THE best model of family relations

You will learn about the best models of family relations. This is a traditional family. Few people understand now how it works actually.

My job is to tell you about the internal mechanisms that enable people to live in love happily ever after.
Why is it so important now?

In order to find the right/second husband / wife family life, you need to KNOW WHY do you have a family. Isn't it?

Because the efficiency of action in social life largely depends on how established the beginning of the opposite sex. The beginning that is inside each. Anima and animus. The possibility of fulfilling themselves in their sexual role models. And prosaic rear. And many other things...

In the family of this interaction is provided by the husband / wife minded. Properly organized, the family ensures the education of children, care and mutual support to all. The family ensures the satisfaction of all the needs (material and emotional) and the implementation of all abilities of his household.

SOCIALLY SUCCESSFUL MAN CAN BE ONLY WHEN "BUILT" his WIFE AND CHILDREN (lined up in order, harmony in relations, not submission based on the strength!) CREATED A TEAM IN HIS FAMILY. That is, he has proved by action that can lead the people.


If there is no wife, which supports 100% your husband and that your power on 100% invest in (priorities in yourself, your husband, children, and does not give her beauty, youth, intelligence, strength chief), let him start with his wife. How to do it?
It is clear that the wife will trust her husband when he trusts himself more than his boss. That is, the man gets in the way of self-employment. How to work the fears of the business without loans and self-employment?

1) Ancestors lived on Sanity. That is all the information always double-checked. And everything came carefully, intelligently and creatively. The ancestors had no concept of Faith. Faith was himself. And was KNOWLEDGE.

2) the Basis of the family relationship is Husband — Wife. This axis of any family system. Because it has a physical basis. In the energy context, Husband-Wife, both on axis, and "rides" the whole family. It's like plus and minus. And their proper interaction energy is formed. Provided that there is mutual understanding.
How to develop rapport, tell on, let us examine the technique of how to make claims to each other on time, without accumulating a load of grievances without insults. With the elaboration of their feelings — resentment, anger, irritation.

If the family problems with the children. The first thing you look — what is the relationship between husband and wife. Children is the mirror of parental relationships.
If the mother-in-law climbs into the relationship of adult children is she doesn't have relations with her husband. If the mother-in-law climbs very active in the family daughter — it lacks privacy. Because not doing what you need with your husband.

Natural priorities of any family system:

1) In the first place I

2) spouse

3) children

4) relatives

5) friends, colleagues, society, all...

Violation of priorities leads to distortions and disruptions in personal life. From this diagram it is seen that the closest to you is your spouse. And only after them the children. Children nourish the energy of your relationship. It is very important to understand if you want children to be healthy and full of energy. Children feed off of Generic force your good relationship with your spouse!

3) Family sought in its activities, on the one hand to maximum autonomy and self-sufficiency. This means that the family may, if necessary, build a shelter, grow food, provide self-defence, health, education and transfer of knowledge to the next generations. In the same family working for the good of society produces useful materials, products or services for sale or exchange.

The family committed to development and in the outside world. Involved in the government companies. That helps to establish some useful connections.
The family acts as a single team, which provides material security and social adaptability of all home. Considered physiological and age peculiarities, are given the opportunity to display all of the talents and abilities.

4) the Husband and Wife are equal. But the functions are different, as different bodies according to their purpose and physiology.

The head of the family husband. The responsibility on him. Responsible for EVERYTHING that happens in the family husband.

Husband is more focused on obtaining "mammoths" and social activity. My wife is more occupied with house and children.

This allows the woman to be quiet. To sleep.

To give support to her husband.

To give education to children. Kids get sick less.

Husband receiving such support are more confident, he has the incentive to earn and to be socially active.

But is not sleep. For example, the series "Happy together". Where are languishing in idleness and boredom of a housewife just doesn't know what to do with myself.

So many women who have work will resent the salary of the husband is small, not enough to give children education, payment of loans, etc. And how self-actualization of women? Women are also afraid of dependence on the husband. And suddenly he will leave, if you devote yourself to him?

To dispel these objections will list what is in a fact a woman in the house and where it will have social guarantees for old age? By the way no pensions for anyone, whether you work or not. Will not and health care is now. It's time to set our sights on strengthening families! This will be your most reliable social guarantee older.

This family model also ensures that the woman and the respect and fulfillment of which will say more.
The only difficulty of this model is that it is necessary to include brains and to study laziness. To which we, unfortunately, are actively taught.

Family is like a Bicycle, if you don't pedal, it will drop. This is true for any family. But this traditional family model there is nothing artificial and never fading love. All the efforts of household members aimed at overcoming external barriers, because within the communication constantly debugged. And the husband and wife. All understand who is doing what and what use is it to him personally.

What the wife in the house?
The wife is a housewife and Manager of the family, Manager of a family enterprise.
The main function of women in the family? Protection.
Keeper husband, children. A woman can sense where the danger is on the thin plan for her household.
The function of a woman Protecting her family on a subtle level. Time to negotiate with the forces of the threat. Time to rebuild the dislocation of the family. In time to warn men.
If the wife has not coped with this role, then you have to protect a family man. On the physical plane.

What else develops wife in the house? Healing. Yourself, household. Good medical care becomes less available. So it's time to take responsibility for their health. Study the anatomy, physiology, first aid, natural methods of self-improvement.
The accumulation of social capital woman. To improvement and maintaining relations with others. With relatives, distant and close, with neighbors, with all the strangers, where you are in your business. Wherever I go there and train the skills of communication and negotiation.
Maintaining an information site for families. The dissemination of knowledge. Business. Conduct free consultations, and eventually paid. A paid pass on my experience in the decision of vital problems.

The wife assists her husband in his activities. Including as Secretary. Looking for clients for his product or service. Documentation and Finance the entire family.

The basic skill of women's speech. Is the ability to negotiate.
Become a psychologist. For the family. To others. Then learn to sell your knowledge. Be interested in people and their needs, establish mutually beneficial relationships. Introduce good people to each other. Master the skills of self-presentation.
And if my husband, all business contacts you have accumulated.
Before women became witches, midwives, and villagers bringing them food, money in exchange for their help. Women are not just sat at her husband's back. But doing useful things. Those who knew the conspiracies, was it useful to others.

If now the woman is a teacher, salesperson, nurse practitioner... are Now working. And in old age what you budeschem to live? I hope that will contain children who you now are educated? Are you sure that they will be missed if you are at work and do not teach the mind to reason? And I'm sure there will be jobs for those occupations for which they are planning to study?
Such questions to ask yourself to all working ladies.

The main reason is the accumulation of a critical mass of mutual dissatisfaction and complaints. Unhappy most women. Men hide their dissatisfaction over the fact that withdrew from the family. Go to the alcohol, fishing, workaholism...
Women discontent with family life — a more explosive mixture. If you do not establish permanently the relationship, the family is destroyed. Children grow up without a father is irresponsible.

How to relieve stress woman in a family?
1) do Not hoard irritation. Time to talk everything through, and all agree.
2) be Sure to establish sexual life. That was the discharge of both spouses. This is the basis of our physiology. This can be done only in the family with a beloved spouse, which accumulated fine-tuning in the course of solving common problems.
The presence of a lover or a mistress — it's always revenge wife for unspoken resentment.

Relationships are something you need to work constantly.
Our ancestors, once a week was the day of Milovana. One day a week entirely devoted only to the spouses relationship with each other. The children were taken and grandparents. And the couple spent the day completely alone. The couple said all grievances, complaints and misunderstandings to each other and wishes for the future. Caressed each other. Was the ritual of feeding each other. This was fine tuned communication between spouses. The day was devoted to conjugal love.
Developed vision later in life.
There was another ceremony, when the husband combed the wife. This man helped the woman to cope with her thoughts and emotions.

Wife honored her husband. The woman learned to see the wife of God. Because what a woman sees her man, so he becomes. Husband wife was called "the light of my eyes". Because men are better developed logic is the relationship of the upper threads, male carrier of light. Husband called his wife "my soul" because the heart center is better developed in women and it nourishes the husband of his sincerity.
Day milovani according to legend happened every week!
Now imagine how much each of you has accumulated nezavisnih resentment, accusations and misunderstanding...

This can and should work!


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©




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