5 laws of abundance by Steve Rother

First law: center your energy In the first place is the ability to center your own energy. This art is to put myself first, which corresponds to the natural flow of energy in the Universe. Centering your energy is a important lesson that affects many areas of your life. It is easily confused with selfishness, and yet there is a big difference. Those who are selfish, put yourself in the flow of energy and cutting out all others. Those who centered their energy, placed themselves at the beginning of the flow of energy in order to have more opportunities to perform their work.

Most of you are confused by this concept, however, it is vital to creating abundance. When you start to create something, the starting point of energy determines the point of perception, which will be considered your creation. If you do not put yourself in the flow of energy, your creation will be spoiled from the beginning. For all flights provided by commercial airlines before the flight given the short time that the crew told you about the safety rules. You are shown where to go, how to fasten your seatbelt, and so on. They also talk about the oxygen masks: "If in the cabin there is a sharp pressure drop, oxygen masks drop out automatically. If you are traveling with a young child or someone who requires assistance, please first put on your oxygen mask". This approach vividly illustrates the art of putting yourself first. Airlines know from experience that a person can help someone else just in case, if you take care of yourself first. It is impossible to drink another, if your own Cup is empty. Do not think that we mean, if you can't help or give something to others, we're not talking about it. We say that the gift offered through the sacrifice carries with it the energy thread, reflecting the burden of all this sacrifice. Therefore, gifts should be offered freely, unconditionally and without sacrifice. In this case it benefits both the giver and the recipient. Dare to put yourself first and watch how you will prepare yourself to experience true abundance. In the field of abundance, this means that first you pay yourself. Please remember: abundance is when you have more than the subsistence minimum. Do something for yourself every time you get some income. Put aside money or spend them on yourself in any way. Your ability to be good to yourself can determine to what extent you can learn the laws of abundance. Second law: the creation of a vacuum (the"Law Merlin") Create a vacuum which will attract abundance. Vacuum is created in the moment when you share something. Energy is energy only when in motion. Create a space for the flow of energy, and then will be powered by the laws of Universal Energy. When you create a vacuum Universal Energy automatically fills it. What is the vacuum — and such a creation. You can use two main types of vacuum. Essential vacuum: a tenfold returnAny donation creates a vacuum in the ether of time and space. This vacuum will increase, returning to you. It is the basis of a ten-fold increase. When we bring a gift from the heart, it comes back ten fold. When we make a gift freely, without any conditions, thus we clear the space essential to ensure that such gifts are returned to us. Please remember that money is only trageriemen, not a form of energy. Therefore, monetary gifts are most beneficial when they represent the gifts of abundance. Welcoming this abundance by sharing it with others, we create an even bigger vacuum for even greater abundance. That's the basis of what is called tithing. Let that in accordance with your beliefs brings the highest good and you will create in your life a space for the flow of energy. Because the vacuum is created in the air, there is no limit to the number that will be back to fill this vacuum. The gifts brought by unconditionally will come back to you tenfold or even larger size. If the gift is accompanied by any conditions or there is a leakage of energy, as in the above case of sacrifice, the returns will be less. Share with others or give them help in the things that, in your opinion, can bring some changes. Be careful, make sure that people have not developed the belief in lack, because of your support. If you share with the other person, even if he is responsible for the adoption of this energy and creating their own vacuum and energy flow. If the gift that you bring, creates a sense of dependency in those who receive it, the return energy will decrease. The physical vacuum: the return of the one-to-one , There are other effective ways to create a vacuum. The physical vacuum can be powered through the creation of physical space. If you want to manifest more clothes, try to free up space in the closet. If you want to manifest a new car, make room in the garage. Your actions in the physical world can create a vacuum that attracts the visual results. Make room for new things will work in favor of the creation of wealth. The return of the vacuum created in the physical world, more in line with what you have created. In other words, the return here is in the relation of one to one. The law of the Merlin — equalizing linkthe creation of the physical vacuum leads to the return of creation in relation to one-to-one. However, there are actions that can change and even increase the return characteristics inherent in the physical vacuum. This is accomplished through the action of abundance, practiced in accordance with the Law, Merlin. In the days of Camelot, king Arthur had a dream where he saw that it was the need to create a country where all could live in harmony and strength. In the days of Camelot to build a country was not easy, for the middle ages — truly a very dark time. Had to overcome multiple obstacles. One of them was to change the belief system of people so that they took abundance in my life. Arthur found that many people believe in lack, and to change it was very difficult. At first, Arthur began to create the customs and laws aimed at changing hearts and minds, to prepare those take plenty. A good king knew that it is impossible to create abundance for all in the ethereal realm. So he tried to create it in the physical world through the introduction of new laws and customs. When Arthur discovered that laws and customs do not work, he tested the biggest in my life disappointment. After some time, Arthur called his friend and mentor Merlin to ask him for advice. When Arthur spoke of his disappointment, Merlin cheerfully giggled. "What's so funny?" — protested Arthur. "Dear Arthur, as you well know, you pulled the sword from the stone only because your actions reflect the purity of your heart. It is your own actions made you a abundance. However, in its sincere attempt to create an abundance for the people of Camelot you unwittingly deprived people of the ability to experience abundance as a result of their own actions. Abundance cannot be transferred to anyone. It can only create within ourselves with an expression of abundance." They spent a lot of time talking and some time later, Merlin offered a simple solution. This solution is effective to this day. The people of Camelot he called his Law Merlin. The Merlin law reads as follows: abundance is created by the manifestation of abundance.Start the flow of giving and watch how it will spread rapidly in the form of a receipt. If you want your commercial transaction was successful, find a way to give each transaction a little more than the agreed. Once you make a deal, and all sides will agree, find a way to pay a little more than agreed first. The law of Merlin activates a series of events that creates excess energy flow. The origin of tithing is an example of the law of the Merlin in action. In the past there was the expression "Baker's dozen". It happened because the Baker's apprentice wanted to return to his master a little more put in as a demonstration of his abundance. He gave thirteen loaves instead of the usual dozen. His trade flourished, and with it the flow of abundance. In every transaction, upon completion, find a way to give a little more. The Merlin law is a practice of true abundance, since it is the expression of abundance in life. This acceptance of the idea of true abundance and its practical implementation in daily life. This automatically creates a vacuum, which will contribute to the same excess and abundance in your personal reality. Third law: honor the Universal Energy Universal Energy permeates all the space around. It is the energy that exists in a complete vacuum. It exists even when all other energy is gone. It is the energy of creativity. This is the energy you call God. The purpose and movement of this energy associated with the merger. At this energy only one goal: Universal Energy unites what was divided, to create the illusion of polarity in which you live. Applying the five laws of abundance in everyday life, it is useful to consider all your actions in the background of Universal Energy. Your actions support the integration (fusion) or splitting? Apply this rule to yourself as an individual and observe the result. The fourth law: maintain an "attitude of abundance" Tune into abundance and maintain this attitude in all that you do. Wherever possible, surround yourself with people who can be a good example of a life full of abundance. Treat yourself with respect, because the way you define your reality as abundant.Understand, live in abundance, you can only trying to new limits or showing gratitude for what you have now. Often new acquisitions represent only the illusion of abundance, because your property may begin to enslave you. In itself, the acquisition is not achieving abundance. Abundance is rather a mindset, which can be accessed from anywhere, wherever you were in the moment. Keep the attitude that you always have more than you need and then you will be able to make a choice on how much you want to experience. The illusion of polarity is forcing you to believe that you exist independently from each other. Thus, the belief in lack arose from the very beginning. This common belief in the lack makes it impossible even to think and, consequently, to experience true abundance. And the reason for the lack of a deep conviction that what we see is all that exists. This is the same problem that prevents some scientists to understand that their intentions affect the results of their experiments. The belief that nothing outside of you there is a restriction, which tightly binds to a three-dimensional illusion of lack. Economists have now come to understand that the lack is nothing more than an illusion. When in the world there is abundance, that abundance is available to everyone, because abundance is a flow, following the flow of the Universal Energy. Imagine that on the table five coins. The illusion of "failure" makes you believe that if you take one coin, then the rest will be only four. In fact, when energy is in motion, it is growing rapidly.

Since money is only a reflection of energy being in motion, they also begin to multiply. Economists know that if five coins will be in motion, the effect will be the same as if they were 12. published


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