As Steve jobs has trained his brain

The founder of Apple was a pioneer not only in the field of computer technology. Great attention he paid to the control of your brain and consciousness.Steve jobs was one of the smartest people from the world of computer technology. According to the degree of influence with him could compete unless bill gates and mark Zuckerberg. He became known thanks to its legendary ability to create innovative, groundbreaking products.

But that's what the journalists talked less about is that jobs was the first world famous person who put the esoteric experiments of his consciousness. And wanted to expand its borders at the expense of "technologies" that are suitable for this purpose.

Jobs considered himself a Zen Buddhist, and every day he applied himself to the technique of mindfulness meditation, which is characteristic for this culture. He said it helped him to manage stress, think more clearly. He even believed that meditation helped him to unleash your creativity!

The Financial Times once told me that jobs believed meditation "discipline", which requires constant studying and improvement. The most famous biographer of the founder Apple Walter Isaacson says that jobs once told him, the essence of meditation:

"If you just sit and observe your feelings, you will quickly realize that your mind is very restless. If you try to calm him down and stop the flow of thoughts, it will only get worse. But if you continue practice, you will eventually start to make progress. You can catch more "subtle matter of the world, will be better to feel it. Your intuition will start to surprise you. Your mind will become clear and clean. You will learn to live in the present moment. You will be able to see much more than you saw before.“

As is clear from the memories of Isaacson, jobs had practiced some type of meditation, which is called "deliberate practice." This technique is the basis of Zen Buddhism and its Chinese predecessor, Taoism. Jobs told his biographer before his death and admitted that practicing meditation for decades.

Journalist Geoffrey James says that during one of the conversations with jobs, who took place in the mid-1990s, he compared Zen with programming. They say, in order to quickly write competent code, you need to enter a special state of clarity of thoughts. And without meditation to deal with the mess in my head is almost impossible, he said.

Now it is clear that jobs lived ahead of humanity not only in technology but also in the management of their consciousness. The most authoritative scientific journal of the U.S. — Scientific American — recently analyzed dozens of works of researchers who studied the impact meditation had on the brain. It turned out that the most direct and positive: meditation literally changes the structure of the brain, say neuroscientists.

Now meditation has become mainstream. It involved employees of Google, General Mills and Ford. That is, they think about the effectiveness of those methods, which jobs used decades ago.

In order to assess the benefits of this ancient practice, you don't need expensive therapy sessions paid for by your employer. World famous martial arts master Yang Ming spent many hours dealing with jobs. Now he says he's a genius computer technologies have developed our own method of practice: he's more effective than "standard" methods. And young he has mastered.

Here is a guide that will teach you how to meditate exactly the same as it did Steve jobs.

First уровень

1. Sit on the floor cross-legged. You should be in a quiet place, sit on a low pillow (this will reduce stress on the back). Take a deep breath.

2. Close your eyes and listen to your internal monologue. Thoughts spinning in your head all the time: at work, at home, in front of the TV. Do not try to stop them. This is how your "monkey mind". Instead of trying to stop the stream of consciousness, just distantly observe how the brain jumps from one thought to another.

Repeat this practice every day for weeks. Five minutes at a time will be enough.

Second уровень

3. In a week you have to try to take your "monkey mind" under controle to turn it into a bullish mind. Focus on that part of your mind that observed the slow and detached. This part is responsible for the perception of things of the present moment.

Most of us are aware of this only when experiencing is really something striking, something that stops them forever who jumps from one thought to the idea of "monkey" mind. Each of us has experienced moments when he completely forgot about the world and enjoyed the moment. It works in a bullish mind: it runs slow, generates deep thoughts.

4. You'll understand when you start to receive. To focus on the reality will be much easier. During practice you will notice little things like respiration, blood flow. The air on your skin. Opening his eyes, you will see a few changed the world. He will be deprived of the usual evaluative perception. The world just is. You simply exist.

For example, the window will now be just a square filled with light. You will not discuss, openly or closed, in need of repair or not. It just will be. And you'll just.

To achieve this state, you need to devote to meditation about 10 minutes at a time. Unfortunately, it will take some time after practice, and your consciousness back will begin to occupy the "monkey mind". All around the again stop in the tedious and tiring noise. This is normal. Think of meditation as a way to "reset" the brain for an hour or two until it returns to its original state.

5. To achieve a regular transfer of consciousness from the "monkey mind" to "bullish", need a lot of effort. But it's worth it. At this stage, you will forget what is stress. New troubles will cease to resemble a gigantic and ever-growing lump of problems. You will be able to control your mind. To fall asleep instantly.

And remember some more. Yes to support this ability to "think like a bull", you need to spend at least 10 minute sessions a day. But if you feel that your brain is full right now, and you need to continue to work, not go out for a smoke break. Better spend for itself a meditation session for 2-3 minutes. It is much more efficient.

Third уровень

6. If you continue the practice, after some time (can take months) you will notice that I ceased to feel the pressure of time. If timer does not exist. You will be able to meditate for hours on end, and won't even notice how fast the race this time.

As a result, your mind will be clear and clean always. You will be able to consider all sides of what is happening in your own life events. You will get the much coveted peace of mind from the hustle and bustle — where ever you are and whatever you're doing.

Jeffrey James says that he tried this practice myself. The most important effects he considers these: first, completely gone and forgotten the stress; secondly, he was able to fall asleep at will in just two or three seconds; third, James has developed relationships in the family and no longer feels any pressure: any social or professional.

We can't promise you that the practice of mindfulness will make you as powerful person, what was jobs. But the method definitely can change yourself, and your life.published

Author: Konstantin Shiyan

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