The power of mindfulness: 10 ways to boost their awareness

Awareness is the state in which you understand what is happening in the present moment. If you dream about the future — you're not aware of yourself. If you remember past events — you don't know yourself.

If you look at something, for example, on their hands, or notice how the air fills your lungs and out of them, will feel your body, listen to the sounds around you, smell the air, know what now I think, what do you feel — then you realize yourself.

Awareness may vary in depth. The most profound awareness will be when you can simultaneously see, hear, smell and feel, aware of your thoughts or lack thereof, to understand emotions. Different sounds, smells, images and feelings all the time are perceived by your subconscious, but most of the time you don't know this information.

Awareness has the greatest power. Here are some of the manifestations of her


When you're fully yourself, you become invulnerable. No one can hurt you. If he's right — so what's there to be offended, you know it. But if you know he is not right — you are not offended, because you already knew that. If partly right, are you aware that true and what is not.

If people always behave consciously, then there would be quarrels and misunderstanding. Behave consciously means to be open. To speak openly. To operate openly. Can you afford to be open because you're invulnerable.

You can act for the highest good of others, or for your higher good — you choose.

Importantly, as a result of conscious actions, it turns out that everyone wins. We are all one, therefore, conscious actions bring the greatest benefit to all.

 Solving problems

In a deep awareness of the problems dissolve. Struggle with the problems only amplifies them. Avoiding problems does not solve them, and leads to the fact that they are getting worse and sooner or later manifest themselves (like a broken arm, stuck a plaster).

Mindfulness allows you to face the problem directly, look her in the eye to understand her true nature and dissolve it. Awareness breeds action, if necessary. The act, however, the most effective solution to the problem.


The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.

Albert Einstein.


Consciousness-raising helps to solve the problem.


When you act consciously, you feel the master of your life. You are the Creator of your world. The events, the people who surround you — all this is available only to you. Only you see things in this light and in this order. It would be a pity not to pay attention to it, because no one else can for you to understand your world, see it for what it is and make it better.

Most likely you already know that monitoring creative. What you pay attention, is becoming a bigger part of your life. Awareness allows you to tap into this power of creation.

 Lucid dreaming

My current goal in the field of personal development is to experience lucid dreaming. I understand that the development of mindfulness in the real world helps me to be more attentive to unusual items in my sleep. After analyzing your dreams, I realized that there is very little awareness — and this is a direct result of what I experience in the real world. I can focus on one thing and devote all their attention to him, but at this time I'm losing control and awareness over the more global picture.

It's not often I listen to the sounds that surround me. Not often seen items, clothing accessories, men, nature,. The taste of the food to me does not really matter, often thinking about the benefits we eat, but not always. Not rare occasions when I can't hear what I say. My dreams are not very bright, and these are my memories of the past day. If this happens to you? These are all manifestations of lack of awareness.


Mindfulness helps to more deeply feel the beauty. What a pleasure to review something that the mind considers to be painted in one color, but with sufficient awareness of the present in the sun becomes a thousand shades! Of course, it's easier to use your logic and say it's white, this dark blue is light blue. But what if you turn off the logic and enable consciousness? What you see then?


Mindfulness allows you to experience a positive emotional state regardless of circumstances. If you got enough awareness, you will not be difficult to live with a smile on her face and a straight posture to avoid in life.

By the way, this can be used as a test for mindfulness: how long can you stay with a smile on her face and straight posture? If it's not your status by default, as soon as you cease to be aware of yourself, the smile will disappear and the back will bend.

Mind control

For a person with a low level of consciousness seems impossible, the idea to control your thoughts, force yourself to think about what you want. However, the skill to concentrate all your thoughts on one, you can develop and it develops in parallel with cognitive development.

How many seconds in a row you may be thinking of the lemon, without interruption to other thoughts? Well, if you can do it within 5 seconds. But with the development of a skill can hold a thought and within a minute, several minutes. And now the question — how much time you need to focus your mind on achieving your goal, so it was achieved for sure?


Accurate picture of the world

Did you know that each of us has a view of the world? Two people being in the same environment and conditions, see the world differently. One goes outside in a snowstorm, and he wants to come back. Every gust of wind causes him discomfort and reinforces the desire to hide somewhere. Another comes and says, "eh, well!" Every gust of wind enhances the smile and confidence that man can overcome any obstacle, survive in any circumstances.


Whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger



Becoming aware of your beliefs allows you to consciously choose what you believe. Some of the beliefs you reinforce, for example, "I have a unique gift I can offer to the world", "I have enough money for life", "I always have a lot of time on the important things", "all people are one."

Other beliefs make you more weak in the world, for example, "I am what I do", "I don't have enough money", "I don't have enough time", "man — wolf", "I don't deserve a raise," etc.

Your beliefs develops your world view. Note that it is not the world itself makes you strong or weak, and your picture of the world. Realizing beliefs that make you weaker and replacing them with beliefs that make you stronger, you're really getting stronger, increasing your personal effectiveness.


A real man

What a pleasure to talk with a person who is here in the present. Which does not fly in the future, not digging in the past, and talking to you, fully aware of what you just said, what he said, understand where you both are now aware of what is happening around. If you like this communication — you should encourage it. To be a person who is aware of what is happening, a real man. Right now.

 How to harness the power of mindfulness?

To achieve a deep state of awareness, it is sufficient to concentrate on the depth of one's feelings. You can concentrate on the maximum realization of his body. You can concentrate on the maximum realization of the sounds in the limit — to hear the voice of the silence, even in the presence of other sounds. You can focus on the present moment, letting go of all thoughts about the past and the future. You can focus on awareness of his thoughts, in the limit — be aware of the absence of thought.

If you can pay to increase their awareness in day at least 10 minutes — it's amazing.

However, this is what you can do during the day. This can be done at the peak of their mental and physical abilities, you can do when you are very very tired — doesn't matter, because no mind, no body you don't need.

Consciousness exists beyond the mind and body. To raise awareness before sleep, promoting better relaxation and rest. Standing in line, waiting for anything, spending time with benefits. While talking, maximum listening to the speech and intonation of the interlocutor, noticing the slightest gestures and eye movements, facilitating better understanding and empathy, and establishing more strong relations. You can attract more awareness, doing any business — and it will bring huge benefits to his business and you.


In addition to these short-term actions to improve awareness and develop habits to live consciously all the time, there are the strategic actions suggested by Steve Pavlinas in the article "10 ways to become more conscious" (10 Ways to Become More Conscious). Here they are, 10 ways, with my explanations.


10 ways to raise their awareness

1. Really increases awareness, lowers her lie. Every time you accept the truth, promote the truth, tell the truth — you increase your awareness.


2. Courage increases awareness, lowers her cowardice. Courage always requires conscious effort. For the manifestation of cowardice does not require anything except to close eyes and hide in a corner. When making decisions, think about whether the bravery of the decision. If not, maybe you just hide from the problem, lowering their awareness.


3. Compassion increases awareness, reduces its brutality. Compassion can only occur in a state of mindfulness. Acts of cruelty can only happen in an unconscious state — you are unlikely to want deliberately to be cruel. Indifference is also often occurs in an unconscious state is the default action. Compassion simply requires awareness. Learn to discern the voice of consciousness and the voice of the mind can happen to find a justification for any activity, even to find favor in the violence. Listen to your heart, the conscience — no wonder the word conscience and consciousness in English sound very similar (conscience and consciousness).


4. The desire increases awareness, apathy lowers it. You have to think about how good or not your desires, how good the goal you set, but the fact is that clearly defined desire to raise consciousness. If you desire a blurry, out of focus — awareness decreases. Clear desires generate actions. Uncertain desires lead to apathy. A large number of desires with no certainty of what you realize at this moment — lowers consciousness. So you should define your goals and choose one that is the focus of your attention — this will increase your awareness.


5. Attention increases awareness, distraction lowers it. Attention is the key to awareness. Attention, to your thoughts, to emotions, to other people, to their mood, to words, to what is happening. All of this increases awareness. In a deep state of mindfulness, you to limit focus. Encouraging the manifestation of attention all around the you each time becoming more and more conscious person.


6. Knowledge increases awareness, lowers her ignorance. Always strive to learn more, seek knowledge, not only around you but also within yourself — it increases awareness. When you close your eyes to knowledge, you lower the consciousness.


7. Common sense increases awareness, lowers her inconsistent. The consciousness can rise, even when you're not using your mind, for example, during meditation, when you are not thinking about anything. However, when you use intelligence when you're sober, you're doing more good for raising awareness than when you are inconsistent in your arguments.


8. Conscious people raise awareness, irresponsible people drop. Communication with people who live consciously and constantly improve their awareness, helps you to raise awareness. People living less consciously, will pull you to his level. You can choose the people with whom you live, work and communicate. Use of this opportunity.


9. Health and energy increase the awareness of the disease and reduce its passivity. Laziness, passivity, lower your awareness and eventually lead to disease. Fill every action is energy and this will increase your awareness.


10. The intention to increase awareness, promote it. The intention to lower your consciousness lowers it. This is the power of intention — if you really want to increase their awareness, life itself will tell you ways to do it. The consciousness can rise infinitely.


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Two simple but very effective ways of raising awareness: diary management and time-keeping.

Try for the next 24 hours to spend so consciously as you can. Allow yourself to experience the pleasure of a conscious life.

Author: Misha Suboch


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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