Steve Jobs Died

Ex-CEO of Apple's Steve Jobs has died at the age of 56 years. During his forty-year career of almost guru of Silicon Valley, Steve Jobs suggested some revolutionary decisions that changed the face of the whole industry.

1. Computer Whiz

In 1976, Steve Jobs with his friends founded Apple Inc. - A company that is always asked a vector of development of personal computer technology. He is one of the first to realize the huge commercial potential of the graphical user interface, use the mouse and control with the help of "clicks" - what today we see almost every PC.

2. Early allies

Jobs met another co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak (pictured - sitting) working as a student intern in famous company Hewlett-Packard. Jobs went to study at Reed College, but only a semester and threw it in 1974 g.vernulsya in Silicon Valley, where he and Wozniak began to attend meetings Computer Club Homebrew (ie, "diy»).

3. Revolution in the box

Apple's first computer to be found in stores District Bay Area, and it cost 666 dollars 66 cents. It is a set of printed circuit boards, components and deposits of 16 pages of instructions. To assemble the operating unit, the user had somewhere to get more power supply, keyboard, and monitor.

4. The young eagle

With technical skill Jobs could be compared only to its ability entrepreneur. His stubbornness and unwavering faith in his ideas have led to the mass differences with colleagues and critics, earning him a reputation as a hard and captious head.

5. Intrigue

In 1983, Jobs invited PepsiCo president John Sculley (pictured - in the center) to share with him and Wozniak the reins by Apple. However, the cooperation did not work out as soon followed by a decline in the market has led to the suspension of production and forced the leader of Apple to rethink their marketing and technical strategies. By 1985, Jobs forced out of the company, one of the founders of which he was.

6. What happened

The resignation of Steve Jobs seemed only spurred his desire to reshape the world of personal computers. His next venture - a company NeXT Computer - improved the attained Apple, and has established the following PC in an elegant enclosure made of the magnesium alloy, advanced at the time graphical interface, built-in Ethernet port, and many other successful technical solutions. The unit cost is too expensive to be widely distributed, but he asked a vector of development of the next generation of personal computers.

7. Return to Apple

In the absence of Steve Jobs, Apple floated down the river, and even almost went bankrupt in the mid-90s. Finally, in 1996, the company announced that it was buying NeXT Computer case for $ 429 million, and so Steve Jobs back into the fold of the company he founded. By 1998, Jobs was appointed acting CEO.

8. Jobs at work

Many of the innovations used in computers NeXT, found its way into the next generation computer Apple. Jobs has restored the reputation of the company by issuing a series of brilliant products such as the iMac, and adjusted his business affairs by opening a chain of retail outlets that sold exclusively equipment and supplies Apple.

9. Cartoons

In addition, over the years outside Apple, Jobs bought and promoted the development of computer animation studio Pixar. The first product is an art studio - cartoon "Toy Story» (Toy Story), released in 1995, has collected $ 360 million and made the studio one of the biggest figures in Hollywood. Since then, the studio has released a number of very successful bands, including such masterpieces as "Finding Nemo», «Cars», «Wally» and «Up». In 2006, "Disney" studio bought for 7 $ 4 billion, and Jobs became the owner of a solid stake legendary enterprise.

10. Rock-n-Roll

In 2001, Jobs made a new revolution in the world of electronic gadgets, presenting iPod. As the functionality of the new product only slightly surpassed earlier versions players, but it is distinguished by ease of use and stylish design. In parallel, I started iTunes - a virtual online store that forever changed the face of the music industry. Members of the legendary band U2, Bono and The Edge (pictured) supported the initiative Jobs, and participated in the presentation of the 2004 iPod'a

11. iPhone

In 2007, Jobs turned his attention to cellular communication. In the same year he introduced the world to the iPhone, which goes on sale in June, quickly sold more than 6 million copies and caught up in popularity with some brands present on the market for years, such as the Blackberry. iPhone - is not only a mobile phone, it is also a point of access to the Internet with an advanced user interface and a large library of applications created vast army of programmers Apple and simple enthusiasts.

12. New Beginnings

In January 2010, Jobs announced that Apple will introduce soon a new mini-computer. Essentially similar to the iPhone, it will have a much larger screen, making it more convenient and enjoyable things such as reading, playing and watching videos. The novelty had the same success as its predecessors. The day before yesterday the official sales iPad in Russia. We know that in business and technology Steve Jobs is guided by the motto of the famous hockey player Wayne Gretzky: "I rush to where the puck will be, not where it is or has been».

In a letter to employees, Jobs said at the time: "I've always said that if that day comes when I can no longer comply with their duties and expectations as CEO, I am the first to tell you so. Unfortunately, that day has come. "



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