Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs was born in California in 1955. His own mother abandoned him, and he grew up in a family of Paul and Clara Jobs, who adopted him.
From childhood he was fascinated by electronics, and in 12 years even made an attempt to collect light frequency electric current to the study of physics. Since he did not find the necessary details, call a large company Hewlett Packard, asking for help. As a result, he received and details, and an invitation to go to work for the summer.

Already in high school, Jobs met Steve Wozniak, with whom four years have realized the creation of a home computer.

In 1972, Steve Jobs goes to college, and Wozniak went to work in the company Hewlett Packard. Steve Jobs through the semester drop out of school and worked as a designer of video games Atari, but also throws this occupation, became an ardent participant in the hippy movement, went to India.

On his return he was not to know. He was obsessed with the idea to create a personal computer. Together with the same partner Steve Wozniak they did it, and in 1975, Wozniak showed the finished model of the company Hewlett Packard and Atari. However, his presentation ended unsuccessfully. And Steve Jobs decided to go it alone.

Apple company was founded in April 1976. Its employees are only three people - Jobs, Wozniak and former colleague from Atari Rob Wayne. The office was located in the garage of the family Jobs.

In 20 years, the companions began to develop a new model of personal computer. After some time, Steve found a shop that was not averse to sell this brand. The owner was interested and immediately ordered 50 machines. The party was sold for 666, $ 66 apiece. In all there were 600 computers Apple I.

On day 12 of the company left its Rob Wayne, he sold his part of the business partners for $ 800.

But the guys in this hands folded and with a good investor launched a line of Apple II with a color screen, mouse and keyboard (the analog of Drafts did not exist at that time!). The popularity of the brand has reached such proportions that in 1980 the guys have become multimillionaires fabulous.

Just a year later, Steve Wozniak was in a terrible plane crash, but survived and continued his work as a regular teacher of computer science. But Jobs is not knocked confused. He found the strength to pick up the new people, attract more investors and create a world famous brand Mackintosh.

Steve success is simple - love what I do!


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