10 interesting facts about the history of Apple-I

On this day in 1975, Steve Wozniak (Steve Wozniak) tested a prototype of Apple-l of the first computer. Here are 10 interesting facts from the history of this car.

1. Woz built the first Apple-l computer prototype using the Motorola 6800 CPU cost of 175 dollars. But when a team of former Motorola engineers released the MOS 6502 costing just $ 25, Steve has adapted its system to work with the new, cheaper processor to Apple-l became more affordable for the end user.

2. Processor has worked with a maximum frequency of just 1.023 MHz. Initially, it was equipped with 4 KB RAM, but it expanded to 8 KB, and optionally up to 48 KB. Optional paper cassette interface allows the user to save the program data. Cassettes were the forerunners of the floppy disk drive.

3. Apple-1 was computer, which consisted of a motherboard. It was located about 60 chips. It was a distinctive feature of Apple, because while computers composed of a plurality of printed circuit boards.

4. Despite the fact that the Apple-l was fully assembled motherboard - is all that is supplied by the manufacturer. Users had to buy their own keyboard, monitor and cassette player to connect and read / write data.

5. WHO said in a motherboard Apple-l CRT TV support (at that time it was a novel idea), and also added support for the keyboard and the power supply (all the user had to buy itself separately).

6. Steve Wozniak offered 5 times its own original design of the personal computer Apple-l his former employer from Hewlett-Packard, but HP denied his project.

7. Star Trek game was released for the Apple-l platform on cassette in 1977 and cost $ 5.

8. Steve Jobs was the one who could convince Woz try to sell your computer. WHO has collected 200 pieces of hand, 175 of them were sold within a few months it has allowed Apple-1 remain on the market.

9. Wholesale computer price was $ 500. Retail same price was 666.66 dollars - funny numbers.

According to Steve Wozniak: Steve Jobs
worked on sales and we have agreed to make a wholesale price of $ 500 for shopping. What was supposed to be the retail price? It's simple - add one third of the wholesale cost. I got out an amount of 666, 67, but this is only at the end of 7 prevented and in this we have decided to replace it with a 6. All costs consisted of one digit, repeating several times. This figure was more easy to remember and perceive. We then thought about the religious significance of this chisla.10. As of June 2015, only 66 Apple-1 units still exist, according to the online registry Apple-1. Woz was the only one in the company Apple, who could provide support for Apple-l. For this reason, in 1977, when he left Apple-ll, all users of Apple-l was given the opportunity to replace their current legacy platform to a more modern version of the second. Most of Apple-l has been destroyed by the company itself.

Source: geektimes.ru/company/ua-hosting/blog/277882/


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