Ancient Ayurvedic Knowledge of marma-Vidya

Marma therapy (marma Vidya) is the science of vital points of the body (Marmi). In Sanskrit, the word “marma” means sensitive or vulnerable point on the body.

According to the classification of Charaki marma is a junction of two or more of the corporal started – muscles, vessels, ligaments, bones and joints (eg the elbow or knee). Some of the marma are located inside the body (soft palate, heart).

According to Sushruta the marma is the combination of three doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) with prana, Tejas and Ojas and the three gunas (sattva, rajas and Tamas). Affecting marma, we extended n many areas, enhancing the vitality of the body (Ojas), balancing the brain.

Location marm close (but not identical), to the location of the bodily meridians (from Chinese medicine). Impact on these points stabilizes prana (the main effect of physical health).

The importance of proper exposure doctors warn ancient Ayurvedic texts. One of the earliest mentions of Marmi can be found in the rig-Veda. In the Mahabharata (ancient Indian epic, one part of which is the Bhagavad Gita) for marma has some links – how to protect vital points of the body (marma) in combat horses, elephants, and of course warriors. It also indicates that protection may be not only physical but also mental – using prana and mental force (mantra), increasing the energy produced by arrows of imaginary fire.

Marma are divided into 5 groups according to the behavior in the wound:

– guiding to instant death (sadya pranahara)

– leading to death in the future, after an illness as a result of injuries (kalantara pranahara)

leading to death, if the weapons of destruction will be removed from marma and it will open (vishalyaghna)

leading to the injury (vaikalyakra)

leading to pain (rujakara).

Point in marma Vidya divided into “therapeutic” and “fatal.” Effects on 'treatment' can cure the most dangerous conditions. Most marma used with the therapeutic effects are on the hands and feet, easy to work with during a massage, acupuncture. “Deadly “ marma is not recommended for straight or coarse impacts (e.g., on the area of the throat can be affected only very easy). Wrong action surgeon can dissect life threatening emergencies marma (“deadly”) and lead to death. However, two types of mA – “therapeutic” and “fatal” are often intertwined. Around “death” marm is always a region of “therapeutic” and skilled use (not involving deadly centre) will benefit. Knowledge about the “deadly” Marmi was necessary in the Indian martial art, fighters were trained in how exactly these points to defend during the struggle. Also taught the strokes that could have had different impact on these points.

Dr. I. Vetrov says (in the article “principles of marma-Vidya,” published in the magazine “Ayurveda-the science of life”):

“There is another reason why marma-Vidya, to a lesser extent than other sections of Ayurveda has been preserved to our days. One of the versions of the departure of Gautama Buddha says that the cause of his death was a botched surgery to remove a malignant tumor representatives of the school Sushruta. Anyway, the Emperor Ashoka starts active struggle with Ayurveda and, in particular, prohibits marma Vidya. During this period, most artists were forced to hide in Indonesia, the Philippines, China and Japan. Thus, India (which included in those days Pakistan, Nepal, Burma, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka) are virtually deprived for several centuries the living tradition bearers”.

Now and in ancient times, Ayurvedic doctors in India prescribe a course of marma therapy as an additional, highly effective complex to Ayurvedic treatment. Also, marma therapy is used alone for different problems ranging from paralysis to mental diseases.

Written sources containing the teachings of Marmi in the tradition of Sushruta include and fairly well-known Ayurvedic treatises such as “Sushruta-Samhita”, and less known – “Marmarashen” and “Parmenidean”. These canons consider the location marm, each with the name, number, location, projection on the body surface, the function, size, classification, symptoms of direct and full damage. In different traditions there are different opinions about the number of marm. In the tradition of Sushruta there are 107 marma points, this is the figure which is fixed in the minds of most Westerners who have heard of Marmi. Ayurvedic specialists have 360 core marm. Also, there are different approaches in marma therapy from specialists from different regions of India.

It is believed that marma vary depending on the person's Constitution and marma therapy should be individualized, depending on the state (as well as everything else in Ayurveda). Experienced marma therapists calculate the exact location of mA on the body, which, of course, close to is noted in the diagrams, but need a lot of experience and professional sensitivity in order to get to the point.

I mean they write that recent courses on marma therapy, pulse diagnosis promise to teach for a few days. Really, it takes a while to learn (at the end I will tell more about learning from the masters).

Dr. I. Vetrov (in the above article) says:

“...I met a wonderful person by the name of Govinda Acharya. He belonged to the tradition of Sushruta Muni and was a true master of marma Vidya. This science is usually not spread through the Western people, so in most of the centres established outside India only practiced Panchakarma (purificatory therapy).

This is due to the fact that certain sections of the marma-Vidya can with one hand used for evil people (e.g., energy of the prolonged strike in the Surya-marma may cause cardiac arrest for several minutes and even hours), and on the other hand, if the doctor is practicing marma therapy, will violate the rules of this science, or commitments to his teacher (e.g., begins to re-eat meat), it would harm not only his patients but also his teacher). published


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