5 features Apple Watch, and 5 that these hours are not yet available

Can you call me a fan of Apple? I think that is definitely yes. Overseeding this culture many years ago, starting with a purely random white plastic MacBook, the very first IPhone (which scared the brakes and was mercilessly jailbroken own clumsy hands) and IMac 24 & quot; (Which was still a DVD drive and the "mouse with a cord"), any attempt to go into a different ecosystem inevitably ended in failure. Gradually home and at work to get a little museum - IPhone starting with the first and ending with the current 5S; IPad Mini and one that does not know the name, but that was before modern Air; MacBook Air 13 & quot; and MacBook Pro 15 & quot ;; Time Capsule 3 TB; IMac 27 & quot ;; waiting for the start of sales IPhone 6S Plus. I hope the list will be continued. And that's why the latest innovation Apple - it's just something to something: the clock in high-tech style, which hopes CEO Tim Cook, will help people to "revise their expectations" of wearable devices. These watches can do more than just tell the time. What exactly can AppleWatch , and that - can not under habrakatom?

Diskleymer: Our corporate company blog Witget about conversion, landing pages, forms, collecting contacts and \ b tests and other things that we do as a business. But there is also the soul. Therefore, the translated article below - it's mostly inspired by the soul, not the blog belonging to the company. Saw interesting read, translated and shared.

So, AppleWatch $ 350 for everyday wear, but in order to gain access to most of the functionality of hours required iPhone. The clock can keep track of physical activity, they can be used to communicate with friends, and use a large number of applications. With their help, you can even make purchases - they support the new payment system ApplePay , which keeps data safe and support the trend anonymity by encrypting data, Apple does not know someone who has made a purchase, nor that he has acquired, and the seller does not receive your credit card.

Due to the interest in the products of the company as a whole, we have studied a new gadget thoroughly, and present to you the five functions that are in AppleWatch, and five, which, unfortunately, are not available in this devayse.

messages and phone calls. B> There are many ways to communicate with this device: users can send and receive messages, nadiktovyvaya them or choosing an answer from the options available. There is a built-in speaker and microphone, which allows to make calls, but actually calls go through connected smartphone with the clock, the clock does not have direct access to the network. Users can mute incoming calls, covering the clock hand. Also available is a new way of communication, called "digital touch", which allows you to draw on the screen hours, and then send the image to a friend (just like in Snapchat).

Siri. B> can be activated personal assistant Apple, saying, "Hello, Siri» or by scrolling down the "digital crown" (the wheel on the usual hours) on the side of the device. With Siri, users can dictate messages to friends, receive voice guidance on the direction of movement or perform a local search, for example, watch movie showtimes.

Tracking of physical activity (fitness tracking). B> Apple believes that the watch can help people lead healthier lifestyles by setting goals in specialized applications, and track physical activity with built-in sensors. In clock embedded accelerometer (a device for measuring accelerations) as a smartphone and frequent pulse sensor that uses infrared LEDs and photodiodes. Activityapp will create graphs in which at periods will indicate the number of calories burned, or how long you are on your feet. Application for training provides detailed information on specific activities, such as running and cycling. Meanwhile, Healthapp on the iPhone allows users to share data with third-party applications on healthy lifestyles and fitness.

Shopping. B> One of the most intriguing features of hours - is to support ApplePay, a new system to replace the debit and credit cards in the process of shopping. It is based on the NFC (near field communication technology wireless range), which was already available on some smartphones Android, but not on devices Apple. Cardholders Visa, Master Card and Amex be able to store information about their cards in a file Apple, and Apple will account number for each card on the device, which is stored in the chip SecureElement. Owners hours can make purchases by double-clicking on the button under the "crown" and waving his wrist before special readers in the store. Apple says that this feature is available in Macy, McDonald's and many other places where the reader is installed.

An important advantage of this payment system is the security of credit card data: For the product ApplePay generates a one-time codes. The history of the system and how it works, you can read the article & quot; Как created ApplePay - a revolutionary system of mobile payments & quot ;.

Applications. B> In AppleWatch completely new interface, the application looks like a small, round icon.

Watch uses that Apple representatives called "ticking and stomp mechanism" for alerts and notifications in applications: watch will vibrate or "tap dance on your wrist," when it's warning about anything. There are a number of built-in applications such as calendar, maps, photos and music. Users can switch between music tracks on your iPhone with a watch, clock and themselves also can play music, although it is unclear how many tracks can be stored in the memory of hours. WatchKit tools allow developers to create more applications for the device.

In small in size AppleWatch included quite a number of functions. But here are five things that there is no:

Universal compatibility. B> Many of the functions of hours, such as receiving calls and email, require that the connection with the iPhone. While the clock can only operate with the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, as well as 5, 5Ci 5S. Also you can not hope that they will work with phones based on Android and Windows Phone.

Keyboard. B> to send a message, they need to dictate into a microphone or choose from templates. This is similar to how now working "smart watches» AndroidWear.

Apple representatives say that the clock is smart enough to analyze your incoming messages and display the appropriate responses that can be sent.

individual cameras. B> The watch can display your favorite photos with the Macbook or iPhone, but is not there own built-in camera.

They can be used as a remote viewfinder for the camera but only on the phone. You can also use the clock to make the photo (with phone) or set a timer for the camera iPhone.

Built-in GPS and Wi-Fi. B> To do this, you need to connect to the iPhone. If you ride a bike or do some other physical activity that can not be measured in steps using the accelerometer, the clock can not keep track of the distance traveled without a phone.

Another important thing, which is not yet in AppleWatch, - this information on the date of commencement of sales. B> Apple representatives said that the watch will be available in "early 2015", but did not specify exactly when. And while we all look forward to Friday - the day of the official start of sales IPhone 6 in Russia. What chip Apple Watch cooler?
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