Starting from 2010, Google buys an average of one company per week

Google - a huge company, begins with a simple Internet search engine. Now it is a giant of the world's Internet industry, almost a monopolist among search engines, the developer of platforms for electronic devices, and more. Everyone can see only the outside, and a few reflect how companies manage everything.

Since 2010, Google has acquired of about a hundred different companies, that is an average of one company a week. Among the purchases - Pyra Labs, Ignite Logic, Android, Upstartle and Jotspot, but the most important acquisitions were made before the company: Current Communications Group in 2005, the year, YouTube and dMarc Broadcasting in 2006.

Many of the projects Google started with the purchase of third-party companies: Google Locator - a former Dodgeball, but, for example, Google Voice is not nothing like GrandCentral.



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