Ancient method of treatment of scoliosis — kinner-Vidya

Thin the cause of scoliosis (curvature of the spine) Ayurvedic medicine considers the weakness of the "inner core" of a person.

This disease usually develops in annaokolo age, and progressing further leads to degenerative changes in the intervertebral discs, causing impaired sympathetic regulation of the chest and gastrointestinal tract.

Today scoliosis is very common. This is because parents forget the child in the family is welcome, and not their property. Ayurveda teaches that the father and the mother are designed to create the most favorable conditions to the person who took them birth, could reveal their internal program and talent. So the seed trapped in the soil, requires careful maintenance and care until, until it becomes a tree.

Unfortunately, most of today's parents, believing the child nothing more than his property, to impose his alien to his nature and his ideals, and sometimes unrealized, dreams. Meanwhile, any little of a man is like clay, and that of him trying to create something special and suppress his attempts to reveal himself and accomplish. As a result, by adolescence, a person loses his inner core, being totally dependent on the opinions of the parents. Developed an inferiority complex, there is a lack of confidence in their own abilities and lack of independence.

On the physical level, all this inevitably leads to a weakening of the ligamentous apparatus of the spine and its curvature with all the ensuing consequences.

Adopted traditional medicine methods of treatment of scoliosis is not very efficient because it does not take into account the subtle causes of illness. Recommended sports exercises in the presence of scoliosis often cause complications of the underlying disease (spondilez, spondiloartroz, intervertebral hernia).

In ancient times, scoliosis is met very rarely, as in the upbringing of the child from the first years of his life he considered all of his talents and weaknesses, and created the conditions for optimal self-realization. In that case, if the scoliosis yet occurred, used extremely effective and completely safe method of treatment which in our days has not lost its value.

We are talking about the so-called kinner therapy, called from the inhabitants of the world Svarga kinnaras (centaurs), monitors compliance with the laws of equilibrium on the different planets and systems. Any "bias" in the material world, creates problems for all its inhabitants. So for example, if one Empire captures power on the planet and has no counterweight, she quickly fails; if one person becomes the most great and genius, soon death overtakes him; if someone is too "grounded" (becoming overly pragmatic) or, on the contrary, begins "in the clouds" — his spiritual development stops. There, where there are kinnaras, revive equilibrium and harmony.

The said therapy is horse riding (not horse riding!). Sitting on a horse, the person on the psychological, energy-informational and physical levels is gradually transforming into a centaur. It creates a "suspension" between Heaven and Earth due to the fact that the crown is lifted up to the Sky and feet through the stirrups to grow in the Ground. The body should be completely relaxed. As soon as the horse starts to move (slowly at first, led by an instructor under the bridle), it is necessary, keeping the "suspension", to make a pendulum, a spiral movement of the whole body, while they were smooth and natural. It is desirable that the person was breathing in the same rhythm with the horse.

The duration of such studies is 30-60 minutes at a frequency of three times a week. During the exercises, the withdrawal of myofascial units; the vertebrae back into place without the use of manual therapy. When this occurs activitiesare the blood supply to the spine and paravertebral zones and centres of self-regulation of the intervertebral joints, resulting in increased excretion of toxins. The latter may initially be accompanied by moderate pain. By the end of the course, the ligaments of the spine significantly strengthened, and intervertebral hernia (up to 0.5 cm) are reduced. On a psychological level, is born the subconscious desire for the development and strengthening inner core.

Adolescent scoliosis can be cured within three months in adults — in the course of the year. In the presence of complications of scoliosis, the treatment duration increases. If you are not able to engage the kinner therapy three times a week, it should be done at least once or twice, but at the same time increase the total duration of employment.

Currently, there are a huge number of riding clubs where you can do the kinner therapy specifically agreed with the instructor. It is desirable to use the same horse (not young), trying to engage her in such relations to recognize you. For this you need to often hug and caress her, and before class to buy a carrot or a piece of bread.

I note that the said therapy is also very effective in treating a number of other diseases — cerebral palsy, hypertension and peptic ulcer disease, vegetative neurosis, bronchial asthma, renal, etc.

Author: I. Winds

Source: Ancient method of treatment of scoliosis — kinner-Vidya


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