With the new material, the smartphone can be recharged from the pan

Scientists from the University of Utah have created a new material that converts a temperature difference into electricity. With the help of the ring on her finger could feed wearable gadgets, and panels of new material, standing on the kitchen stove — to charge smartphones.


The team, led by Professor of materials science, University of Utah Ashutosh Tiwari found that the combination of calcium, cobalt and terbium could be the basis for efficient, environmentally friendly and inexpensive material with thermoelectric properties. This means that the difference in temperature on opposite surfaces of such material creates a voltage. For it to occur is enough of a difference in one degree Celsius.

That is the current you can create in the kettle, the bottom of which one side is heated by the stove, and the other is cooled I put in the kettle with water. The same situation rings: inner surface heats the finger, and the outer cool air. In thermoelectric effect, electrons move from the heated part of the material to be chilled, creating a voltage.

Scientists have long attempted to create a thermoelectric material, which will be enough to produce electricity, thus will not be toxic and too expensive... experiments were Conducted with materials based on cadmium, mercury or tellurium. However, they are toxic and do not involve household use. A feature of the new material at his cost and safety for humans and the environment.

Professor Tiwari said that with such material you can think of a lot of different kind of applications. With it you can use body heat to feed wearable sensors, for example, monitors glucose levels. Can be installed on internal combustion engines of cars and get electricity. Use of the material in the manufacture of aircraft will give them additional source of energy due to the large temperature difference between the interior and the external surface of the fuselage. It is possible to increase the efficiency of power plants and to partially solve the electricity problem in developing countries, causing the material on the cooking surface of the cooker or making him a heatproof dish.

Thermoelectric effect also use the smart watch PowerWatch. They have developed a technology startup Matrix Industries, and they do not require recharging: hours generate energy from the heat of the wrist. published


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Source: hightech.fm/2017/03/21/new_material


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