SECRET of longevity: the Amazing story of a man who lived to be 145 years

Despite the fact that Mbah goto is the oldest inhabitant of Earth, an official confirmation is missing. The fact that until the early 20th century birth registration people did not exist, so this survivor is missing from official records.

They say that death has forgotten this man. It is also believed that there are official documents that can confirm the age of the oldest survivor of the earth. Drive goto've lived in this world 145 years, no more, no less.

It's hard to believe. Despite the fact that we used to hear and read about people who managed to cross a century boundary, the case of Baha goto seems truly incredible.

But in this case there is one detail that cannot be ignored. The oldest survivor of the world no longer wants to live. According to him, "he is awaiting the arrival of death in peace, without fear, although it seems that she deliberately avoids his side."

Many people would like to know the secret of long life of this man. The answer to this gives Sam Mbah goto, and this response is amazing.


Drive goto and the secret of his longevity


Drive goto was born on 31 Dec 1870. These data specified in documents, certifying his identity. The same date appears in the register of the island of Java. Here lives the famous centenarian, born on the island 145 years ago.

Of course, before us is the oldest inhabitant of our planet. The record of longevity belongs to Frenchwoman Jeanne calment (1875-1997). The woman died at the age of 122 years.

I wonder why the record of Baha goto has not been included in the Guinness Book of records?

The answer to this question is quite simple:

  • All available official data about the birth of survivor are on the island of Java.
  • For inclusion in the Guinness Book of records it is necessary to have a third independent source which in the case of Baha goto is missing.

This is because the official registers were fully developed only in the 20th century.

But despite the lack of formal title of oldest person on the planet, no one doubts the authenticity of the age of the longevity of Java. Thus, Mbachu goto will soon be a century and a half. Amazing!

The path loss

A long life gives us many opportunities. It allows us to learn and correct their mistakes, to improve, to change and even start afresh. According to Mbah goto, his life was rich and interesting, but now he was left with only sad memories.

  • He had buried four wives. He survived the death of all his children and brothers 10.
  • He understands that such a long life is not normal. According to the law of life, children should bury their parents, not Vice versa.

Every morning he wakes up and is faced with an infinite number of memories of people who no longer exist. Longevity ordered Mbaha ready to live the echoes of the past. He often asks himself the question why this was happening to him.

Why he continues to live, while other people that filled his life with love, were forced to leave long ago?

Drive goto happy with my fasting life surrounded by grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


The secret of longevity

According to men, there are two secrets to longevity:

  • The first of them is the fact that he lived surrounded by loving people. Love is the engine of our lives. For the sake of love we are ready to deal with life's difficulties, as long as possible to stay close with loved ones.
  • The second secret of longevity is due to the peculiarities of life on the island of Java. According to local Proverbs, long live those who has patience.

Drive goto considers himself infinitely patient person. The purpose of his existence was always to be able to take all that gives life, to let her go, watching what was happening with a clear conscience, and never angry.

It is really so. Grandchildren of survivor with humor, saying that their grandfather never complained. He never asks and always accepts with joy all that he is given.

Clear mind, which wants to leave

The only dream of survivor, which he cherishes for over twenty years — the grave and the place where he will be able to close my eyes when the moment of death, which will allow him to reunite with their loved ones.

This dream did not come true. However, neither the family nor the neighbors still do not want to let go of the well-known longevity.

  • The man almost never sees and almost cannot provide for themselves. But it's not important. Drive ready — the fount of wisdom.
  • Despite its more than respectable age, the man managed to keep a clear mind and good memory. He often talks about the events and details of the past that others have forgotten.

People appreciate Mbah goto and considers him a true hero. During his long life he has done a lot: they fought the invaders, fought against the Japanese, worked all his life tirelessly for the good of their family.

Despite the respect and esteem of others, everyone understands his desire to leave. With every passing year life weighs more years to get us tired, we age. And most importantly, life robs us of our loved ones.

Therefore, the oldest inhabitant of the planet wants more than anything is about to close his eyes and walk away.published


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