complete their development in a particular period of time voluntarily blocks a memory before birth.

Fifty six million nine hundred twelve thousand fifty three

2. The world is divided into good and evil.

People used to divide the universe into positive and negative energy, the higher power of God and the Devil, paint black and white, and the whole world into good and evil. Many believe that there is bad luck and good fortune. And one drops out one thing and others another. Like some people are born to be unhappy, and someone is born from an over-achiever. In fact it is not. The world is neutral, and everything is in the beginning of the reference coordinate system, i.e. at zero. And where people will move the lever it will receive. The universe is just obediently carry out the commands that give our thoughts.

3. There is an incurable disease.

The man himself themselves engenders diseases, so he himself can heal. The world was created the word. The word was given-the charge on the disease, give the word charge on health. Humanity lacks faith in itself, so it resorts to new technologies, medicines and faith in the good uncle, who knows better how to cure a particular disease. Man is his own virus, his own vaccine.

4. All life is a struggle.

You need to fight when you have made the idea that other way will not solve the problem. Even more, you thought made the appearance of the problem. You chose a life as a constant struggle, and therefore fight. While the man is struggling, thinks about the methods of control, live from fight to fight — reasons for military action will become more and more.

5. Blessings on all will not suffice.

Humanity believes that the ranks of the oligarchs, Freemasons and billionaires severely limited and have negligible share in the population. Many believe that mutual love is given to favourites, and good health units. But just be sure that you get from the universe clear the command execution. "Not enough for all the benefits? Sir — the benefits are negligible, you can't afford that". In fact, the universe is elementary to create benefits for all. But with one exception — will only give to those who are not confident in his goals and desires, who puts a hard limit to the universe of a phrase, and most importantly, think, "that's just not enough at all".

6. To pay for everything.

To pay for everything. For a career with children. For the love of money. For the health of loved ones — their health. How often mothers take the child's illness on himself, the sobs, "I wish I was sick". Or when they say "half of my life I'd it again to see." Even such a trifle as laughter give yourself a portion, they say, and then have to cry. And believe pay off, give a sacrifice, paying the price. And to live is destined, as we know, each according to his faith. The universe gives without payment, of barter and exchange. Simply so! The main thing to believe and to ask for real.

Forty six million nine hundred thirty nine thousand four hundred sixty two

7. One happiness in his hands.

Many people think that if you're happy in love, the other benefits is limited and in one hand the universe will not give one happiness. So he was destined to be a pauper in heaven or shalashnaya much more — to give his life for a loved one. The misconception is that before the birth of the people get in line for a certain happiness. The lines are long, a lot of them, and time is short. Here and manages to grab yourself a happy life with one direction, and in the case that the line came in time.

8. Frame, strap and limits the desires.

Humanity limit itself based on what already has. If a woman is not beautiful from birth, then her handsome husband, she could not be found. If you graduated from rural school, then the University can only dream of. If you work as a courier, the chair of the Minister is not for you. Don't limit the universe does not tell her ways to implement your desires. If you want a million dollars, you don't need to tell her where it can be extracted. The universe knows better and will find much short and the best way to fulfill your desire. Don't assume its power to their desires.


9. Love the deadline.

Someone is sure that love lasts 1 year, someone 3, someone takes as much as 7 years. Scientists excitedly tell about hormones, surges, chemistry and other physical processes. Love is eternal, like life. It goes from one state to another like water. If one person stopped loving the other person, then he never loved him. Be happy! published 


Author: Victoria Stellmach

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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