Steve Jobs Died

Ex-CEO of Apple's Steve Jobs has died at the age of 56 years. During his forty-year career of almost guru of Silicon Valley, Steve Jobs suggested some revolutionary decisions that changed the face of the whole industry.

1. Computer Whiz

In 1976, Steve Jobs with his friends founded Apple Inc. - A company that is always asked a vector of development of personal computer technology. He is one of the first to realize the huge commercial potential of the graphical user interface, use the mouse and control with the help of "clicks" - what today we see almost every PC.

2. Early allies

Jobs met another co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak (pictured - sitting) working as a student intern in famous company Hewlett-Packard. Jobs went to study at Reed College, but only a semester and threw it in 1974 g.vernulsya in Silicon Valley, where he and Wozniak began to attend meetings Computer Club Homebrew (ie, "diy»).

3. Revolution in the box

Apple's first computer to be found in stores District Bay Area, and it cost 666 dollars 66 cents. It is a set of printed circuit boards, components and deposits of 16 pages of instructions. To assemble the operating unit, the user had somewhere to get more power supply, keyboard, and monitor.

4. The young eagle


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