Do not waste your time to ask, become a giver.

LOVE IS "TAKE" NOT "GIVE»Most of the problems in dealing with people and the world around you linked with our notions of how things "should be." The expectations and requirements that we require from loved ones, often associated with our categorical unwillingness to develop a model of children's egocentric perception of the world.

The space in which a child grows is limited by the presence of a narrow circle of persons, connected with satisfaction its requirements. Food, water, safe atmosphere for relaxation, warmth, entertainment and much more — this is the reality of a barely born baby, and that's okay, because every age group has its own characteristics.Infancy to and need to be fed with love, to feel safe, to learn to feel loved and cherished and to trust life (another thing is that the childhood of many people is very different from the descriptions).

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Gradually the little child has to discover another world — sandbox, where you need to learn to share their toys, kindergarten, in which we have to put up with the other children, the school in which appear not only rights but also obligations, restrictions, rules. And it is very important to children during adolescence were older adults, which could explain that the meaning and happiness in life is not to get. Not only to explain but to show, by example, to live as they say, then to say that not much will need. "Giving you gain».

Life is much deeper and more serious than it seems at first glance. View of life, influenced by the cultural and information field, which has grown most of us do not pass the test of time. It is worth to stop for a moment, to contemplate, to look at what surrounds you, and soon enough it becomes clear just how low the level of "development," which reached you to my age.

There is not even need any rebellion against the system, no opposition to an external factor, just a deep and serious question to himself: "Who am I and where am I going?»

I want love, but did I make enough effort for the cultivation of their own hearts? I want a family, but sufficiently matured that I have to pass on to their children? I want to "change the system", "world peace", "save humanity", but who am I? What I've done at least in order to change yourself? From his inner emptiness and disharmony we create some kind of external illusion of activity — someone fighting, something someone to prove, poke at the shortcomings of others, saving some of the countries and peoples from the highest injustice, Asami-who are we?Children played in the big game called — "want" and "give"?

Growing up the body, but in spirit remained in the early stages of development, it is very difficult to understand, why do I "need" something has to give, and how you can benefit from this happiness. I want to like a child, everything was my way. If you give candy, only to those who are friendly to me, if you make friends, only with those who say the amenities, if you love only someone who loves you and never scolds. But if someone said some hurtful truth, or we are caught in indiscretions, it is better to stay away from him or to beat to keep saying nasty things "You ain't my girlfriend anymore, don't play with my toys".

I owed nothing to anybody — a popular phrase among the rebellious children, even in aging bodies.

Yes, no needs, no you do not have, just in adulthood, it is impossible to live otherwise, if you don't share what you have, then just burst from excess. Giving is the norm, it's part of the way, it is the energy of abundance.

Only you can control only what you give.It would be in your best interest to learn how to obtain this happiness, and even better to make it a way of life.

It's good to be happy that you're in control, right? Not very wise to put your life and the state of inner happiness dependent on other people and external phenomena — the weather, the attitude of other people, of business, economic and political situation in your country. If you want, you can, of course, that's your business, but I have great compassion, look at people who spend years of their lives trying to change and control external circumstances instead of having to deal with its internal transformations. The more people change their internal, the sooner will change all external.

For people honestly and deeply moving in themselves, there is no doubt regarding whether it is necessary to create and maintain a family, because family is "take" not "give". For such people there is no problem to give part of their income to those in need, or to guide her to where she could benefit others,because the abundance is "take" not "give". For people with a big heart, there is no division of the world into countries, regions, nation and nationality, because the outer shell is something much more valuable, another thing is that it makes sense to first focus on those who are near to learn to be good with family and loved ones, with those who live with you at one entrance, in the same house on the same street, city, country, and then you can to other countries to go through. Allow the first in order place, where you are, do what you can do in those conditions in which happen for some reason.

Real love, real friendship, real charity, real policy, real business — they just are. Give before you ask, give more than you ask, think in advance about how to be useful to a person in a given situation, just to give and not to get attached to the result. To learn to love and not demand love, learn to be and not to complain about the lack of good people together to do business, not the money. Understanding the relationship and involvement to the world, to be a part of a whole, learning to live deeply, learn to cooperate, learn to negotiate. Paradoxically, when you become a giver, just around you starts to concentrate a huge number of the same people. No questions, just take it, please, and I don't care how you dispose of, do in its sole discretion.

For anyone who is entrenched in a deep connection with Source, there is no fear that you will give more than receive, because in this game the account is not conducted. The opportunity to live and to be the best, what gave you life is the great miracle for which you must be grateful. Gratitude is the basis for those who live according to the principle "take and not give."In order to give, do not need to be wealthy. To help other people need only a good heart, but often to be kind and attentive to another person is much more difficult than to succeed in material sphere of life.

Who and what belongs to all of what we "own"? It seems that it is our merit that we made ourselves and therefore have the right to demand something...

If you take any man on Earth, even the bright and talented, and put on a day or a week in unusual conditions — jungle, desert, a small island of land in the middle of the ocean, drifting ice, the dark, damp basement, a blank room with an aggressive red walls or something, I'm not talking about some extreme and scary stories about wars, accidents, collisions, disease, etc., very quickly you will understand that he too knows little about yourself — will emerge and will reveal so much all illusions about the integrity and independence will vanish in a jiffy.

These "services" should be connected with our inner world, without a strong spiritual Foundation can be a healthy family, successful business, a strong team, and much more.

We are not separate and independent beings, although we think so. We are all part of a whole, part of a system that has a different shape, but it is a system in which there are certain laws. All separation and independence ends exactly when very deep you begin to realize that your life is a great grace given to someone under very mysterious circumstances (considering the fact that of the seven billion living on Earth who knows where he came from and where we go after death), which may end at any time. Not believe? Informidable. One day I will check it out.

We have too much consumption and too little give to the world in return. Do not waste your time to ask, become the giver. I wish you happiness!published 


Author: Dean Richards

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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