14 Ways how to improve its energy

Amazing article by Alexander Andreyev, which will help you to increase your vitality!

How to increase the energy
There are two types of energy:

Physical energy - the energy that maintains the vitality of the physical body. Physical energy is required to maintain a high tone free (Gisenyi energy).

To maintain a high level of physical energy is needed only two conditions:

Good and nutritious food;
Good and proper rest.
One only of physical energy is not enough to maintain a high tone of Gisenyi. We need more free energy. But before you take up the increase of the free energy, you have to have a high level of physical energy. When you are sick, you want the most? Sleep and rest. You can sleep 17-18 hours a day. And absolutely no desire to work, and especially to do something. Monitor your physical body. If it is in abundance, you can deal with the development of free energy, and if not, get them. Rest, sleep a lot, eat well. In general, dedicate a certain time just relaxing. Take a vacation, poedte the sea, the mountains, to the country, in general, the place where you can relax.

So let's say you have an adequate amount of physical energy, and now comes the most interesting point: how to increase vitality. The first thing you should do is to determine your current level of free energy. If you are too lazy to get up in the morning, a reluctance to go to work or school if limp after lunch, and you tend to sleep at night if you have no other desire than to get near the TV, then your level of free energy is negligible. It may be only enough to maintain the current status.

So, whatever your level of energy at the moment, you can always improve.

There are two approaches to improve the free energy:

Reduce the cost of free energy;
Enlarge the arrival of the free energy.
First, let's talk about how to spend the free energy:

Any kind of negative emotions. All that is bad emotions, pumping out your creative energy! In particular, the guilt, the experience of fear;
Stress. Any stress caused by a sense of importance;
The feeling of importance;
Artificial methods of increasing energy:
a. Energy drinks;
b. Spirits;
Artificial methods of increasing energy is very similar to loan money at interest (ie credit). You take the energy now, but tomorrow or later will give a lot more. Therefore, try to use them, and especially spirits as low as possible;

Spending on the little things.
Tell me, in your life clearly set priorities? If not, do it now. This will save you from wasting energy on the small stuff. Why spend your energy on the matter, which is not even listed in your list of priorities? For example, you love football? Is it for you is important, which team will win? Surviving, you are wasting energy because the result is important to you.

Worried you what is happening in the country, the economy of the country? If so, again, you are wasting energy. But note that you can not change anything your thoughts. As long as you do not make a fortune, you can not affect the economy. And whether or not to give their energy to it?

But think, for sure one of the highest priorities is your your family, children. In their lives, you are able to significantly influence. Maybe we should spend your energy to improve their lives?

Once you are clear about priorities, you will understand that all that is not in the list, is not worth you to spend energy on it!

Spend 80% of your energy on the first 3 points of your priorities: 50% - for the first, 20% - in the second, 10% - on the third and the remaining 20% ​​- for the rest! Waste of energy on the small stuff, you give it forever. Spending energy on the really important things, you invest it, for that you get more energy.

Well, now it's time to talk about how to increase your energy level:

1. Dreams, goals
I have dreams and goals that you strive every day, giving you a huge amount of free energy. However, this happens only in the case where Sci is your goal and instead imposed you others. When the soul and the mind are united in their aspirations, you gain a tremendous amount of energy in its use. There is no better feeling than the feeling that your dream is moving to you. If you go your own way, then the universe will accompany you in all things and to supply the necessary amount of energy is always!

2. Faith
It does not matter what you believe: in God, the Supreme Mind, the Universe, in the super-consciousness, or in anything else, your faith in the Supreme Being is to give you free energy sufficient. If you do not feel it, if possible. you should develop your faith. Very good affirmation: "my world cares about me." Repeat this affirmation, after a few days you will begin to feel absolute tranquility and a huge influx of energy, because you do not need to be afraid. Your world will take care of everything. The phrase my world can change the fact of what you believe, for example, "God takes care of me».

3. Love
Love - is a very powerful positive feeling. When your heart is filled with love, you feel great enthusiasm and a feeling that you can make it! This feeling is a powerful source of free energy.

4. Energy gymnastics
Energy exercises - exercise is to enhance the energy channels. This section will discuss in the next newsletter. I will in the next newsletter is one very powerful exercise.

5. Thanks
How do you feel when you thank heartily anyone for any service? Try to be thankful for all the good things you have. This will give you an additional large amount of free energy.

6. Art
What type of art do you like most? Art enlivens the soul. In times of information, art takes a back seat. It replaces the Internet. But do not forget to give time to art. It is important for the soul. Actually, at the time the information appears more and more resources and training for the mind, and all that for the soul, becomes secondary. But do not forget that the mind only with the support of the soul can realize anything in this world!

7. Music
Music - is energy in its purest form. Turn on the music that you like. You can make louder, to the flow of energy has been more and take as you can.

8. Hobby
Hobbies - is not nothing but a lesson for the soul. Everything that you do for the soul. It gives you energy.

9. Talking to people who have a high energy
There are people who have a very high amount of energy. They have enough of this energy to the prosperity and even overflowing. When dealing with people like this energy involuntarily transferred to the other party. These people all feels more positive feelings. Sometimes they do not even know why. All successful people have a high level of energy, and because after talking with these people, you always come out in high spirits. When they enter the room, she just poured invisible light. There opposite people. The room is filled with light, when they come out of it. Such people always take from you your energy.

10. Self-hypnosis
As you understand, with the help of self-hypnosis you can achieve everything you want. To increase the level of energy is also possible. It's enough to use visualization and energy exercises. You can use self-hypnosis in a pure form to improve the energy.

11. Pets
I think there is not need an explanation. B. When you look at their pets, they always evoke pleasant feelings.

12. Exchange for physical energy
During sports, outdoor activities, you get tired physically, but your vitality always rises. Jogging, swimming, exercise in gyms always gives you an extra supply of energy.

13. exchange for money
This is nothing like a donation. You give the money without expectation of return, and in return the universe gives you energy.

14. ...
The most powerful source of free energy.

You can forget all that has been said above, but if you remember at least one phrase, then you have gained a lot by reading this article:
You get energy when experiencing positive feelings, and you are wasting energy when experiencing negative feelings.

Alexander Andreev


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