The emergence of cellophane in the USSR

We now seem strange and advertising posters with photos of babies wrapped in cellophane.
But 70 years ago, the cellophane was a novelty in the West, it touted as a universal product for packaging.
We were late for 50 years in the USSR plastic bags began to come into use since the late seventies.
Prior to this, the product is packed in paper.

Tsellofan- advertising 1930-1950's.

The sheets of cellophane on gifts carefully folded to, in his beautifully ochered- pack your gift. Packages for products washed and dried, and a large plastic bag in the USSR in the 70s were almost a cult object. Scotch brought from abroad as a gift! In the 70s it exactly in the sale was not, as I recall. Took care of the packaging of imported equipment, especially in wonder was polyethylene bubbles, is folded and stored.

Cellophane - a material made from wood pulp. His invention, as often happens, it was a matter of chance. In 1911, a Swiss chemist trying to invent a cover for table cloths, to save them from stains. The result of his experiments was the moisture permeable transparent film - it was a cellophane.

For the first time the industrial production of this material was established in France in 1913, and 11 years later the technology was acquired by DuPont and patenting, the following year began manufacturing cellophane.


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