100 cool options like you can use a decorative adhesive tape

With this material you can transform almost anything. But recently we have not heard anything about it. Today, decorative adhesive tape is sold in any store for creativity.

We are in the Website has inspired a variety of adhesive tape for decoration, so we decided to share hundreds of the most interesting ways to use it.

1. Shutters

Blinds, decorated with colored tape to match other interior details, will look much more spectacular.

2. Table organizer with drawers

As a simple wooden organizer and other things from IKEA are transformed into beautiful home furnishings, can be found here.

3. Calendar of events and festivals expectations

Calendar standby holidays - a thing, yet many are not familiar, but very interesting. Traditionally, it is made for children over the last month before the New Year, to "brighten" the expectation of the holiday. On each day of the calendar is pasted envelope with candy or other small gift. Envelope can be opened once a day. Of course, the "wait" with the help of the calendar can be not only the New Year, but also any other joyful events. And to make and decorate a decorative calendar will help scotch.

4. Old chair

A little imagination, paint, colored tape - and an old chair as good as new. Instructions.

5. Pots for flowers

With the help of adhesive tape can be arranged flower pots, for example, as shown here and here.

6. Candlestick

A few simple steps and the wonderful cozy candle ready. Instructions.

7. Frames for photos

With decorative adhesive tape plain white frame turns into a bright piece of furniture. Instructions.

8. Soap dispenser

About that,

9 how to do it, read here and here.. Tea lights

Tea candles in sconces, decorated with decorative tape - a beautiful decor for your own home and a good gift. Fotoinstruktsiya.

10. Stand under a hot

In the example used tiles, but as a basis we can take anything, say,

11 wood or cardboard.. Tin boxes

Because of the decorative tape, it was very nice boxes for small items.

12. Plastic organizer for details

For more information about how to turn an ordinary thing in an interesting detail of the interior, can be viewed here.

13. Separators notebook pages

A great way to share a simple notebook on the colored blocks.

14. Cover notebook

How to turn a standard notebook in handiwork, shown in a simple fotoinstruktsii.

15. Gift packaging

With decorative adhesive tape can be issued a gift box.

16. headphone holder

Here is a simple guide, and other ideas that will save the headphones from the endless tangle.

17. Keyboard

Bored with the standard keys - keyboard design is easy to change.

18. Case for tablet

Tired of monotonous Case? It does not matter, it can be upgraded without much effort.

19. Switch

Old switch finds a new life. Instructions.

20. Bookmark corner

This is not the usual bookmarks for books. You can check here.

21. Magnetic bookmark

Really a very handy thing, and a great gift for anyone who loves to read. Set as

22 instructions are very simple.. Stands for hot in a mini-pallets

Detailed instructions for the creation of the stand can be found here.

23. Hanging Candlestick

Great idea for a garden or balcony.

24. Drawing on the door

A little patience - and a plain white door turns in drawing attention detail of the interior. More photos of the project and a simple fotoinstruktsiya here.

25. Vase

A few more options.

26. Gift packaging for wine

Garnish with a bottle of wine as a gift to help decorative adhesive tape and this manual.

27. Ornaments for glasses

Festive glasses will look more elegantly if they add some nice detail.

28. Rings for napkins

Napkin rings - also part of the atmosphere. Instructions.

29. Festive dishes

Usual Glassware takes an entirely different view, if put on her bright patterns.

30. Disposable cups at a party or a picnic

Garnish can even disposable dishes.

31. Kitchen blades

Even more ideas with colored stripes.

32. Chopsticks

Own reusable chopsticks.

33. Pins

Pretty simple, but you can still look at the instructions.

34. Pad under hot on the table

Beautiful, practical and easy-to-performance cloth under hot.

35. Dish cake

A simple example of how to decorate a cake for a standard plate.

36. Screw cap

On this cover is convenient to sign a jar with spices, and looks more interesting than a simple cover.

37. Labels

Make labels - is also a great idea

38.. Candle

Worthy replacement of expensive decorative candles. See how to do this, it is possible here.

39. Calendar or diary

decorative tape 40 can decorate your diary.
. The cup for pencils

Instead of boring stand from the store - the original glass in your favorite colors. The process of creation is shown here and here.

41. Cover for


Folders folders is also possible to vary at will. Instructions with pictures is here.

42. Gift envelope

This envelope can give handmade cards or money. It is very simple.

43. Multi-colored buttons

Using colored adhesive tape normal buttons will become much more attractive. How to make a button-hearts, can be viewed here.

44. Table organizer

This blog has photos stand with multiple angles.

45. Old punch

With the help of old decorative adhesive tape punchers can give quite an attractive appearance.

46. Cork board for notes

Boring board for notes can be issued colored geometric patterns.

47. The plug and charger cable

Bright cord charger not only looks interesting, but will be less likely to get lost among other things.

48. Organizer for the wiring

Simple cardboard covers will help keep all the wires in the order. A color ribbon will make them different from each other.

49. Markers USB-cable

Always entangled cords from the devices can ruffle even the most calm person. Therefore, make them bright markers - a great idea.

50. Geometric pattern on a glass door

More options and equipment pasting here.

51. Multicolored furniture legs

Bright accent furniture will refresh and add interior vitality.

52. Striped wall

The idea for those who like bands.

53. The frame for the mirror

The process of creating pictures in here.

54. Drawings on the walls

Drawing on the walls will look great together with other parts of the interior in the same style.

55. Instead of wallpaper

Decorative adhesive tape on the plain walls can replace the traditional wallpaper. The process of gluing.

56. Open shelves

The edges on the open shelves can be made of any color.

57. Bright accent on white door

58 Materials and process described here.
. Retro chair for garden

All you need - it is thick Scotch two colors.

59. Picture frames

Decorative tape - great idea to transform an old, or just a boring picture frame.

60. Clocks

View other colors for inspiration.

61. Desk Clock

Unpretentious desktop clock transformed into a bright and stylish.

62. Boxes details

In order not to confuse the boxes, you can use a tape with a different pattern.

63. Bracelet

You can choose the colors and patterns to suit your style. Bracelet itself is fairly easy.

64. Wrap hair

Wrap the normal metal hoop decorative tape and get an interesting accessory.

65. Earrings

The manual shows how to make these cute earrings.

66. Boxing for invisible box of Tic Tac

Simple and lovely way to make a convenient box for stealth.

67. Holder brushes

Bring order to the beautician, a simple organizer.

68. Bags of envelopes

All you need to make a bag - it is a regular envelope and tape. Instructions.

69. Stand phone

Now the phone will always be prominently displayed. How to make a stand, see here.

70. Postcards and photos on the refrigerator

More pictures of this project in the blog.

71. Notes in the diary

Using colored adhesive tape can be divided diary pages to logical blocks. It looks comfortable and cute. View more closely here.

72. Pencil case

Simple step by step instructions.

73. Pencils

So five minutes turns into a pencil color.

74. Paper clips

Lovely and easy. Here more colors for inspiration.

75. Color patch

Colored patterns slightly brighten the need to wear a patch. It will be especially useful for children.

76. Folder tablet

An easy way to add some fun to your office supplies.

77. Vase from a bottle

From empty glass bottles make excellent high vases for flowers.

78. Potted flowers in jars

And here come from cans wonderful pots.

79. Table lamp IKEA

Things from IKEA gives unlimited scope for creativity. Here is one example.

80. Laptop Cover

Decorative adhesive tape can be pasted and the lid.

81. Stand for magazines

You can paste over the decorative tape purchased stand, or even do it yourself.

82. The roots of old books

Good idea for the covers of old books or notebooks.

83. Postcard

Decorative tape - an indispensable tool in scrapbooking.

84. Housing

mobile phone

Huge selection of patterns and colors gives unlimited possibilities for decorating your phone's casing.

85. Worktop

Here you can see more pictures of the project.

86. Chest

Another nice way to update old furniture.

87. Play Center in the nursery

More photos and ideas here.

88. Drain pipe under the sink

It's great when the order and beauty, even in places where we look infrequently. This is just an example.

89. Vertical wall in the bathroom

Instead of boring white walls - wide vertical stripes.

90. Luggage Marking

Now the case is not exactly lost or mixed up.

91. Stylish paper bags

These bags are suitable for spices, beads, jewelery or small gift.

92. Shade table lamp

With the help of colored strips can refresh shade table lamp.

93. Decor battery

It does not always hide the battery. But if you do not like their appearance, that's one of the ideas on how to change this.

94. Case for glasses

Eyeglass Cases often seem monotonous, but not like this.

95. Photos in the album

This decor will appeal to those who like printed photos and photo paper, decorated with their own hands.

96. Christmas toys for the New god

Before the new year, of course, still plenty of time, but to collect holiday ideas you can start right now. How to make such a toy, it is shown in the instructions.

97. Halloween pumpkin

Instructions and other ideas of the original black-and-white decor here.

98. The edge of the table

An easy way to replace a missing or old furniture edge.

99. Stool from IKEA

Again, a simple thing from IKEA is transformed into a stylish piece of furniture. Step by step instructions.

100. refrigerator Decor

Step by step instructions for those who are tired of the monotonous white refrigerators and feels the strength to do.

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