18 new facts about Steve Jobs

He published a biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isakson authorship based on more than 40 interviews with Jobs himself, as well as with his colleagues, relatives and friends. Faktrum publishes some new interesting facts from the biography of Steve.

1. Jobs could become a poet and move to Paris, if not founded Apple. This Steve says the former CEO Apple, John Sculley.

2. Jobs stopped going to church in 13 years. At this age, he saw on the cover of Life starving children. He talked with his teacher, but apparently not received clear answers. After that Steve is no longer attended church and did not return to Christianity.

3. Jobs tried marijuana for the first time in 15 years. Later, he tried LSD. Steve tried LSD before the release of the school, the sensations he described as "a great experience, one of the most important things that happened in my life».

4. On iPod, Jobs was at more than 15 albums of Bob Dylan albums and 3 Yo-Yo Ma. Regarding Yo-Yo Ma Steve once said that it was the best case prove the existence of God.

5. On the iPad 2 Steve Jobs was only one download books. The only book in the plate Jobs - is An Autobiography of a Yogi. This book Jobs reread every year since his youth.

6. Jobs believes that no one is irreplaceable ... except the designer Jonathan Ive. Quinces have a huge impact in the company Apple, which supported Steve, and he called Jonathan his «spiritual partner» - partner spirit. Most people in the life of Steve were replaced, but Ive - shared with his wife, biographer Steve.

7. and Steve Jobs met his biological father, not knowing what they are relatives. Steve used to go to the restaurant, owned and run by his biological father until he found out who he is. Steve did not trust his father and rather dryly said of him: "I went to the restaurant a few times. I remember meeting with the owner. He was a Syrian. Balding. We shook hands. »

8. Bill Clinton ask for advice from Steve Jobs during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. How to write the publication Telegraph, Clinton, who was in a crisis situation, called Jobs for advice. Steve replied the president, "I do not know whether you did it. But if you do, then you have to say about this country. " At the other end lasted a long pause.

9. Jobs hated the former president of Google, Eric Schmidt, because he thought that he had stolen Android. Here's what Steve told his biographer Isakson on this score: "I will spend the last breath of my life, I will spend all $ 40 billion of cash to Apple to the last penny, to prove the truth. I will destroy Android, because it's a stolen product. I would like to declare it a thermonuclear war ».

10. Last fall, Jobs began to meet people who wanted to see before he died. One such person was the Bill Gates. However, Jobs was not impressed by the talent of Bill, "Bill ordinary person without imagination. He did not invent. Therefore, he feels much more comfortable doing philanthropy, not technology. " In response, Bill called Steve's strange: "He never deeply versed in technology, but he had a great instinct, he felt that the work».

11. Larry Page asked for advice from Jobs. And he said that Google turns to Microsoft. Jobs said that Google is making too many mediocre food "Save 5 products and get rid of the rest. Find out what has to be Google, when it becomes even more ».

12. Jobs told Obama that that was elected to a one-time presidency and reminded about corruption in the educational system and unfriendly to business laws. However, the relationship Obama and Jobs continued, and Steve offered to help Barack's presidential campaign in 2012. He suggested the same in the year 2008, but Steve did not get on with Obama strategist David Axelrod. Steve wanted to create an epic campaign of Barack, just as impressive as the campaign of Ronald Reagan with a series of commercials Morning in America.

13. Steve admitted that he "finally got to the core of how to be great TV." And it will be one of these great products Apple. Steve wanted to do with the television industry is the same thing he did with the industry computers, music players, cell phones. He admitted: "I would like to create an integrated television set that would be incredibly easy to use. He would have automatically synced with all of your computer and mobile devices and iCloud. The users would be no more when you do not have to keep on hand a second remote for DVD-player or understand the intricacies of cable channels. This will be the easiest interface that you can only imagine. I finally understood what it must be ».

14. Jobs rejected the previous draft of the new Apple campus due to the fact that his son called it a phallic.

15. Jobs was very upset, as the first users to iPad. When the iPad just came out, many mocked him, called him useless, absolutely unimpressive and with a terrible name. Jobs has received more than 800 emails with such recognition and depressed.

16. Jobs initially rejected the idea of ​​applications. Jobs took a lot of brilliant solutions, but one of the most brilliant features - application for a third-party - he had originally rejected. Jobs believed that the team is not ready and can not imagine how many difficulties have to be faced when working with application developers. Board member Art Levinson Jobs called more than a dozen times, that he changed his mind. And he changed his mind.

17. After the initial diagnosis of cancer Steve in 2004, he insisted that he did not do the operation. Jobs decided to postpone the operation, taking up alternative therapy, he said he did not want to invade his body. He later regretted this decision.

18. Steve promised "not to look over his shoulder," biographer Walter Ayzaksonu, his only requirement - to cover looked great. Steve did not interfere with the text, but insisted on approving the design of the cover.

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