How to get energy from the hot water

Energy consumption today is not always economical. For example, the engine in the car. First, he's quite hot, uses only a small portion of this energy for the main work, and then expended even more energy in order to save the engine from overheating. Panasonic has created a new thermoelectric material that will store most of the energy.

Thermoelectric material that can convert heat directly into electricity. This is not innovation, but overall it neeffektno so that those who seriously to the production of electricity through heat, just use something like steam generators. Which, as the name suggests, produce electricity with the help of the pair.

Thermoelectric material from Panasonic will be able to get 2.5 watts of electricity from the flow of hot water, which takes place every ten centimeters of water pipes, 4 pipes will be able to provide ten watts of electricity, which is enough to power a light bulb. Of course, nothing happens just like that and free. Moreover, this material can get electricity from each energy source used for water heating. But the loss of energy from hot water – is something that happens under any circumstances. Just in this situation she is not used to the environment and is wasted in vain, and it will be to obtain a thermoelectric material. You must remember that the process is based on the temperature difference, which will require not only pipe with hot water, and cold.

Panasonic are now working hard to make this technology more accessible and then maybe we can even try this system for yourself.

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