"Goto Predestination" was released in the maiden voyage

The full trial could not take place due to lack of reliable data on the depth of the fairway, the press center of the regional government. Complete the test plan during the initial inspection of the vessel with the participation of management and expert DKF PPP.
Boat Museum promise to hand over the end of July. The first "passengers" vessel shall take on the Day of the Navy, July 27. Who is "Goto Predestination" experts "Pavlovsky Shipyard" and Karelian shipyard "Varyag" complete finishing wooden body and eliminate comments on sealing.
By Day of the Navy must equip Beach. A month ago, we launched the 24-ton berth pontoon, one of the main elements of the coastal infrastructure.

The museum is located three and a half floors "Goto Predestination" - the two main decks, the tourist deck above a large aft cabin and in the hold. The exposition will be more than 730 items, and the tour will spend museum staff dressed as Peter's time.
Chassis copy "Goto Predestination" in 2009, the government decided to build the Voronezh region. The actual construction is March 2011: a metal base "God's Foresight" was produced at a shipyard in Pavlovsk, a wooden cabinet - made on the Karelian shipyard "Varyag┬╗.

"Goto Predestination" ("God's Foresight") - the first Russian sailing ship of the line, which was designed by Peter I, many of the works were under his personal leadership. Construction of double-decker 58-gun ship launched in 1698, the year, and in 1700 m "Goto Predestination" lowered to water. The ship fought on the Azov. In 1712, the year it was sold to the Turks, and was renamed the "Moscow kapudanie." In 1718 th the battleship unfit and sold for scrap.


Source: riavrn.ru


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