Subliminal pain: how to recognize disease of the joints at an early stage

The pain at your doorstepThe subject of prevention and treatment of diseases of musculoskeletal system are inexhaustible. We offer to your attention an interview with a chiropractor Vitaly D. Gitton.

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Vitaly'yanovich Gitt

— What are the symptoms besides pain, should alert the person to start treatment of joints and spine at a very early stage of the disease?

— Diseases such as osteochondrosis and arthrosis develop over the years. Bone and cartilaginous structures change slowly, and slowly increases the flow of pain signals. Compare, for example, with a fracture: in this case, immediately there is a sharp pain that forces to take urgent measures for treatment and does not allow you to use a damaged body. Pain thus appears, if the damage occurs quickly.

But if it develops slowly, comes the adaptation of the organism. Nerve endings produce signals that in the body of the disorder and need to take action, but the brain has time to get used to these signals and believes they are normal and not conceded in consciousness. This does not mean that the pain signals do not exist – they are simply not perceived or felt! Such pain is called subthreshold.

Accumulate in the subconscious, unconscious pain signals cause permanent stress.

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Stress stimulates the activity of the adrenal glands that increase the release of hormones is triggered.

The lack of apparent reason and in the end, the directed relief of negative emotions makes one grumpy, irritable, others depressed, apathetic.

And those and others may experience bouts of depression, suffer persistent insomnia, chronic fatigue, diseases of unknown nature. Often, to cope with this condition, people resort to alcohol, which temporarily helps. After all, saving the subcortex from the useless flow of pain signals (signal DC level carries very little information), a small dose of alcohol normalizes the endocrine glands, heart, liver... But only a little, as noted by the researchers. However, for alcohol, as we know, is addictive and in order to achieve the desired effect, the dose must be increased. The result, unfortunately, is well known...

Of course, all these symptoms and deteriorating the character and the feeling of causeless melancholy, and alcohol – may have other causes than sub-threshold of pain. But they should cause concern.

It is not excluded that, still not appearing pain develop the disease of the joints and spine.So everyone who is experiencing mental discomfort, I strongly advise you to examine these organs. Because at this stage, if you diagnose a disease, to put in order the joints and spine can be quite fast.

By the way, in my practice there were cases when the treatment of these diseases along the way relieved the patient from severe depression. But the treatment of joints and spine, even at an early stage of the disease still takes time. Therefore, as "first aid" in a fit of depression can give multiple proven and very effective tip:

  • Seclude. Get into bed. Cover head with a blanket. You can curl up in. And start feeling sorry for yourself. Intensively and persistently think about their misfortunes and failures. Feel sorry for yourself – because you do not need anyone, well, anyone in this world! No one loves you, no waiting, no you won't regret it (probably an exaggeration). Suffer. Do not resist his suffering. Immerse yourself in it to the bottom. Some people for such a dip is enough three minutes, others an hour is not enough.The most important thing – not to resist and to take in the suffering as far as possible. And when you will find yourself at the bottom – very miserable, infinitely lonely, devoid of any hope – try to find suffering fun... Doing something not at all bad – after all, the dead do not suffer. And you're alive! And then spit on everything, breathe deeply, stretch, open your eyes wide...And you come to the understanding of the senselessness of suffering. And suffering will go away from you. It is the same – meaningless and exists within you only because you allow it.
— Why when the weather changes in healthy, it would seem that people start to hurt your joints or lower back ache?

— The fact that the nervous system when the change in the weather brings the pain out of the subconscious, reveals subthreshold pain. Why? Yes, because the brain picks up the signal about upcoming weather changes and starts to get ready for him. In humans, increased sensitivity of nerve endings and reducing the perception threshold.

This mechanism arose in the course of evolution. Changes in the weather, seasons and climate forced man to look for new shelter, food sources, habitat.Increased sensitivity facilitated the adaptation to new conditions of life, but at the same time was opened by subliminal pain the road to consciousness.

Therefore, if the change in the weather there is pain in the joints or spine, then, in these organs has already occurred pathological changes and need to start treatment.
A competent reader knows that the change in the weather can cause not only pain, but also a real deterioration of the spine or joints. For example, the joints swell and redden, the mobility of the joints is reduced, the body temperature rises. That is observed is objective, not just subjective change in the body, which at first glance contradicts the hypothesis of subliminal pain.

Actually there is no contradiction. After all, these and many other changes can cause a simple suggestion. When a pain signal is perceived, the body begins to behave accordingly. There is a standard inflammatory response. And often, getting rid of the pain, you can get rid of the accompanying reaction. The most striking example of such "treatment" – novocaine blockade. But the disease continues to develop.

By the way, the pain can also change the level of its perception in the upward direction. This phenomenon is based distractions "treatment". Irritating ointments, rubbing, applicators, creating large pockets of excitement, increase the perception threshold, push a major pain and makes it imperceptible.

- What should I do during an attack of severe pain, such as with sciatica?

Superstrong pain usually caused by pinching of a large nerve extending from the spine, or trauma.

Sometimes a sharp intense pain comes from seemingly perfectly healthy young men after an awkward movement, heavy lifting, hypothermia.

If the pain overtook you need:

  • Lie down and try to relax, finding the most painless position.
  • Do not panic, try to calm down, because this pain does not die and sooner or later it will cease.
  • Try to have a little laugh at his own helplessness, and to distance themselves from their feelings. Because concentrating on the pain you are thus, as already mentioned, can strengthen it.
During an attack of severe pain do not advise:

  • To be treated with warmth visiting the bath or taking a hot bath and a mustard plaster, pepper plaster, bischofite, warming ointments (finalgon, vibratonal, apiezon). Initially, the use of these funds brings relief – the pain is reduced. But the next day it will become unbearable: the swollen tissues even more clamped the injured nerve.
  • The use of strong painkillers like Novocain blockade. They relieve the pain, but possibly further injury of the nerve, as a symptom, inhibit your movement will be blocked.
  • To engage in any activity that is associated with physical activity, especially in combination with warming. For the treatment of joints and spine, you definitely need special exercises but you can do them only after intense pain subsides.
To prevent the attack of severe pain:

  • Avoid overload and hypothermia, and especially their combination. If you need to perform unusually heavy work to push a car or lift a heavy load,take some minutes and take a few warm-up movements.
  • Don't try to pump up the back muscles to protect itself from injury. This will only increase the load on the spine.
  • Inflate the abdominal muscles. Trained abdominal muscles when voltage is effective to increase the pressure in the abdominal cavity andtaking the load off of the spine up to 80% (!) – reducing the probability of damage. published 

Author: Vitaliy Gitta talked Alla Kasatkina

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