20 signs that you are doing well in life, even if we do not feel it

Some signs that you are successful in life, even if they do not notice it

From time to time we each failure. Despite the fact that this is normal, you have to find a way to see themselves and their lives in a completely different perspective. Sometimes we do not pay attention to the "little things". But in fact, if you are not a millionaire, do not live in a posh mansion and drive up the steep foreign car, it does not mean that you are a loser. All quite on the contrary.

Here are 20 signs that you have succeeded in life:

1. Your relationship is not as dramatic than might be
The drama was not a manifestation of maturity. As we age, we become mature, wise and prudent. Even if your relationship was previously filled with drama, and now they have become more stable, then you are already on the path of success.

2. You are not afraid to ask for help and support
Asking for help - this is not a sign of weakness. In fact, it is the power. No one person could not be successful in isolation. The important achievement of teamwork. Asking for help - a sure sign that you have grown as a person.

3. You have overestimated their own standards
You will not tolerate bad behavior, like others, as well as their own. You call yourself and others accountable for their actions. Now you do not waste time on "energy vampires", previously present in your life.

4. You got rid of everything that does not bring you pleasure
At first glance it may seem narcissism. But it is not. Love for Me - is an important condition for success. Love yourself enough to say "no" to everything that makes you happy, it does not contribute to achieving the goal, but rather pulls down.

5. Do you happen so that you are proud of those who see in front of a mirror
Ideally, you should appreciate yourself every moment. But even if you do not do that, try as often as possible to be proud of his reflection in the mirror. Love yourself, because you are amazing.

6. You understand that mistakes and failures are an integral part of personal growth
Not everyone can be always 100% successful. It is simply unrealistic. Life consists of wins and losses. Take a look at their failures, as a step to something better. In fact, no such thing as failure does not exist. You must learn to perceive these issues as part of a wonderful trip.

7. Do you have your own support system, consisting of people who are ready to help you at any time
If you have friends who are ready to support you at any time, and those who only pretend to be friends, then you have succeeded. Learn to recognize the signs of betrayal, you will be able to eradicate from the environment of all those who can substitute you in the most unexpected moment.

8. You rarely complain
Because they realize that in fact there is no reason to complain. If you have previously received a horrible experience, if you had to endure repeated losses, the everyday failures are no longer for you to tragedy. Successful people know this. That's why they take everything with gratitude.

9. You rejoice another's successes
If others have succeeded before you, it does not mean that you are a loser. Applauding people who rise to the top. The more positive energy you give to other people, their victories, the more likely you will be a winner in the business.

10. Do you have a hobby, you are working
You are not standing still. You know that you have something beautiful that will allow you to make your own contribution to this world. You have a unique gift and talent. You not only know it, but also work hard to use them.

11. Do you have a goal to which you aspire
If you do not have dreams, to which you follow, moving step by step, then you just slowly die. Successful people create their own goals, they are passionate pursuit of ideas that they want to make a reality.

12. Do you have dreams that come true
Although occurring in the life of "failures", you should continue even very long way to realization of their dreams. You have to do everything to make your wishes come true. Feeling the sweet taste of victory, you will see how she will feed you to the new actions.

13. Do you sympathize with others
A man without compassion dead inside. With empathy you fill the world with positive energy and love. Successful people know this. They like other like family.

14. You are loved and love themselves
Love is dangerous, sometimes even scary for the people. It's the only thing we are always fighting, but this feeling is always associated a certain fear of rejection. If you have enough to open your heart to love and be loved, then you are successful.

15. The role of the victim is not for you
Do you know what luck is not always turns to face you. However, you are the creator of your life. Successful people know that the only way to achieve the objectives - win and rise no matter what.

16. You do not care what people think around
You know that will not be able to please everyone. You realize that there should be standards by which society judges people. Be true to yourself and your significant other, not wondering what others are saying about you.

17. You always positive assessment of the situation
Life can be full of disappointments, if you want to see it is such. If not, take a look at setbacks as opportunities for learning. Not one bad experience should not go in vain, because it brings new knowledge.

18. Do you accept that you can not change
Let's face it, in life there are many things that you can not change. All you can do is to reconsider. If you can change your attitude to a negative situation, then you are successful.

19. You change what you can
Let's face again, there are lots of things you can change. Successful people always go beyond the negativity and begin to do something.

20. Are you happy
As for me, this is the main definition of success. No matter how much money you have in the account as of dimensions your house on what resorts you relax. If you are happy, you have succeeded in life.

Be aware, even if you have not seen anything in common with all of these 20 signs, you should not worry. Be happy about the fact that at least a few of them meet you. At the right moment will come, and all the rest. You just need to keep moving forward and upward.



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