9 important facts about quantum computers, which will help you understand what it is

Quantum computers do not need to check e-mail, or walk on the Internet space - their scope of application is in the area of ​​complex physical and mathematical experiments and calculations. Even science has no idea of ​​all the possibilities of this amazing creations of the human mind. Here are some interesting facts about quantum computers.

1. Quantum magic of the world of microscopic particles are not subject to the rules, familiar objects that we can see with the naked eye.

Quantum particles can exhibit absolutely fantastic properties, for example, exist in two places at once, to travel through time and space to make even jumps, then teleport there. Scientists are exploring many of the amazing phenomena of the microscopic world, but so far can not explain away everything.

2. No one knows what goes on inside the quantum kompyuteraOdin of the basic principles of quantum mechanics and science in general states that the act of observation affects the development of events. Imperfection instrumentation does not allow properly investigate the processes involving elementary particles - surveillance inevitably leads to changes in their properties and obtained by this data lose their scientific value.

3. A unit of information in quantum computers is called kubitV conventional PCs in the calculations used bits, which can contain one of two values ​​- zero or one. The same computer that uses the principles of quantum mechanics, the unit of information are so-called qubits, which can also have two positions, but there are also the third - both 1 and 0.

This means that the same set of qubits can have several different meanings, for example, two qubits in a superposition are four possible situations: 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 1-1.

4. A quantum computer is much more productive than a conventional PCB using quantum computing can quickly solve optimization problems, which have a simple computer would take an enormous amount of time.

A classic example of this problem is the so-called "traveling salesman problem": there are many cities, each of which is necessary to visit, and at the same time you want to select a shortcut. In laying this route goes from a quantum computer in seconds, because the computing unit can take multiple values, so you can quickly cycle through all the solutions.

5. Quantum computing could open parallel VselennyeNekotorye researchers say that the surprising property of qubits have several provisions could serve as a key to open the doors to other universes.

In theoretical physics there are several hypotheses about the infinite number of alternate realities, and to some of the scientists came up with the idea that quantum computing is to distribute the components of complex tasks between parallel worlds. It explains how the qubits can have multiple values ​​simultaneously.

6. In a quantum computer has something in common with the search for optimal solutions obychnymV tasks quantum computer is based on the same mathematical tools as a normal PC. This applies to basic arithmetic operations - multiplication, addition, and so on. D.

7. After becoming available, quantum computers will revolutionize encryption dannyhKrome optimization problems, quantum computing can be used in many other purposes. For example, in the future, they are likely to turn the idea of ​​data encryption and computer security: quantum computers will be used to create code that is virtually impossible to hack, and sverhzaschischёnnyh channels.

8. For the proper functioning of quantum computers need holodAbsolyutny zero, or 0 K - is the lowest temperature that can have a physical body. Upon reaching absolute zero, the atoms stop vibrations and cease to generate heat - conditions for quantum computing are close to ideal. For example, within a quantum computer developed by D-Wave Systems, maintained at 0, 02 K, or -273, 13 ° C.

9. Quantum computers faster than you can imagine predstavitKetrin Makgioh, professor at the University of Amherst, compared the speed of a conventional computer and a quantum.

Deciding the same task on each of the machines, it has come to the conclusion that it is impossible to say exactly how a quantum computer faster - the speed of solving the problem on that and on the other differed in several thousand times.

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