The success of Steve Jobs

1. do his favorite thing. Find your true passion and change the world for the better. The only way to do the job well - it is to love her and give her completely. 2. Be not like everyone else. Think outside the box. It is better to be a pirate than sailors. 3. What would you have not worked, try to do everything as best as possible. Success leads to another success, so in all strive to achieve maximum success. 4. Work on SWOT Analysis. Once you will create, or come to work in the company, make a list of strengths and weaknesses, both its own and the company. 5. Be adventurous. Look for opportunities to commit big breakthrough. Find a set of ideas that require swift and decisive action, and "Jump into the window." Often, the most difficult thing - to make the first move. Just do it. Have the courage to follow the dictates of his heart and intuition. 6. Start small but dream of the great. Not to engage in too many things at the same time. We first consider a few simple things, and gradually move to more complex. And always think about buduschem.

7. Strive to become a leader. Whatever you doing, you've got to be the most advanced technology, and it has to be under your control. If there is a more advanced technology, use it, ignoring the fact that more nobody uses. Be the first and make the technology standard in the industry. 8. Concentrate on achieving results, because people evaluate you based on the results of your work. Be thou an example of quality. Some people do not expect to see somewhere in the working environment in which employees are expected only by outstanding results. Therefore advertise that their competitive advantage. 9.Stremis get feedback from a variety of sources. Everyone will tell you something useful. 10. innovate. This innovation distinguishes a leader from followers. Spend 50% of their time to create new things, but to say "no" a thousand ideas, not to be so that you too involved in a large number of innovations. Concentrate on really important projects. 11. draw lessons from failures. Sometimes, innovating, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and when it became clear that this direction is a dead end, to switch to other efforts to improve innovation. 12. Learn continuously. There are always "one more thing" that you need to know. Arrange cross-pollination of ideas with others.

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