How to make a decorative fireplace with his hands

The fireplace crackling with wood is invariably associated with comfort, warm home and something romantic. This element of the ancient novels, which creates a special atmosphere of a home.


Decorative fireplace with his hands

Unfortunately, in the apartment to put a fireplace which will fully work impossible. The owners of private houses from this point of view was more fortunate – a fireplace can become a reality, especially if you schedule it at the stage of designing the house. But if you really want to decorate your interior with a fireplace, a good alternative would be a decorative fireplace. Moreover, to make it by yourself, and then your interior will be unique and exclusive.


For the construction of a decorative fireplace really do not require special skills. All you need is some time, a few building tools and materials. The tools usually are each the owner, but also today, you can use the services of hire. And materials and does not have difficulties, because their choice in specialty stores is very high.

What could be the fireplace?What will be the result of a fireplace depends on the overall style of the room. If the room is designed in classic style, it would be appropriate for square fireplace with moldings and bas-reliefs. Finishing can be done with tile, marble or brick.

If the room is made in modern style, then for decoration you can use reflective materials. For high-tech it is recommended to pay attention to the shape of the fireplace – there can be unconventional angular shape and finish of the mirrors. Today is quite a popular country style in the interior. Its signs natural and easy and the materials required are simple and even rude. Decoration decorative elements in country style is not welcome.

Choosing the material for decorative fireplaces, it is better to be guided by the degree of complexity of its processing and installation. Of course, you can use wood, brick or even stones. However, for apartments, this design may be too bulky. Big opportunities at work is the drywall. We propose to consider the option of making a decorative fireplace is made of this material.

Decorative fireplace made of plasterboard, the Plasterboard is currently available and relatively inexpensive material. Furthermore, it is very easy to process and installation of plasterboard structures presents no special difficulties.

You will need:

  • drywall;

  • profile (metal);

  • screws;

  • screws and dowel-nails;

  • materials.


Let's consider step by step the process of making decorative fireplace:

We should start with a sketch. You determine the location of the fireplace and sketching. On the sketch it is necessary to calculate actual dimensions and quantities of materials required. If the fireplace is in the corner of the room, then you have to assemble the frame separately and then install. If it is near a wall, the Assembly frame can be made directly on the wall.

We consider a variant of the Assembly of the frame to the wall. On the wall and labeled for fastening profiles, which will be the basis of the rear wall of the fireplace. For mounting it is best to use the dowel-nails.

The sketch gradually build the entire framework. To give the structure strength, be sure to make a jumper, at intervals of about 30 cm Then the design is able to withstand placed on the mantel decor elements – clocks, figurines, books, etc. If you're up in the fireplace-arched top, do pre-cuts on the side profile and then you can give it the desired shape.

The finished frame is covered with plasterboard using screws. In fact, the basis of the decorative fireplace is ready, and then have to perform the trim using the chosen materials.


Veneer plasterboard can be very different – from the coating of paint prior to tiling. It all depends on your chosen style for the fireplace. The drywall is a very versatile material and gives the opportunity to improvise.

If you are going to paint, then pay special attention the heads of the screws – they should be well spun, so they are not sticking out. In addition, you should prepare the surface for painting – primed to cover with putty and then apply paint.

If you use tiles, then follow the instructions of the selected brand of glue. Don't forget that the grouting is performed only a day after laying the tiles. During this time the glue has time to dry well.

For decoration you can use other materials – it all depends on your imagination and interior ideas.


How to make a decorative fireplace to "burn"?

Creating a fireplace, of course we want him added to the room comfort, and this task can be a imitation flame. The market today offers devices that can be placed inside of a decorative fireplace, and they will transmit the image of burning wood and even the distinctive sound of crackling.

But it is possible and more creative approach to this issue. For example, to make the back of the fireplace mirror and place in front of her logs and candles. Another interesting idea is to place inside the lamp and tighten the niche of the furnace by a translucent film. If the film is yellow or orange, it will create the effect of a warm glow.

Variations are actually plenty. And we are convinced that this decorative fireplace will be a great decoration of any interior!








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