5 dirty tricks Apple uses to get you to buy a new iPhone

It turns out that aggressive promotion in the market through the marketing of the product all good

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Before you — a translation of an article X-Jay Selman, one of the authors of the blog Cracked.

Apple sold more than 10 million iPhone 6 in just three days, and this means that at least some of you think this unit is a brand new smartphone of the future. Congratulations! A high probability that you just lied, forcing him to buy thing that you don't need. Here are some ways by which Apple (and our own brains) are pulling money out of our pockets:

1. They make you think that your old iPhone is getting slower after the new

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So, there is a new iPhone, it is unusual, you look at it and say to yourself, "I really need to spend hundreds of dollars, despite the fact that my reliable old smartphone works perfectly"? Then you include a reliable old smartphone, and it takes a minute to download the app Facebook. As a result, you throw it in the trash and head to the nearest Apple Store. And Yes, you are the only one who goes there. Every time there's a new iPhone, "iPhone slow" (eng. slow — slow) in the Google SERP jumps up like John Travolta in "pulp fiction":

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In the New York Times is the argument that all this may be purely a psychological thing — we start to ponder whether we should replace our smartphones, and this in turn causes us to criticize every millisecond, which require the old smartphone to upload a picture from our last Breakfast. And the odd thing is that this phenomenon happens only with Apple phones, and it can mean two things: either the media is so focused on iPhone that were able to brainwash the whole society, including him in that smartphones are slower... or they really are slower.

Look, every time Apple release a new smartphone, they usually release a new version of iOS, the operating system. But loading this system is a death sentence for any smartphone over a couple of years. Applications become slower schedule is intermittent, and because all of this is designed for larger screens, you will be constantly reminded that your screen size is wrong.

And even if you have a more or less fresh smartphone, that doesn't make you immune to iOS 8, with its infuriating rapid discharge of the battery and with her plain features Wi-Fi. This is the problem, because of which the Apple forum was literally flooded with error messages right after this operating system was released. But of course, none of these complaints have stopped half of all iPhone users from upgrading to iOS 8, so if you think that the Apple would have behaved very foolish, if not all tried to use it.

2. They use trick photography to make the new iPhone looked thinner than he stipagrostis has become almost a trademark of Apple, their monitors from the nondescript gray squares with sharp corners, over time, turned into a bright translucent rectangles. That is why, before to announce their latest smartphones, they found that those completely sleek. They even created a good graphical presentation, which illustrates how the new iPhone is thinner compared to previous model:

The problem is that the old version (the left) are represented in a completely different light: in this model, there are shaded black edges, and it is a silver color, while the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus properly shaded on the sides, making them thinner than it really is. Here's a handy GIF picture showing what I mean:

Graphics led to the new iPhone is 30% thinner than the old, whereas in fact it is thinner by only 9 percent. Is Apple so insecure that tried to remove several millimeters from the already ridiculously thin smartphone, just to make it even sexier? Obviously, here's the thing: the very first pictures of the new smartphone showed that technical sites then called the "bulge"camera...

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... only this "bulge" has disappeared from later photos to a smartphone on them look slimmer.

Because of the camera, the smartphone has become thicker by 0.7 mm. no One calls Apple evil Corporation for trying to "cut" a few tenths of a millimeter with its new smartphone, but the fact that they consider the necessity of such a step implies that they are not too high opinion of their customers.

3. They bombarded us with the endorsement of celebrities (even posthumous)

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Apple lately have been struggling to keep up with celebrities. They had nothing to answer "spontaneous" selfies, which celebs did at the Oscars, and which, as it turned out, was an advertisement for Samsung. Not to be left behind, Apple has decided to respond, and filled the presentation of the iPhone 6 most bizarre celebrities, which only managed to recruit. You've probably heard that the event appeared U2, there were still at least a dozen celebrities. In General, many Apple fans around the world. Ask about it at least Joan rivers, who has published a laudatory opinion about the iPhone 6... two weeks after his death.

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The message had obviously been arranged in advance, but someone forgot to remove it after rivers died. Either way, we are sure that she didn't have a strong opinion about the iPhone 6, and yet even her digital Ghost managed to "hook" the old models of smartphones for their small screens and short battery. Likely to blame is only "managers hidden marketing", which was recently hired by Apple. They are representatives of a truly unbearable social media. But the bitter truth is that "viral marketing" works perfectly. Even if some celebrity is dead, and in this case it helps to draw attention to the product. However, it mostly works only for the young and impressionable, but they are the ones who guided the company.

4. They (probably) artificially cause the deficit to increase demand

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Last year, Apple was literally inundated with accusations of creating artificial shortage of gold iPhone 5S, the stock of which was strangely limited in every store. In Australia it was not plated smartphones, Verizon on wall Street has not been plated smartphones, and even in the main Apple store in San Francisco was only 20 fucking devices. To be clear: the smartphone is actually not made of pure gold. Just the Apple in your printer threw a bit of gold paint instead of the typical black.

So what is the lesson learned the company from this fiasco? If your guess was "absolutely no", then it's a good job, and you are more cynical than we are.

And now fast forward to August 2014-year. What do we see? Apple is experiencing difficulties in production, and the web sites appear to reflect on whether the delayed release of the iPhone 6. If you are the largest company in the world, and if you suddenly are faced with the postponement of issue of your main product for a month, it should cause you serious concern. But if the rhetoric of one of the internal analysts Apple made just a few days later, the "production problem" is hardly affected was the release of the smartphone. In other words: "there is No shortage, however we are always happy to allow the public to think that the deficit is. Apple is going to sell just as many new smartphones as I want to."

So why is Apple doing this (if the rumors about the deficit is really a marketing ploy)? Because again and again we prove that we love Apple. Moreover, the exclusivity we love much more than the actual product. That's why people fight about the Apple store in Paris for the privilege to be the first to buy a smartphone, which is only slightly different from what they already have:

Fights in the queues flashed in Connecticut, Canada and new York. Earlier we mentioned that China is obsessed with Apple, so when it became known that sales of the new smartphone will start in China a week later than the rest of the world, people there started to take turns on the black market to buy the unit at the time, but with insane margins. And customs of China within a few weeks, was seized thousands of smuggled smartphones. People were hiding them wherever possible, from boxes of chocolates to his fucking underwear.

Things such as these ensure that the latest Apple product will remain in the news, and it will snap up in record time, even months after its official release. Or are they real marketing genius, or we are a consumer society and greedy maniacs. And the worst part of all this...

5. We don't need updates, because we almost never use the application

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Here's a comparison of the small difference between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S, which the vast majority of you never read, and is unlikely to be read. Why? Yes, because it doesn't matter how 6 is superior to the 5S, because we're going to use it exactly for the same for which we used the previous model.

Think about what you do with your smartphone: sending text messages, calling, checking social networks, playing horrible games and send all sorts of sad pictures to people you just met. If you are a professional photographer, you will hardly worry about how much improved the camera on the iPhone 6 (and if you are a professional photographer, you probably shoot something better than a fucking iPhone). And for those of you who are playing, nothing that is played on smartphones does not require a huge increase in performance. Just remember what happened when they tried to sell their Angry Birds on a real gaming platform. So what we need is a permanent increase performance? To download more apps?

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Today, the average American smartphone owner downloads zero apps per month. Zero. The tip, which is 7% of smartphone owners, nearly half of the downloads uploaded to the app store every month — people who are so much engrossed in their devices that have long forgotten how to interact with other people. As for everyone else, we don't have a lot of applications. And if we don't have a lot of applications, you do not need a smartphone performance increased by as much as 10%. 42% of our time work we spend on the application that we need the most. 58% of the time we spend on all other applications. So when you ask yourself if you really need a new smartphone just because it went on sale, the answer will always be "no." Unless you're Zack Morris. If so, then of course, it's time to upgrade.



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