C 1997 to the 2,001th year in the United States broadcast TV channel puppies (The Puppy Channel)

The Puppy Channel - American television channel puppies 24 hours a day, seven days a week, however, it should be noted that long. Television Network was created in 1997 by a retired Fitzsaymonom Dan (Dan FitzSimons). The idea of ​​creating the channel came to Dan and his daughter Molly when sitting in front of the TV, they made sure that the program is nothing interesting, except for crime and soap operas.

Fitzsaymon thought that day: "We need something new. We need something to attract the attention of viewers. We need to create a channel that would broadcast the background of something positive, do not distract us from the household chores. " To meet this need, he decided that the channel will show "24 hours a day, 7 days a week - pictures of puppies, accompanied by relaxing instrumental music." At the peak of his fame, in 1998, the channel broadcast in four local cable networks.

Hour broadcasting has been digitized and recorded on a DVD to demonstrate the experiment to create the business concept of "video on demand". In 2001, the cable broadcasting channel has ended. Most of the video show can now be viewed online at thepuppychannel.com, where visitors can also upload their own videos.

Source: www.strannoe.info

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