10 amazing facts about Apple

1. At the first Apple logo was depicted Isaac NyutonNavernoe most famous logo Apple - is a colorful apple. Now it is considered a vintage retro sign Apple, although officially it was far from the first apple. On the very first Apple logo was depicted Sir Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree - simple plot legends about the discovery of Sir Isaac force of gravity.

Logo Newton drew the least known of the three co-founders of Apple - Ronald Wayne (Ronald Wayne). By the way, is another curious fact: Wayne sold his shares to Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak for $ 800, and now they could bring him 22 billion. But back to the logo. The company long used the services of Sir Newton - because of strong granularity compressed logo looked bad on the company's products, and in 1976 it was replaced.

Thereby replacing the famous rainbow apple, which drew Yanof Rob (Rob Janoff). It remained a symbol of the company for many years, until in 1998 is not changed monochrome option.

2. To raise money for the production of Apple I, sold Wozniak Engineering kalkulyator

To raise money for the purchase of parts for performing the first orders for the Apple I, Steve Jobs sold his van Volkswagen, and Wozniak, while working at HP, $ 500 separated from the scientific calculator Hewlett-Packard 65.

If you were born in the 90s, you can rightly wonder that a simple calculator can be worth the money, but in 1976 scientific calculator cost as much as today is a laptop, a HP-65, and all was "the smallest programmable computer."

Woz then good on him to work, given that the new cost calculator for $ 795 and a copy of it was pretty worn, as was used in the tail and mane. I wonder whether the buyer thought that holds historical item? Just imagine how much it cost now Ebay.

3. Apple I sold for 666 dollars and 66 are always subject to criticism tsentovNaibolshey prices on modern computers Apple. But historically, that Apple products are always pricey. Taking into account inflation and recalculate the price, it turns out that the very first Apple computer cost more modern and even the MacBook Air 17-inch MacBook Pro.

The fact that the price tag on the Apple I bore the 666 dollars and 66 cents, in no way associated with the number of the beast - that is, it is a practical explanation. In an interview, Steve Wozniak explained how to create such a price:

"I was fond of repetitions of numbers," - he said and explained that the wholesale price of Apple I to the store is $ 500, taking into account the margin retail cost of about 667 dollars, which WHO "rounded" to the 666.66 - "just to make it easier to recruit."

4. Apple invented "sobakorovu" Ever heard of a "sobakorove"? But longtime Apple users must have heard - it was a part of the Egyptian text at the first Macintosh. When the font is abolished, sobakorova moved to the LaserWriter Driver 4.0, and became a kind of mascot techies Apple.

Sobakorovu named Klerus (Clarus) created by Susan Carey (Susan Kare). This animal can be found in all operating systems for Mac OS X. until the end of 80th sobakorova became popular in various circles of developers - even Microsoft once used sobakorovu in its advertising.

It is not surprising that Apple did not like it. Support development of the company was a technical note, which explained all the features of the animal. Then the note number 31 as the Easter egg was recorded on the first CD Apple Developer, and Clarus and steel Dogcow registered trademarks of Apple.

5. The name «Macintosh» comes from yablokaTo that Apple Lisa computer Steve Jobs named after his daughter - known fact, but few know where the name «Macintosh». It is named in honor of a loved apples gave a new computer Apple employee Jef Raskin (Jef Raskin), nicely beating with the theme of fruit.

Macintosh was just a code name of the project. It is said that in the absence of Steve Jobs Ruskin even tried to change it to «Bicycle». But the name did not stick, and Macintosh Macintosh'em remained until the end of the project.

6. The first color digital camera made ApplePervaya colored 'Soap Dish "appeared in the US in 1994 and made her Apple. On the Apple QuickTake 100 can be removed 8 pictures, and to Mac'u it is connected via a serial cable.

Cost camera at the time of $ 749, or about $ 1,000 in today's terms - a lot of money, given the lack of display and ridiculous resolution of 1 megapixel.

Then Apple made two more models QuickTake, and in 1997 returned to power Steve Jobs and closed the project.

7. The name of «iPod» inspired by the film "2001: A Space Odyssey" To come up with a memorable name of the new device, Steve Jobs has assembled a team of copywriters, among whom was the author iPod'a Winnie Chico (Vinnie Chieco).

It is said that Jobs has been the slogan for MP3-player: "1,000 songs in your pocket," so that nothing copywriters imagination is not restricted or tied to a musical theme.

"As soon as I saw the white iPod, I immediately thought of the movie 2001" - said in an interview with Wired Chico in 2006. The fact that the interaction between your computer and music player reminded him of the interaction of the spacecraft and the rescue capsule, which in this film called EVA pod. «It only remained to add the prefix 'i' and the case was in the hat».

8. Easter egg in the first iPodV first iPod'e was hidden little secret - Easter egg - a game in which you can get by typing a specific key combination.

The procedure is described in detail Triana Nick (Nick Triano) in the review of iPod on Geek.com. "Go to the menu 'About', hold the center button and hold for three seconds - after that you can listen to music and play Breakout».

By the way, this game has left another mark on the history of Apple: it is above it, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak worked at Atari, Wozniak when Jobs lied and hid from it received a thousand dollars for the job.

9. Who is John Appleseed? Name John, or Johnny Appleseed in Apple's history comes up several times, but the official explanation of it does not exist yet.

Actually, Johnny Appleseed - it lived in the 18th century American missionary, the gardener, is known for his penchant for growing apples - and this is the only thing that binds Johnny corporation Apple.

The first mention of Johnny Appleseed in the history of Apple is an investor and former CEO Apple CEO Mike Markkula (Mike Markkula) - apparently, he used the nickname when he wrote the program for Apple II. The same name signed by an icon of a new TextEdit in Mac OS X Leopard. Yes, there really is a meaningful text is written, it is the word of the campaign «Think Different» 1997:

"For madmen. For the black sheep. Rebels. Disturber. They are round pegs in the square holes. They look at the world differently. They do not like rules. They are not satisfied with the status quo. You can quote them or argue with them, they can be praise or blame. The only thing that can not be - do not ignore them. Because they change the way we look at things and push the human race forward. And where one sees the madness, I see genius. Because it is those who have enough madness to think that they can change the world, and there are those who change it. Think Different ».

This letter is addressed to «Kate» and signed "Take care of yourself, John Appleseed.»

But if these Johns you might not know, they could not miss the fact that he always appears in the advertisement iPhone. It is a pity that the phone number and postal address he not real, and that we would certainly have asked, how does it relate to Apple. Well, except for apples, of course.

10. Johnny Ive also wears the same clothes futbolkuStil Jobs has long been a byword (black turtleneck, jeans, Levis and sneakers NB). But it is not only the head of Apple, which remains true to his style from year to year.

Each commercial for the new Apple product, First Vice-President of Industrial design, Jonny Ive, 10 years removed in the shirt of the same style. Well - geniuses their quirks.

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