5 dirty tricks used by Apple,

Apple has managed to sell more than 10 million iPhone 6 in just the first three days of sales, and this means that at least some of you reading this article on a completely new phone. Congratulations! Although, along with congratulations hasten to say that, most likely you have been deceived, forced to buy that thing that you absolutely do not need. Here are some ways that Apple (and your own brain) throws you for money:
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5. They make you think that your iPhone becomes slower when there is a new model

As soon as there is a new iPhone, you're imagining what it looks like, say to yourself: "Do I really need to spend hundreds of dollars on a new model, when my old faithful phone works just fine?" Then you pick up your phone and the aforementioned robust suddenly You understand that it requires a full minute to load Facebook, so you immediately throws this piece of shit in the trash and head to the nearest Apple Store.

Well, you're not the only one who had to ran - every time a new iPhone release the number of queries in Google with the words "slow iPhone» increases with the same speed with which fired John Travolta in "Pulp Fiction»

Publication of The New York Times puts forward the argument that all this can be caused by purely psychological perception: since the release of the new version, we begin to think seriously about whether we need to actually replace our phones, that makes us criticize every millisecond, which they last longer download the latest photos our breakfast. The strange thing is that this phenomenon happens only with phones Apple, and this can only mean two things: either the media attention to cell phones are so prevalent in society that made us believe literally slow down our phones ... or they really start to work more slowly.

Think about it, when Apple releases a new phone, it is usually also released a new firmware version and a mobile operating system, which goes along with it, but the loading on any phone for a couple of years older, like a death sentence. Programs are becoming slower, the animation moves in jerks, and since everything is designed for large screens, you will constantly remember that the size of your phone to the new software is not enough (damn it, my fingers do not increase with the new phone):

Even if you have a new phone, which you try to install iOS 8, it will not save it from infuriating rapid self-discharge of the battery and the sluggish work WiFi- problems that are simply filled a forum on the doorposts of Apple, was released as soon as the operating system. Of course, none of these complaints have been made for half of all iPhone and Ipad not update to iOS 8. In any case, if I think about it, Apple has done very stupid if you do not try to fool everyone and again.

4. Using trick photography in advertising, it allows to think that the iPhone is thinner than it actually is

In addition, anyone who has ever seen the iPhone will always remember their shape. Yes, smooth screen of Apple's iPhone became a trademark. That is why, when their developers for the first time announced their latest iPhone, they tried to do everything to show how much crap is now the flat-panel monitors. They even made a good graphic demonstration of how the new iPhones look thinner than the previous model:

The problem is that the old version (left) are displayed in a different light is deceptive: it has no shaded black edges and painted entirely silver hue, while the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cleverly shaded sides, making them thinner, than they are in reality. That successful GIF-ka, showing that we mean: Sophisticated graphics makes to believe that the new phone looks 30 percent thinner than the old one, then in fact thinner by only 9 percent. Is Apple developers are so unsure of ourselves that are trying to erase a few millimeters from the already ridiculously thin phone just to make it look more attractive? Apparently it is, because the first photo iPhone 6 is proud to have demonstrated that the sites dubbed "convex cam» ...

... And only then removed the bulge with the later pictures, the phone began to look a little thinner.

Due to the cell phone add "extra" 0, 7 mm, which means that Apple Photoshop can be compared to the way the photographer brand Calvin Klein conducts digital photography chest Kate Moss. We are not saying that Apple should be regarded as an evil corporation, because of its effort to remove a few tenths of millimeters with their new phone, but the fact that they even thought of it as something necessary, which suggests that they are not a very high opinion of their customers.

3. Falling asleep to us "star" advertising (even posthumous)

Apple is trying hard to keep up with the news in the world of celebrities. Previously, the company had nothing to do with the creation of random Self stars on Oscar film awards, but everything has changed dramatically after the first advertising of a new phone Samsung. Not accustomed to remain behind, Apple responded by filling out all the promotional announcements about the iPhone 6 is very strange video with poorly chosen celebrities, apparently, they were the ones that they managed to shove money. You've probably heard that the rock group «U2» appeared on such and such an event (in your mobile too) ...

... While in the description of the rest of the event the names of stars like Dr. Oz, singer CocoLee, rapper Will.i.am and at least half a dozen other celebrities whose names you would have to look at Google, to understand about com, hell, we're talking about. But, as you know, Apple still has a lot of fans around the world. Read at least on the Joan Rivers calling buy iPhone 6 in a social network ... two weeks after his death.

Placing such a post was obviously pre-agreed with any advertiser, but the latter forgot to remove it after the death of Rivers. We are confident that Rivers had his firm opinion about the iPhone 6, and yet her digital ghost wrote that she used the phone with a worse screen size and battery from even older model iPhone. Perhaps we can blame the recently hired to work at Apple, «manager viral marketing", which fully justifies his position. And what's the point? This shit really works. Even if a celebrity is obviously lying (or apparently dead), bind to the popular party, helps to attract the attention of consumers to a particular product. True, it mostly works on young and impressionable clients, but it is those on whom and expect these companies.

So I'm sure everyone thought that the sudden appearance of the album the band U2 on their phones, it is almost nothing but a nasty invasion of privacy, but this event made people talk about Apple, so that the mission was accomplished. 2. rigged shortage of stock provokes increased demand

Last year, Apple was inundated with charges from buyers who hold that the representatives of the company fabricated a shortage of gold iPhone 5S, the amount of which was strangely limited. For example, in Australia, there were no "golden" iPhones in the Verizon store on Wall Street did not find them too, and even in the flagship store of Apple, in San Francisco, has been presented only 20 Damned Gold iPhone 5S. For it was clear, be clear: this phone is not made of real gold, it was just covered with gold paint, drenched in a special color printer for iPhone instead of the standard black ("space gray", we mean).

So what are the lessons learned from this, Apple debacle? If you guessed that the answer to this question is "absolutely nothing", then you kind of workaholic, you are even more cynical than us. Step back in August 2014, and what you learn? And the fact that in this period Apple has experienced "some difficulties in production" and their websites have begun to speculate on news that the iPhone 6 release can be delayed. When you are one of the biggest companies in the world, and face production delays just a month before the release of your new product, you have to be serious problems. However, according to analysts, who noted the distribution of the new Apple phone to investors just a few days after that, "the problem of production" would not affect the run on the iPhone 6. In other words, between the lines read: "We have no shortage, but we We are glad that we managed to get the general public to believe it. Apple plans to sell as much of new iPhones, as she wants. "

But what Apple is going on (even if the rumors about the lack of a marketing ploy really)? Because we are again and again we prove that we love it. We love exclusivity greater than the actual product, due to which people often instigate fights around the Apple store in Paris for the privilege of buying the phone, which is only partially different from those that they already have:

Similar battles also erupted in Connecticut, Canada and New York. And in China, almost all the revolution has not begun. After all, when it became known that China will receive the new iPhone a week later than the rest of the world, its residents began to line up in a queue to buy iPhones on the black market even with the insane markups. Meanwhile, China's customs service in the last few weeks has found thousands of smuggled iPhones during the inspection of luggage people hid them in everything from a box of chocolate and finishing underwear.

These events ensure that new products from Apple will always remain in the news, and will continue to be sold in a very short line, even a month after their release. Either Apple is marketing genius (and they are there just is), or we, as consumer mediocrity, are greedy maniacs (as we are). But the worst thing is that ... 1. We do not need any update, because we so hard to use, even a couple of applications

The vast majority of us will never read about minor differences between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S. Why is that? Because, in the end, does not really matter how the 6-yamodel exceed 5S, because we're going to use it for the same purposes.

Think about what you do with your phone? Send messages, make calls, check your social media playing terrible games and send photos to people who have just met, immediately regretting it? If you are not a professional photographer, you will hardly become to pay attention to how the iPhone's camera is improved 6 (and if you're a professional photographer, you're likely to take pictures on something much better than a bloody mobile). And for those of you who play nothing you need in iPhone to play as a huge increase in battery life, but it seems the Apple is not interested. So why do we need the best specifications iPhones? To have more applications? No, not for this, according to the above example.

The average owner of a smartphone application loads a zero per month. Zero !!! The first 7 percent of smartphone owners swing nearly half of all available applications each month (these are the people who spend so much time immersed in their devices, that almost forgotten how to communicate with other people). As for the rest of us, we do not need more applications than they have now. And since we do not need them, we therefore do not need a phone that works 10 percent faster than before, or whatever Apple is offering, together with their latest sign of status, cost a few hundred dollars. Forty-two per cent of our time we spend on the use of certain applications, is spent on the program that we use most often, the remaining 58 percent are distributed among all the other applications. So when you ask yourself again whether you really need a new phone because it went on sale, the answer almost always is - no.


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