19 great dogs that are worth a fortune

There are a number of factors that make a dog costly. The main of them are considered rare, and the purity of the breed, number of awards and titles, health and exterior of the dog.

Us in the Website also wanted to find out how much are the most valuable breed of dog. Although it is hard to determine exactly what breed is the most expensive, it is possible to make a rough list of species, based on the average cost in the world.

Bichon Frise

Smallest breed of dog of French origin, which became known a few centuries ago. The Bichon Frise is a playful, intelligent and smart companion dog, the cost of which ranges from 500 to 1500 $.

Siberian husky

Factory specialized breed of dog was in the 30-ies of XX century as a sled dog, obtained from the native dogs of the Far East of Russia. Friendly and relaxed, but alive. Husky requiring great physical exertion, a long walk. The cost varies from 500 to 1600 $.

Bearded collie

One of the oldest breeds, the Scottish herding dogs. Slender, strong dog with an excellent character. Well trained, clever, cheerful, love children, able to easily adapt to any conditions. The price of puppies bearded collie ranges from 800-1500 $.


One of the most ancient dog breeds in the world, belonging to the group of Spitz. It is a guard dog and a companion dog. They were used for protection, hunting, herding and as sled dogs. Distinguished by their stubbornness and perversity, that in the process of education requires a lot of patience and proper knowledge. With the right approach to learning they grow up gentle and good with dogs. The cost of puppies is 600-1700 $.


A very ancient breed of dogs, which managed to avoid the intervention of the breeders and preserved until today in its original form. They differ calm disposition, a sharp mind, cheerfulness, steadiness and sociability. I love people and happy to go on contact. Training and education should be taken seriously enough. To buy a puppy of this breed can be for 600-1800 $.


The large guard breed of dogs for more than 10 centuries carrying their service to man. Komandory very intelligent, calm, balanced and at the same time very courageous animals. Easily trainable and are particularly loyal to the master. The cost of dogs of this breed is around 1200-2000 $.

Irish wolfhound

A breed of hunting dogs, included in the list of the largest dogs in the world. The nature of their kind and calm, are courage, strength, and endurance. The price of puppies of the breed the Irish wolfhound may vary from 1300 to 2300 $.

English bulldog

Bred in England in the second half of the nineteenth century. By type of use species belongs to the dogs-companions and bodyguards. He embodied a truly gentlemanly traits: calmness, thoroughness, even some phlegm, elegance and gentility. English bulldogs really need attention, and their content requires great responsibility. To buy a puppy of this breed can be for 600-2500 $.

The Biewer Terrier

A relatively new breed of small dog, originating from Germany. Biewer-Yorkies-type are dogs companions. They are very kind, gentle, peace-loving animals with a big heart, in the company which will always be warm and cozy. The cost of puppies Biewer Terrier in the range of 700-2500 $.

King Charles Spaniel

Breed of small dogs, bred English breeders in the sixteenth century. Dogs of this breed are particularly endurance and cleanliness. The main advantages of king-Charles-Spaniel are considered to be of good character and devotion. Easily trained and love children. The price of dogs of this breed can vary in the range of 800-2500 $.

Saluki (Persian Greyhound)

One of the oldest breeds of domesticated dogs. Representatives of this breed have a very calm nature, gentle with all family members, but strangers are more cautious. The cost of the dog breed Saluki can range from 800 to 2500 $.

Chinese Chongqing dog

Very rare, almost extinct breed of dog. Today in China there are approximately 2000 specimens of Chongqing. They are very friendly, calm animals, good with kids. One of the main advantages of the breed is the lifespan up to 20 years. The price of puppies, Chinese Chongqing dog reaches 3500 $.

Akita inu

Their homeland is Akita Prefecture, in Northern Japan. In his native country recognized as a national treasure and monument of nature. Dogs of this breed can be described as reserved, smart, courageous, honorable and very devoted to their Pets. They have excellent watch quality and easily trainable. To buy puppies of the breed the Akita inu is possible for 1000-3500 $.

Dwarf Spitz

Decorative miniature breed of dog originally from Germany. The Pomeranian has a cheerful disposition and devotional character, different intelligence and wit, responds well to training. The price of puppies of this breed can range from 700 to 4000 $.

Thai Ridgeback

National breed of Thailand, related to the category of hunting. Thai Ridgebacks are very active and strong dogs need long walks. Possess a sharp mind and all have their own opinions. You need to be able to outsmart them and instill confidence that the owner is always right. The price of dog breed the Thai Ridgeback ranges from 800-4000 $.

Affen Pinscher

An ancient breed of miniature dogs, which originated in Germany around the beginning of the XVII century. Originally used as a ratter. Affen Pinscher and a great watch — if necessary, very loud, will all around to know about the present danger. Dogs of this breed have a cheerful disposition, active, very curious and infinitely devoted to their owners. Cost affen Pinschers can range from 1500 to 4000 $.

Pharaoh hound

Ancient breed of hunting dogs, the history of which begins at least 5000 years ago. This is evidenced by their images found in ancient Egyptian tombs. Mainly used as companion dogs. Pharaoh dog — smart, playful, affectionate and kind animals, but in their character there is some authoritativeness. The price of dogs of this breed can reach of 1,000-7,000 $.

Lyon Bichon

Breed miniature toy dog originally from France. In 1960 she was listed in the Guinness Book of records as the rarest breed in the world. That is why the dog handlers began to actively engage in their cultivation, as a result of lion dogs regained its former prominence. Dogs of this breed are very intelligent, fearless, loving and loyal. To buy a puppy breed Bichon Lyon it is possible for 2000-7000 $.

Tibetan Mastiff

Ancient breed of dogs, which has a history for about 5000 years. By nature they are reserved, calm, gentle and loyal dogs that will be excellent guards of the territory and faithful friends of all family members. Very clean animals. The price of puppies of this breed is 2000-8000 $.

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