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February 12 the jury World Press Photo-2009 award winners announced. In the category "Best Picture of 2009," the first prize was a freelance Italian photographer Pietro Masturzo.
Best Picture in 2009.
Women shout from the roof during a protest against the election results in Tehran on June 24. The tenth presidential elections in Iran were held June 12, 2009. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad opposed the other three candidates. The next morning, the Islamic Republic News Agency announced that after counting the two-thirds vote, Ahmadinejad won with 62%, and Mir-Hossein Mousavi got only 34%. Many analysts have expressed doubts about the results. (Pietro Masturzo / AP)

! 7 photo

Light penetrates into the hole left by a tank shell in Tuffahe northern Gaza, March 3. 39-year-old Mohammed Shuhada Ali Ahmed and his family managed to run out of the house, but when he returned to the house for things children, he was killed in another fire. (Kent Klich) Category: General News, photos. First place.

Category: modern history, photos. The first place.
Mother hugging her son seriously wounded in New Hampshire. Sergeant Jose Peck hit by a grenade in March 2006. Peck was the youngest police chief in the state of New Hampshire. He joined the National Guard, where volunteers are needed. It was March 1, 2006. They are guarded by Iraqi police station after they received information of a possible attack. One of the cars crashed into the station and blew it. Peck called on the radio base when a grenade hit his armored vehicle. The driver died instantly. When comrades found Jose, the lower part of his body was still in the car, but was hit by a grenade splinter helmet, and left part of his brain was lying on the sand near the car. (Eugene Richards / Reportage by Getty Images)

Category: Sports, themed pictures. The first place.
Fans «Yankee» trying to divert left fielder Team «Angels» Juan Rivera in the stadium, "Yankees" in New York on 25 October. (Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times Magazine)

) Category: nature. The first place.
Kingfisher hunts in Hungary. (Joe Petersburger / National Geographic)

Category: portrait, fotoreportazh.Vtoroe place.
In a series of photos of "Boys and Girls" contains pictures of boys, similar to the girls, and vice versa. (Annie van Gemert

First mesto.Kategoriya: portrait. The first place.
Graham - a teenager suffering from anorexia. (Laura Pannack / The Guardian Weekend Magazine)

Category: Headline News, a separate photo. The first place.
An Afghan woman running from the scene of the explosion at a hotel in Kabul, December 15th. The explosion of the hotel, where they often stop foreigners, 8 people died, 40 were injured. Among the dead were four women. (Adam Ferguson / VII Mentor Program for The New York Times)

Category: nature, photos. The first place.
Light-sooty albatross looks at Gold Harbour, South Georgia, Antarctica. (Paul Nicklen / National Geographic)

Category: modern history, a single photo. The first place.
This giraffe died as a result of drought in the Vajra, Kenya, October 9. In Kenya, there was no rain for several years. Crops and animals die, but people are weakening. Lack of resources in Kenya and neighboring countries, fueling conflicts are intra - group fighting for pasture and water. The proliferation of weapons only exacerbates the situation. (Stefano De Luigi / VII for Le Monde)

Category: Sports, photos first place.
The athletes come from the Gulf of Kona in Hawaii during the World Cup, "Iron Man" October 11th. (Donald Miralle)

Category: Sports, thematic report. The first place.
Seven-time champion of the "Tour de France" waving to reporters, coming fifth in the 20th stage of the race - the most difficult stage in the top of the mountain Mont Ventoux in the Vaucluse, France, on July 25. (Elizabeth Kreutz /)

Category: People in the news. The first place.
Barack Obama awaits the inauguration ceremony in Washington on January 20. (Charles Ommanney / Getty Images for Newsweek)

Category: Sports, a separate photo. The first place.
Jonathan Trot from England tries to control the ball during the fifth training match at the stadium «Oval» in London on August 20th. (Gareth Copley / Press Association)

.Kategoriya: Arts and Entertainment. The first place.
Fashionable portfolio. Picture taken in Mali. (Malick Sidibe / The New York Times Magazine)

Category: General News, photos. The first place.

Drugs violated political stability in Guinea-Bissau, and destroyed the lives of thousands of people. They pay for Europe's insatiable desire for cocaine. Drug addiction has been a plague of unknown until 2007, when traffickers targeted the country. Since then, hundreds of people living in slums Bissau, became addicted. Prostitution is also strengthening its positions, only helping the spread of HIV. This picture - just another face cocaine in Guinea-Bissau. (Marco Vernaschi / for Pulitzer Center)

Another photo, sorry
Category: Breaking News, photos. The first place.
Two supporters of Antananarivo Mayor Andry Radzholiny hide behind the container, until the police disperse rally with tear gas in the Madagascan capital on February 16. (Walter Astrada / Agence France-Presse)



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