Top 20 billionaires of the world - the new list of Forbes (20 pics)

2011 was a disaster for metallurgists and best sellers of clothing and luxury goods

Rating of the richest men in the world, like a year ago, led by Carlos Slim, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. However, the Mexican tycoon poorer by $ 5 billion, and the creator of Microsoft rose by $ 5 billion. Buffett also passed (- $ 6 billion) and now his back breathing Bernard Arnault - Empire Louis Vuitton Moet Hennesy increased its sales by 16%.

2011 was a bad one for metallurgy of the top 20 Indian Lakshmi Mittal dropped and Muscovite Vladimir Lisin. But back two Waltons (co-owners of Wal-Mart); now their back four. Charles and David Kohi, declared war on Obama was added $ 3 billion to the brother. Place the media tycoon, who last year held the co-owner of the agency Thomson Reuters, this year again for Michael Bloomberg, conducting the last term as mayor of New York. Twenty of the richest people of the world refreshed by three positions.

1. Carlos Slim

Net Worth: $ 69 billion
Source of wealth: telecommunications
Citizenship: Mexican Carlos Slim retains the title of the richest man in the world for the third year in a row, despite the fact that his condition for the year decreased by $ 5 billion. The reason for that drop in shares of telecom giant America Movil, which make up more than half of its general condition. In April, the company was fined by the Mexican government for $ 1 billion for monopolistic practices, but contested the decision. Tycoon more time than before conducting work in their charities: Carlos Slim and Telmex. Its purpose - charity for the sake of the development of human abilities, rather than meeting the needs of

2. Bill Gates

Net Worth: $ 61 billion
Source of wealth: Microsoft
Citizenship: US

The first part of the mission accomplished: the most generous people on the planet (it has already given to charity $ 28 billion) to help eliminate polio in India. In January, the country announced the first year without polio. Gates will continue to allocate $ 200 million a year to rid the world of the disease is still not the eradication in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria. He also has a new goal: the development of agriculture. His foundation has donated more than $ 2 billion small farmers. Less than 25% of state shares accounted Gates Microsoft, today reached a ten-year maximum. This has contributed to an increase in his fortune of $ 5 billion. The rest - in shares of private companies, bonds and shares of companies such as Ecolab and meksikanskanskaya broadcasting company Televisa.

3. Warren Buffett

Net Worth: $ 44 billion
Source of wealth: Berkshire Hathaway
Citizenship: US

Who will replace the Oracle of Omaha at the helm of Berkshire Hathaway? In February, Buffett announced that he finally made the decision, but the name of the heir is not yet open. In December, he appointed his son Howard, a farmer in the future chairman of the post is not vested with the executive power, but is the "guardian of the company's values." The new regulation of the Senate undertakes rich pay tax no less than 30%, it was nicknamed "Buffett's Law" in connection with the frequent public statements billionaire that the rich should pay more taxes. His condition this year decreased by $ 6 billion because of falling Berkshire stock 7%. In his last annual address, he acknowledged some mistakes, including the fact that it was "fundamentally wrong" with respect to the recovery of the housing market.

4. Bernard Arnault

Net Worth: $ 41 billion
Source of wealth: LVMH
Citizenship: France

Arnaud, the supreme authority in matters of good taste and again the richest man in Europe, had another stellar year in the empire of luxury LVMH. Sales rose 16%, and things were going well in Europe, and Asia, and the United States. Arnaud called 2011 "another year of magnificent harvest." LVMH has expanded due to the two major brands. Firstly, the Bulgari family traded a controlling stake in the family on a stake in LVMH, and a place on the board. Secondly, LVMH acquired a 20% Hermes. The Group also formed a joint venture with one of the world's leading manufacturers alligator Heng Long. Arno has not achieved comparable success with its more prosaic investments in the supermarket chain Carrefour, the valuation of which is for the year decreased by $ 1 billion. In his personal collection - shipyard Royal Van Lent, Island Indigo in the Bahamas archipelago (rent $ 300, 000 per week), Chalet Cheval Blanc in Courchevel.

5. Amancio Ortega

Net Worth: $ 37, 5 billion
Source of wealth: Zara
Citizenship: Spain

In July 2011, Ortega resigned as chairman of Inditex. But the company did not seem to notice it. For the year shares rose by a quarter, increasing state Ortega $ 6, 5 billion: it is the first time entered the top five bogayteshih people in the world. In December, Ortega paid $ 536 million milliarshe Esther Koplovits of Torre Picasso, 43-story skyscraper in Madrid. He also owns Epic Residences & Hotel, a 54-story condominium and hotel on the coast of Miami. He also owns a stake in the football league and jumping field.

The son of a railway worker, Ortega began gofer at the store shirts. With former wife Rosalia The measure, also a billionaire, he started making dressing gowns and lingerie in his living room. His daughter Marta, working in Inditex, in February, was married to a Spanish equestrian sport star Sergio Alvarez Moya.

6. Larry Ellison

Net Worth: $ 36 billion
Source of wealth: Oracle
Citizenship: US

Shares of Oracle shakes for several months. The situation has improved compared to the lowest point in August, but compared to last year fell by 15% - due to lower sales of hardware and software giant. That was enough to cut the state Ellison at $ 3, 5 billion. In an effort to profit from cloud computing, Oracle in February to pay $ 1, 9 billion for the company Taleo, and in October of $ 1, 5 billion for RightNow. Home billionaire sports passion - yachts. Ellison won the America's Cup in 2010 and organizes the finals of the 34th America's Cup in San Francisco Bay in 2013. This event will be held in the United States for the first time in 18 years.

7. Eike Batista

Net Worth: $ 30 billion
Source of wealth: oil, metals
Citizenship: Brazil

Brazil's richest man grows rich on the oil fever. In late January, his company OGX Petroleo e Gas removed the first oil from offshore exploration well. Stake in the company owned by Batista, is estimated at $ 19, 8 billion - two-thirds of his condition. The entrepreneur does not forget about gold, which was once rich. Last February, he spent $ 1, 5 billion to buy into private ownership quoted on a Canadian stock exchange Ventana Gold, which owns extremely promising, in his opinion, the mine in Colombia.

8. Stefan Persson

Net Worth: $ 26 billion
Source of wealth: H & M
Citizenship: Sweden

Last year, among the designers of clothing stores H & M added Versace and Marni, the first stores were opened in Croatia, Singapore and Romania. Now the company has 2500 shops in 43 countries. Persson, who is also president, bought 5 million additional shares, and then gave 4 million of them are estimated at $ 150 million, to the needs of a new program to encourage employees.

9. Li Ka-tire

Net Worth: $ 25, 5 billion
Source of wealth: Investing
Citizenship: Hong Kong

Despite a slight decrease in the state, Li Ka-Shing for the first time since 2007, returned to the top ten richest people in the world for the first time since 2004 awarded the title of Asia's richest man. On the owner's business empire employs 270 000 people in 53 countries. His company built every seventh house in Hong Kong, its Hutchison Port Holdings carries 13% of the world container traffic, and the recently acquired Northumbrian Water provides clean drinking water to 4, 5 million people in England and provides sewage has 2, 7 million. Wu Li also has a personal investment in a number of technology companies Facebook and Spotify. Entrepreneur exchanged eighties, said: "Anyone who invests in technology will feel younger." One of the most generous people of Asia, he donated through its fund of more than $ 1, 6 billion - mainly in the education and medical research.

10. Karl Albrecht

Net Worth: $ 25, 4 billion
Source of wealth: Aldi
Citizenship: Germany

The discount chain Aldi Sud 4,500 stores, including 1,200 in 32 US states; sales are estimated at $ 39 billion. The first stores in New York, opened in 2011 - one in Queens, the other - in the Bronx. To reduce costs, Aldi stores do not accept credit cards.

Charles, with his brother, Theo, transformed mother's grocery shop in a supermarket Aldi after World War II. In 1961, they shared ownership. Karl got more profitable stores in southern Germany and rights to the brand in the UK, Australia and the United States. Theo got northern Germany and the rest of Europe.

11. Christy Walton and family

Net Worth: $ 25, 3 billion
Source of wealth: Wal-Mart
Citizenship: US

Christie remains the richest member of the family of Waltons thanks to a successful rate of her late husband John on the company First Solar (alternative energy). Its capital decreased by $ 1, 2 billion, solely because of the reduction in the price of shares producer of solar panels. Thanks to share in the Wal-Mart, is estimated at $ 20 billion, it is still the richest woman in the world for the seventh year in a row.

12. Charles Koch

Net Worth: $ 25 billion
Source of wealth: Investing
Citizenship: US

Despite their pledge to spend $ 88 million to win over President Obama in the next election, the brothers Koch took a more cautious stance in politics than usual. Perhaps this is due to the disgusting behavior of opponents: the brothers and their staff in Koch Industries receive hundreds of messages with death threats and obscenities.

13. David Koch

Net Worth: $ 25 billion
Source of wealth: Investing
Citizenship: US

Despite their pledge to spend $ 88 million to win over President Obama in the next election, the brothers Koch took a more cautious stance in politics than usual. Perhaps this is due to the disgusting behavior of opponents: the brothers and their staff in Koch Industries receive hundreds of messages with death threats and obscenities. David, who, like his brothers, survived prostate cancer, said his chief contribution to the treasury of mankind belongs to the star of the campaign to find a cure for cancer.

14. Sheldon Adelson

Net Worth: $ 24, 9 billion
Source of wealth: Casino
Citizenship: US

Casino King blew the political arena in the United States earlier this year, has donated more than $ 10 million to the campaign of the presidential candidate from the Republican Newt Gingrich. Adelson can afford to throw money - shares his casino Las Vegas Sands jumped by 3,700%, compared to the low point during the recession, and almost twice as much as the shares of competitors Wynn and MGM together. He is now eyeing new markets, such as Spain.

15. Liliane Bettencourt

Net Worth: $ 24 billion
Source of wealth: L'Oreal
Citizenship: France

Status successor to L'Oreal, dementia, in 2011, gave custody of her daughter Francoise Bettencourt-Meyers, after three years of legal strife in sight of the whole country. In February, she was forced to leave the board of L'Oreal; its place was taken by 25-year-old grandson, Jean-Victor Meyers.

16. Jim Walton

Net Worth: $ 23, 7 billion
Source of wealth: Wal-Mart
Citizenship: US

Heir to Wal-Mart and son of visionary retailer Sam Walton, Jim is the CEO of the family bank Arvest Bank, which has campuses in Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. He also chairs the Community Publishers, managing newspapers in Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. Shares of Wal-Mart in the past year rose by 10%.

17. Alice Walton

Net Worth: $ 23, 3 billion
Source of wealth: Wal-Mart
Citizenship: US

In November last year, Alice has opened a new Museum of American Art Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas. The museum features works donated and gave temporary use of the Walton (her personal collection valued at more than $ 400 million), as well as fund the Walton family. She also manages the equestrian ranch in central Texas.

18. Robson Walton

Net Worth: $ 23 1 billion
Source of wealth: Wal-Mart
Citizenship: US

The eldest son of Sam Walton has served as chairman of the retail giant since 1992. During this period, revenues grew from $ 44 billion to $ 440 billion; the company employs more than 2, 2 million people in 28 countries.

19. Mukesh Ambani

Net Worth: $ 22, 3 billion
Source of wealth: Petrochemicals
Citizenship: India

Still being the richest Indian, Ambani has given way to Asia's richest man. Tiff between its oil and gas conglomerate Reliance Industries and the Ministry of Oil India due to declining productivity of KG-D6, the largest gas field in coastal India, adversely affected the market capitalization of the most expensive of the Indian company. Last year the company signed a contract with BP for $ 7, 2 billion to increase production. After the fall of net profit by 14% in the last quarter, the company announced the buyback of $ 2, 1 billion at a price 10% above the market

20. Michael Bloomberg

Net Worth: $ 22 billion
Source of wealth: Bloomberg LP
Citizenship: US

During his last term as mayor of New York, Bloomberg continues to use money and power to impose social change. In January, a longtime supporter of the Equal Rights launched a campaign of "Mayors for freedom of marriage." In February, he won the endorsement of women's rights groups are obliged to provide a donation of $ 250,000 to support family planning program when funding cut another fund. Revenues of its information media empire rose in 2011 by more than 10%, although sales through the terminals is reported to have decreased after the collapse of the derivative broker MF Global.


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