The main signs of longevity


For a very long time by specialists from many countries in the world are struggling with the question: why certain people live to 100 years and more? On the most recent discoveries, and also about how to slow down aging, based on the experience of long-livers, experts said at a special international conference in Sochi.

First, it is noted that in Italy, for example, centenarians more than in other countries, namely 1 to 5 thousand Local scientists have conducted the world's largest study, in which they tried to unravel the mystery of longevity 16 thousand "superpoly" Italians. Experts tried to find out the peculiarities of their lifestyle, and in addition sequenced the genome, studied the metabolism, microflora, and other important factors.

The majority of centenarians avoids dangerous diseases that are directly related to age. They look in old age better than their peers. In other words, such people aging slows down.

To understand the system helped the study of the genome. Compared to us centenarians look like aliens. The centenary was found in the genes of protective changes that protect against the development of age-related diseases taking the life of most "normal" people. In addition the participants of the experiment found gene variants that claim about predisposition to the disease. But defensive changes, most likely, so strong that neutralize the "pests".

The following describes one of the latest discoveries of scientists performs a specific gene that is associated directly with protection from cardiovascular disease. To determine the presence or absence of this gene, perform genetic testing, but in Russia, for example, is currently very expensive, and also not enough professionals who can adequately decipher the results. However, there is another, simple, way.

Protective genes are inherited. In this regard, if parents are long-lived, then the chance to fail over a 100-year milestone rise sharply at the child. In addition, children have the chance to live a long time, even if mom or dad actually lived not long, however, had the potential of centenarians. In these cases, to understand whether there were parents have the potential to live longer, you want to view on the life expectancy of grandparents. But even if centenarians no, today modern science is fast coming to that, to change the genetic code in the desired direction.

Let's go on. During the study, the centenarians were also found special bacteria in the gut, so their microflora is different from the usual. Microflora the first allocates more beneficial microbes that help the body to rejuvenate. Scientists in this case suggest to transplant these bacteria to ordinary people, which in turn will help extend their life.

But to perfect the intestine can lead and appropriate nutrition. Scientists consider the Mediterranean diet as the most optimal. Olive oil, lots of fruit, fish – all that the true source of vitality and youth! In addition during the investigation it was found that most of the centenarians were vegetarians, as we know protein foods speeds up the aging process. The abuse of sweets, which are active in the reaction with protein exacerbates all of the above processes.

These and some other results of researches give the following 5 major signs of longevity.
1. Heredity.
2. Proper nutrition.
3. A regular physical activity.
4. Ability to handle stress.
5. "Business of life", that is passion.



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