Do not judge others, do not dig yourself a hole

You don't even understand how a simple phrase, seemingly noncommittal, able to destroy your happiness.

You shake the air "dummies", which are readily absorbed into your subconscious and makes using them a nuclear warhead, which then resets in your life.

The subconscious mind is a massive computer that does not have the ability to guess, to decipher, to regret, to give the desired excess and to love unconditionally. The subconscious is the translator, it displays all exactly what you planted. He has no bonuses, bonuses for good behavior, gifts and rewards.

Try not to say and not to say to yourself, some phrases, and you will be pleasantly surprised

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Tip 1. Expunged from the lexicon of the phrase "I don't even know"

When someone asks you what you have to give for a birthday, and you answer "I don't know" — then you give the reins into the hands of ask. Let the other decide what your soul will be happy. You take responsibility and shift it to another. Well, when the other one loves you, has a decent funds, generous and with good taste. And if not? Then wait for the gift "to you, God, that I was worthless." But it was only a gift for the birthday, then the card will fit, the main thing that it was fun.

Another thing, when you make a wish and expect that the universe will take place. Here you see a falling star and say "don't even know what to think". As a result, you to the universe (your subconscious mind) are sending an empty box, and the universe is there just something I believe and sent back. The question is – what? The subconscious has no sense of humor, no compassion, no love. He does not know what is good and what is bad. The universe will give a surprise from the heart, so to speak, But her heart is light bulbs, wiring and circuits, it would be a surprise whatever, and generally bad for you.

The universe does not know how to retaliate and be rude, she'll just give you what the first gets. Usually comes that lie on its shelves. No one wanted him fired, so this product is stale, and here you are with your "don't even know." I need to know!


Tip 2. Forget the phrase "I still can't do it"

Wedged in our subconscious from childhood the idea that one can never tell, and cry the Blues – a complete failure. You often protect a new business, I'm afraid to jinx him and therefore silent about a possible positive outcome and say "I'll try, but I can't do that". The universe hears and understands what you want you did not. Wanted? Get!

For example, you found a great job and a job interview tomorrow. But on the eve of the test saying to friends "I'll try, but I feel that it will not work", you did not keep themselves from envy, you prophesied to fail. If we discard the prefix "not", which the subconscious mind does not recognize and throws as unnecessary, to remove all the groans and sighs, feeling and lyrics, it remains "nothing happens." And leaves you full zero. But simply nothing will happen. This person can in the phrase "nothing happened" to see the victory, with the comment that the word "nothing" as "good." The subconscious can't do.


Tip 3. Speak clearly, remove all of these "something, something, something"

"God, please give me at least any man, and let him have something from the estate, and he'll live!" Everything is just so and not otherwise. You find a drunkard, he will have cracked the accordion, and will have to live with it from beating to beating.

  • The universe can not to your taste to choose a decent candidate. There are no worthy and unworthy. For her all the same.
  • The subconscious mind can't you also evaluate and determine who is a couple and who is not.
  • Similarly, and with the property and with all other parameters. The universe has no boundaries and it is equally that to give you a million or one cent.

Tip 4. Supporting the other, remove the phrase "I wish I had your problem"

After reading the previous three paragraphs, it is clear and terrible understanding of how many troubles can bring such a phrase. When someone complains about insignificant, and your head is spinning from problems, and I want to break the nagging lucky similar phrase. Someone got a little diamonds, and someone of a hole in the pockets of the large.

It is clear that when a friend complains that she has climbed the nose from a week of vacation in Egypt and you a vacation spent at the cottage with a hoe in his hands, then it becomes offensive. Pity for himself. But uttering the phrase "I wish I had your problem", you give the setting of the universe, so that immediately all the problems your friend duplicated you.

Understand all the problems! And only problem, without happiness, success and joy. You will not only wear off the nose, but in Egypt you will visit. Rest is not a problem, it means that you did not order. Okay, peeling nose, but you have asked the universe to give you a hundred pounds overweight, the husband of the parasite and of the son, a cripple. It is such a real problem your friend has.


Tip 5. Do not put taboos and bans the phrase "I never will"

From Sumy and from prison it is better not to promise, who knows what. You don't know what your plans with God, or what program wrote for you devils. Saying once that you never jump with a parachute, the demons can adjust the plane crash that will survive are the ones who will make the leap.

Do not tell God his script, and don't provoke the Devil with his omniscience.

Might not be saying that phrase, the crash would not be.

We often say this phrase when we view someone else makes a mistake. Friend Dating a married man? You would never allow! But time will pass and you will fall in love with married so that by the ears to drag. Don't judge others — don't dig yourself a hole.

If you want to be happy, then start small. To abandon the above phrases easily and simply, but the effect is stunning. Start now, and tomorrow, life will begin to change for the better.


Author: Victoria Stellmach


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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