How to correct swimming posture

Incorrect posture is a common deviation in the health status of children. If in the primary grades posture is recorded in the fifteenth, by the time of graduation, it is found half of the children. Violations of posture is necessary to adjust, and swimming and exercise in water will help to solve this problem.


Posture is the posture that a person subconsciously accepts in standing, sitting or during walking.

Violation of posture is changing the ratio of the degree of physiological curves of the spine, leading to changes in the architectonics of chest muscles and intervertebral articular joints.

Kyphosis – curvature of the spine in the sagittal plane convex back, translated from the Greek means "humpbacked", "bent".

Lordosis – curvature of the spine bulge forward.

The main causes of bad posture:

  • Congenital anomalies
    During the fetal formation of the fetus going on a wrong Foundation and development of the muscles and joints of the spine. This may be due to intrauterine position of the fetus, as well as genetically deterministic defects.

  • Rickets
    Rickets, moved in infancy, leads to deformation of the bones of the thorax, spine, bones of the lower limbs, the result is the development of later disorders of posture and scoliosis.

  • The decrease in visual acuity
    Poor eyesight forces the child to lean over a low Desk during classes at school and at home. Wrong posture gradually becomes a habit, and the child continues to slouch even after vision correction with glasses.

  • Flat feet
    Flat feet contributes to the incorrect position of the spine during walking. To compensate the inconvenience that can occur when walking, the child is committed to serve the forward upper thoracic spine. Over time changes in muscle tone, and abnormal location of the spine is fixed. Subsequently, even in the sitting position the spine remains in the correct position.

  • There is still a large group causes the formation of faulty posture that is not associated with specific diseases and with the initial condition, but is due to external reasons. Wrong landing at the table during lessons, mismatched furniture can trigger incorrect posture. Very often the girls are tall, ashamed of their custom, in their view, dimensions, start to slouch, the result – a violation of posture.


Types of violations of posture

There are the following types of posture:

1. Stolovatets. Stolovatets one of the most frequent types of violations of posture, it is characterized by increased thoracic kyphosis.

2. Spin round. Round the back is characterized by the formation of the thoracic kyphosis and the lack of lumbar physiological lordosis. If stolovatets can be called a deviation in health that requires urgent medical intervention, then round the back is a good reason for immediate treatment by a doctor of podiatrist.

3. Flattened back. The flattened back is characterized by a reduction of the severity of thoracic physiological kyphosis and the lack of physiological lumbar lordosis.

4. PLANO-concave back. The condition is characterized by flattening of physiological thoracic kyphosis and increased lumbar lordosis.

5. Krugovorota back. When krugovorote the back is the formation of increased lumbar lordosis, with a simultaneous increase in thoracic kyphosis.

6. Asymmetrical posture. In this posture there is a deviation of the line of spinous processes in the frontal plane. For asymmetric posture is characterized by the deviation of the head to the side, different shoulder height, lowering muscular endurance.

Normal posture — 1, round-concave back — 2, PLANO-concave back — 3, flat back 4, round back to 5

Than threat posture?

From poor posture and the whole body suffers: it disrupted the work of all organs and systems, including the activity of the cardiovascular system, difficulty breathing, people quickly get tired, often feels bad. Incorrect posture can lead to the development of a number of pathological conditions such as degenerative disc disease with numerous neurologic manifestations, scoliosis, osteoarthritis.

Posture is a condition which must be corrected through the integrated hard work with the use of a number of activities, taking into account individual characteristics. Such activities and methods of correction of posture include:

  • constant monitoring of your position;

  • uniform (symmetric relative to the spine) with load balancing, for example, when wearing a backpack and packages;

  • proper sleep on a hard bed, a pillow should be high;

  • proper nutrition, balanced dietary intake of vitamins and minerals;

  • constant physical activity (exercise, walking, swimming, Jogging);

  • the rejection of the "favorite" poses, like the tendency to slouch or sit leg to leg;

  • exercise therapy, manual therapy, massage;

  • the correction of flatfoot.

Swimming for the treatment of disorders of posture

Swimming is one of the most effective ways to correct posture. If other methods are perceived by the child negatively, then swimming is not only treatment – is a fun game. Swimming, child immersed intrauterine environment that promotes relaxation both psychological and physical.

Effects of swimming

During swimming, the human body is in a weightless condition, which occurs due to the reducing gravitational loads on the spine. At the same time it stimulates the strengthening of the muscle corset of the spine, and harmonizes the tone of paravertebral muscles, muscles of the chest and waist. Swimming develops coordination, which is strongly affected in children with incorrect posture.

In swimming the children are restored to conditions for normal growth of the vertebral bodies.

Very often when bad posture, pain in the chest and waist. They are caused by increased muscle tone. Eventually the pain syndrome promotes the development of muscular-tonic spasms, which later become functional from organic. If in the initial stages incorrect posture is purely reversible, the further they go into chronic pathological conditions.

Swimming classes are an effective treatment of flatfoot. As you know, flat feet is one of the reasons for the formation of poor posture. During class the muscles of the foot and lower leg get a versatile exercise that promotes the formation of correct arch of the foot and to strengthen the ligamentous apparatus.

It is important to note that swimming also has a tempering effect. It stimulates nonspecific immune defense, children become less susceptible to respiratory viral infections. According to statistics, ninety five percent of children, and often chronically ill respiratory infections, detected violations of posture.

Therapeutic swimming, posture correction techniques

Regardless of the kind of posture, the first class in the pool should help the child to adapt to the environment. Their length should not exceed 15 – 20 minutes. During the first training the child is allowed to perform those types of exercises in the water that he is best able to do. Watching him in this period, assess his physical condition and swimming capability.

It is important to remember that during the lessons the temperature of the pool water should not fall below 28 degrees, otherwise reduced the effectiveness of training, as it is not an effect of unloading of the spine. In cold water increased muscle tone that can cause cramping calf muscles and thigh muscles.

After the preparatory phase you can begin special exercises. All classes, of course, conducted with the direct assistance of any of the adults. Often, during the exercise the child is supported by an instructor in the pelvis.

If stolovitsky and round back, it is highly effective is swimming the breaststroke on the back.

Flattened and krugovorota back, well-adjusted swimming in style crawl on breast and butterfly. With flat back backstroke is not recommended.

If you have a very pronounced lordosis of the lumbar, when swimming on the breast under the belly enclose a swimming float.

Asymmetrical posture is well treated swimming stylebutterfly and breaststroke.

During swimming lessons the child the first time, often not quite correctly performing exercises. Most likely, they only vaguely resemble the classical swimming styles, but that's not important. The main thing is the process itself. No need to demand accurate execution of all exercises. Very often, making sure to copy the movement and turning their workout routine, you form a negative attitude of the child to the classroom.


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The duration of employment at the initial stage should not exceed 15 – 20 minutes. The optimal frequency of training three times a week. Gradually the duration can be reduced to 40 minutes. You need to refrain from activities in the period when the child is sick with respiratory viral infections, acute bronchitis, in the presence of a hyperthermic syndrome. Classes are absolutely contraindicated in epileptic disease.published




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