Have you ever wondered what do you mean "happy and effective relationship"? Not all happy with the performance as well as not all effective relationships make people happy.

For Catherine Inozemtseva and Dmitry Yurchenko, drafter awareness marathon - it means to be in a relationship that makes both partners more, not less.

How to determine if your couple and then, and more?

1. You and your partner are healthy, both physically
Good health and high energy levels of both spouses, physical and mental health, lack of psychosomatic diseases - an indicator of the balance of energy in the support and respect. Any physical problem is a consequence, not a cause of frustration in the relationship.

The sign of a happy and effective family:

The weight of both partners in the normal regular cycle in a woman, you and your partner regularly undergo a medical examination, the course fortification and massage, you do not have chronic or serious medical conditions.

2. You and your partner are investing in the development of relations
Both partners consciously explore and develop relationships with each other. Priorities in relations arranged as follows: in the first place you, then your relationship with your partner, only after that - your children, parents, friends, relatives and so on. If both partners do not invest in the development of relations with each other, and focus only on children, making money or building a home - is a sign of imbalance.

The sign of a happy and effective family:

Do you have children together, and at least two. You spend in meaningful conversation (dialogue is not subject to life or the weather) at least 45 minutes every day, you plan, set goals and dream together. You know their "language of love" and talking with a partner in its own language at least 50% of the time. The family is present for men and women work: the role of breadwinner and razdelyvatelya mammoth mammoth distributed among the partners. (In this case, a man can carry the feminine energy, and a woman - the male, the main thing that they were both happy, and to keep the agreement: for example, while the man is on maternity leave to care for a child, a woman enters another state contract for the construction of the pipeline). Do you have a partner with common and individual rituals and hobbies, your family is present creativity - joint and individual: you draw together, makes collages, sing or dance.

3. Your relationship with your partner enriched relationships with loved ones, friends, colleagues, and you are not jealous of each other
An important feature of family health - when these relations, in principle. The absence or substantial limitation of relationships with friends, parents, colleagues from the influence of one of the partners - a sign of imbalance in the family.

The sign of a happy and effective family:

Does your family have mutual friends, each partner has his personal friends, everyone spends time with his friends alone, and emotionally it does not bother any of the parties. Relationships with parents and relatives are supported by both partners. Each of the partners built their own relationship with the children, while you can also spend time and build communication with your family.

4. Do you as a couple to realize why you are in the family more than it is, and why you need it
The answer to the question "Why do I need a family?" Is not as simple as it seems, if you put aside the purely domestic issues and conditions of comfortable coexistence, and focus on the meaning and content relationships. If you are a family discussed understands and shares its mission as a whole, determine the value and meaning of existence of your family - it's definitely a sign of a happy and good family, because together you are creating more than individually.

The sign of a happy and effective family:

The activities of your family leaves the heritage (cultural, historical, architectural, etc.), teaching others (you share experiences, knowledge, skills transfer), contributes to the development of communication in society (you are building new networks, communities, associations, partnerships), and the added benefit of creating value, you are involved in charity. Have a family mission as the ultimate meaning of existence of your family and hearth as a value - is also a good sign. Does your family have a list of the "100 family goals," each partner has its own list of "100 goals." You feel free in a relationship, you do not need anything for myself and do not require anything from a partner. Your relationships are based on their own (and informed) choices for which you are responsible to yourself.

5. Are you satisfied with the quality of their lives
Your needs, that you consider important at the moment, satisfied (financial, leisure and travel, gifts, housing, etc.). A sign of imbalance is a frequent feeling of dearness of what you want today. It is important to understand that the "expensive" does not refer to the price of goods, and your income. When something expensive, you need to think not about how to reduce the price, and how to increase revenues. If you partner with a different rate allowable minimum-maximum standard of living, is not satisfied with the current financial situation, there is disagreement on the household, housing and material problems - it also contributes to the development of resource relationships.

The sign of a happy and effective family:

Clean and tidy house, a sufficient area for the life of each family member. You have the opportunity to travel with the whole family at least twice a year, fleet family does not exceed 10% of the value of the assets of the family, you can afford the quality of health care, which is considered necessary, and can afford to buy and choose those foods that are considered necessary (before you do not have a choice: to go to the restaurant or prepare a meal yourself).

Finally three major sign that you are really happy in a relationship:
you are thankful for the partner and all that binds you, and are willing to talk about it every day;
you do not get attached and do not want to be tied, ready to let go of a partner for his benefit at any moment;
in relations with each other and the community you are working on a "give-give-get" do not expect and do not require each other, building relationships to make informed choices.
Three effective ways of training and awareness of mutual relations:
hold joint planning meetings and dream together
Collaborative Practices sports: Loans pair yoga, or dance to popoyte together,
Write a list of 100 goals - obschesemeynyh and personal.
Even more ways to restart and 21 day relations - on the very deliberate distance in Marathon mutual awareness for spouses with the experience and not only.


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