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What is taught in school? To read, count, probably, any of us can answer this question. Someone else will add to sit still in the class. And no one will remember that we need to teach children to sit properly. That is why children and adolescents often suffer from functional scoliosis resulting from uneven muscle tone different sides of the body.

Children are reluctant to keep your back straight — they take the position that they feel most comfortable, i.e., where they spend a minimum of effort and energy. And it eventually becomes a habit.

However, scoliosis is more organically from (genetically or due to serious injuries). His treatment involved mostly orthopedists-traumatologists, and the prevention and treatment of functional scoliosis chiropractors.

To the child did not have problems with the spine, he needs at least 1 hour a day to actively walk in the fresh air. The diet should be full, rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements, particularly b vitamins — B1, B6, B12.

In cases of scoliosis need to do exercises that promote symmetrical load to the muscles on both body parts. Very useful for the treatment of scoliosis yoga physical exercises with yogic breathing, they balance the muscular tone.



If scoliosis is a curvature of the spine left and right, the bending forward and backward — a posture more characteristic of young people and adults leading a sedentary lifestyle. Work in offices, lack of regular physical activity contributes to weaken certain groups of large skeletal muscles due to a wrong posture.

If a person has weak muscles of the abdominal wall is another group of muscles (neck, back, lumbar) strains, the center of mass of the body moves backwards and falls on the intervertebral discs (in this case, increases the likelihood of intervertebral hernia).

Such a person, as a rule, rounded back and protruding belly (weak abdominal muscles, and the spine arched). The only salvation is to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Without this, the effectiveness of manual techniques in the long term will be small.

Another problem, when the center of body mass moves forward, then it puts pressure on the abdominal organs, particularly the intestines. In his work fails — such people complain of indigestion, constipation, etc.

Flat back — too bad. Such people are often pains in the legs, especially the thighs, the blood circulation in the legs. Therefore, their salvation from time to time to do tilts back and forth.



The doctor will be able to find and correct problems in the spine, but they'll be back again, if the muscles of the abdominal wall is not so strong to hold the spine in the correct position. Therefore, people who have problems with posture and must help himself.

It's enough to do at home, but regularly and constantly for at least 5-10 minutes a day. You can just stand from a lying position into a sitting position "no hands", you can put a book on your stomach and within 3-5 minutes to "raise" her, inhaling the air and tensing the abdominal muscles. You can do a "bridge" or to turn in different directions. You can give a big load.

However, in case of intervertebral hernia better consult about it with doctor — when this pathology is strictly forbidden to do forward bends with a turn to the side.


But even for healthy people, there are caveats. So, for the spine is very harmful to lift heavy things, leaning forward and at the same time turning to the side.

To properly raise the severity of need through the femoral muscles — ie sit down, take it and rise, not bending and not straightening the back, and without any twists of the torso.

Has a great influence on the health of the spine our emotional state, because all stress is memorized by the muscular system (muscles and especially the fascia — shells, covering each individual muscle or a group of similar muscles).

After experiencing stress, muscle changes can remain in the body for months and even several years. It is important to bear in mind that our body takes that position that he tells the vestibular apparatus and cerebral centers.

In turn, the brain receives this information from different sources. So, for example, if you incorrectly picked up the glasses, the muscles of the eyeball strain unevenly and through the brain to the skeletal muscles received "misleading" information.

Same with the mismatched shoes, the brain will "fix" the error with the adaptation of the spine, leading to violation of posture.

Malocclusion of the teeth, misplaced crown or inappropriate fillings and even tooth decay also "send" confusing signals to the brain, and from there to skeletal muscles.

In dentistry there is even a separate direction, linking the condition of the masticatory apparatus with posture and offering a way of correcting it through proper dental treatment. Also, if the part of the intestine can occur by reflex influence, for example, caused by inflammatory processes in the parasites, accumulation of toxins — all this will have negative impact on the condition of the spine.



In osteopathy there are over 500 diagnostic tests to accurately determine the cause of incorrect posture.

Visual — where our body is inclined to unconventional methods (for example, how the person erases heels shoes). Changes in the spine can be diagnosed and the iris of the eye — if you suffer from certain parts of the spine, experienced iridodiagnosis iris will read what and why.

Asbetween the spine, the intestines and the iris there is a close relationship — they are formed at the same time and almost parallel in the embryonic period of development.


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In General , osteopathy is a holistic system of diagnosis and treatment of the human body (especially the nervous system, musculoskeletal system, internal organs, etc.) through manual therapy. It is recognized at the state level in the developed world, and its effectiveness is confirmed by clinical and scientific studies.published


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