Any action can be meditation

- We are the center of our world, and the easiest and most effective way to change the world - to change himself.

Meditation does not change the outside world and everyday life. Catching meditation you can deal with any matters of your everyday life, but meditation is changing the attitude to the world and life.

Even in the most ordinary of your affairs will be new, previously hidden edge. Meditation - a journey inward, to change their own quality. We continue to live just as well, but the practice of meditation changes our style of action. Meditation - is not an act, meditation - it is something that brings harmony in action. Meditative people always stand out a special grace and the aura of tranquility amidst the bustling world.

Before continuing, I want to tell you a parable:

The Parable of the meditation

Once a guru traveled to the Arab country. He wanted to visit the city, which is home to a lot of decent people, but as soon as he approached the gate, he was stopped by the guards and handed him a glass of milk. Thus, they gave him to understand that in a city so quite decent people, and without his presence, but did not lose his guru and put rose petals on the milk, thereby decorating drink.

Guardians realized his guru and missed, welcoming him. If you think that your life - is something generated and there is no place for meditation, imagine that meditation - this is the rose petal, which is able to decorate any glass with milk, because meditation can completely change the quality of life.

When it is said that any action can become a meditation, not meaning that the action - that is meditation. This means that at any given throughout his life, you can "introduce" meditation. Many people think that meditation is only possible variant humming mantras in the lotus position, among the candles and aroma lamps. This is not so.

The essence of meditation

Meditation - is any deliberate action. Awareness - a stay in the present. Many people think that they are so in the present, but in reality, the brain is constantly busy or chewing the past or thinking about the future. Meditation - is a real pleasure, and to enjoy the present need to be in it.

For example, you want to eat pie. You go to a nearby pastry shop and the way of thinking about what the pie tastes what it looks like and how it will be delicious. Your mind is occupied with the future, but because you do not have in the present, as if you were there, you could enjoy the process itself and move out of the house into the shop.

When you get to the candy store and buy a pie, you stop to think about it. The brain is already occupied with something else, grab your attention new desires, you do not enjoy the taste of a pie and eat it automatically. Again you do not have at present. Meditation - is the ability to be in the present. When you go, you go, and when you eat, you eat. It sounds simple, but try to practice this way of life and you will notice how you always "jumps" in the past, in the future, that is something that either has not, or not yet. So you yourself cease to be aware and have ceased to be.

Popping in the past and the future is carried out by means of thought. We are used to identify yourself with your thoughts, but really - we are not our thoughts. All this is a myth. All thoughts come from outside. We can not forbid thoughts visit us, but we can not pay attention to them. If you are not involved in the thinking process, it ceases to be a power over you. If you just watch your thoughts, and do not identify with them, you can constantly stay in the present, engaged in daily activities, and in a state of meditation

Over time, we are only witnesses of our thoughts, but they are not participants, but because they no longer bother us. The more successful you will learn to step back from their own thoughts, the less you will suffer.

The practice of meditation in daily life

To develop this skill on top can try to keep your thoughts in a sitting position with his eyes closed. Over time, you can begin to transfer this practice in daily life. Gradually you learn to understand your mind and the game, in the course of the practice you find the mind will grab you again and again.

Any action can be turned into meditation. Start with what you enjoy doing. For example, when you hear something, you focus on it. This happens automatically and unconsciously. It is a work of the mind. Try to hear all the sounds, without singling out any of them, and become closer to the state of meditation.

Likewise vision. When we look, we highlight one thing. What interests our mind. Try to cover your eyes anything that gets in your vision, not focusing on one thing and you will understand what a huge spectrum is actually our vision.

We are always trying to express everything in words. Each thing has its counterpart in the world of words. This is also a work of the mind. Try to look at things without naming them. Look at all like a child who sees everything for the first time. Once you start to look at things and not the names of your mind you start to meditate.

Here is one practice that can be done in the city. In any big city a lot of texts. These may be signs or advertising, or ads that you want. But the letter - it's just a character. So that they become words, it is necessary that the brain interprets them into words. Imagine that you have a child who can not read and try to look at the words without reading them and you will see how you used to be in my mind and in my thoughts.

You can be a witness of his thinking, his own breath, desire anything. the deeper becomes our svidetelstvennost, the more we become aware and the most important rule of meditation - vigilance. No matter what we do, it is important to be vigilant in this.


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