War will not be

In 1998, a young boy returns from Russia to Donetsk, trying to get a job at SOE. Well, once the company public - you need to get registered to the draft board. And his Russian citizenship. And going to become a young man.
Arrives. Ensign's office, which can only be in Ukraine. Typical of such Taras Bulba. Below the chin whiskers, a bald head. Stomach. Surzhik a la Azarov. Everything is as it should be. And sheets, probably three or four KamAZ drove for his long service. Makes the necessary entries in the right magazine. All. A boy itching to do - hurt Prapor racy. And he asks a simple question for him:
-Comrade Ensign. Question. Here I am a citizen of Russia, and am registered in Ukraine.
Well and sho?
-But If the war between Russia and Ukraine. Me which side to fight?
Prapor strains, red, frowns, but the issue is too complicated for him.
-I Do not know, - said.
-No, Comrade lieutenant. You do not know me that well then - court-martialed?
Prapor again immersed in the convulsive thought, and still finds a solution.
-Oh! But who gave the oath of office - on the other side and fight!
-Comrade Ensign, it was in 1988. In the Soviet Union.
Prapor completely sour - add a third equation in the unknown.
-Treba Poradytys - throws it anxiously and swam out into the corridor. Convened an emergency board there in Fili - five or six people - stand tinder. Unexpected question arose. At an angle no military doctrine does not rassmatrivala.Soveschalis ten minutes, but fruitful. At the end of the brainstorming floated it into the office of joy and light.
-All. We then consulted. In general, the war between Russia and Ukraine will not.
That's because in fact accepted and historic decisions. And then - Putin Yanukovych ... Nonsense is. But who makes history


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