Tips chiropractor: 2 exercises that straighten the spine

Good posture, proper spine with natural curves, as you know, is the key to good health. However, as few people can boast of that! Often asked how to fix various pathological curvature of the spine — scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis. Mainly the questions asked by the parents who ask for advice on how to help their children. Adults about these problems at home usually do not ask, apparently believing that they have to help later — a skeleton have long been formed and already too hard to influence it.

But it is not. Observant people, of course, notice how spoiled posture and deformed feet many of the elderly, and the rigidity of the skeleton is not a hindrance. The skeleton at any age can actively change. And in what direction, depends on the conditions that we offer him.

About what measures you can take yourself to correct curvature of the spine, we'll talk today.

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Exercises scoliosis

Scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine, which is possible in all its departments, and in any direction. Already at the initial stage of the disease increases dramatically, the tension in the bodies of the vertebrae and discs. The spine becomes rigid and inflexible. Rapidly evolving pathological processes. Decreases the ability of the spine to withstand a variety of stresses. For this reason, to preserve or to suspend the development of scoliosis is not possible, the disease progresses to an advanced age.

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For rice. 1 shows a left lumbar scoliosis.

The lumbar spine is curved to the left, to the left of the waist muscles are hypertrophied, the right is almost non-existent. This distribution of muscle mass in addition enhances the visual perception of the defect.Where did muscle asymmetry?

To maintain the body in an upright position, the muscles on the left must constantly be in a state of stress, the right one relaxed. That is, if the patient is standing or sitting, the muscles on the left work hard right — rest. If it runs, swims, sports, the difference in loadings increases. So, to treat such distortion sports and regular physical exercise is meaningless, moreover — is harmful. Scoliosis will only increase!

Traditional technique — physiotherapy, gentle of conditions of life (children, for example, offer to do the lessons on the belly), corsets, mattresses, cast in the form of the body, — inefficient and sometimes akin to tortures. Well, even surgery. I have seen and treated children after surgery. The results are not just zero and tragic.

A common practice of chiropractors is to try to straighten the spine, using a standard set of methods, unfortunately, did not reach their goals. Straightens the spine in the best case, for a few hours, then comes to its original state.

What you can do yourself, without the services of specialists?

1. Create patient conditions so most of the time the spine was in a state of counter-bending.

2. To take all measures to align the musculoskeletal system.

Both can be done successfully, is constantly performing the following exercises, rather, to accept certain therapeutic poses.

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Posture for treatment of lumbar scoliosis (Fig. 2).

The patient sits, tucked under his left buttock book. The lumbar spine when it is bent to the right, the muscles relax to the left, to the right tense. The thickness of the book (or similar object) is selected on the basis of the amount of deformation of the spine, the age of the patient, the width of the pelvis and fat deposits on the buttocks and varies from 1-1. 5 cm for a child up to 5-6 cm for well-fed women.

Seat time for students and adults — constantly. It means so it is necessary to sit in the classroom at school, at home and in General always and everywhere, up to a full recovery. Children 4-5 years with a small scoliosis may be enough and a half hour seats a day.

But there are times when to sit on the book, for example, at a party or on the beach.

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In this case, you can use variations of the poses shown in Fig. 3 (b) and Fig. 4 (on the beach, a picnic or in the gym).

On a chair or sofa comfortable to sit, placing the book instead of his leg. Turns extravagant and not associated with treatment. On the beach, on the lawn can bend the two legs. Sitting in such positions, it is possible to lean his right shoulder on a suitable support — a chair, a wall, a tree trunk...

All the poses are given for left lumbar scoliosis, in right hand exercises should be performed in a mirrored version.

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When lumbar scoliosis pose with back bend can take standing (Fig. 5).

To do this, the body must rely on his left leg, the right slightly bent, the right half of the pelvis down.

Those who suffer from lumbar scoliosis, it is important to remember that sitting or standing, he unconsciously assumes the pose, convenient for scoliosis, that is, the mirror treatment. So take care of yourself and take the right posture.

Well, what muscles? Even after the full recovery of scoliosis remains muscular asymmetry, which some time later is easy returns of scoliosis. Therefore, the development of the atrophied muscles, I suggest you regularly perform two exercises.

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Exercise 1 (rice. 6).

To press the right hand on a fixed support, thus straining the muscles of the right side waist. Recommended mode of exercise: 2 seconds — press 1 second — rest. In mild cases occurs 1 episode 10 taps in a heavy — 2-5 series.

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Exercise 2 (rice. 7).

Lying on his left side, slightly bending your left leg. The left hand is under my head, his right rests on the couch. The body slightly tilted forward, straight right leg is lifted up and slightly laid back. To stimulate the muscles on the right leg to hang a weight (a few pounds) and lift it straight leg until fatigue. You can resort to the help of relatives: the assistant presses the leg near the ankle, and the patient resists the pressures (to fatigue).


Press these points to get rid of excess weight and become younger

Women 40+ don't let the hormones get the better of you!


And one last tip. Don't forget about regular diagnostic inspections, as overdose is possible. Therefore, it is important to stop in time, otherwise the curvature may go the other way.published 


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