What is enlightenment?

Enlightenment means ...

1. Never hurry, never worry and never waste even a single moment.
2. Always live in the present and think about the past or future, only when it is absolutely justified.
3. Know that the source of all wisdom is meditation - and nothing else.
4. Do not grieve, never regret. This deep understanding that every regret - a new blunder.
5. Leak in accordance with its own nature, and allow others to flow freely in accordance with their own respective nature.
6. Continuous, hearty, healthy laughter, mostly at himself.

Enlightenment - is the ability to ...

1. Learn and from upstream and downstream from, and from the wise and the foolish.
2. Listen carefully without any other thought process, to be confused in the mind.
3. Sit in silence in front of the master.
4. Do not suppress their emotions.
5. Wrap the boundless pain and boundless insult even without raising eyebrows.
6. Act always impeccably in every moment and in accordance with the given situation.
7. rotates freely in the company of others without losing confidence, or its uniqueness.

Enlightenment - is ...

1. Love; and Love - is not so much due to the feeling of kindness for all beings of the universe.
2. Perfect pompous airs loss, reducing himself to zero.
3. Never indulge to evaluate others.
4. To find out what you want to do the most, and then doing it.
5. Know the purpose of your life and its purpose, and to act accordingly at any given time.
6. The art of maintaining a constant inner silence in the midst of all that cacophony that exists in the world.
7. To live in society, but to see to it that the society did not live in you.
8. To be always in a state of carefree recklessness ... fearlessness ....
9. Never form a habit.
10. Do everything carefully avoided the concept of 'single guru ».
11. Always immerse themselves directly in the task that is performed directly at the moment.

Enlightenment - is the understanding that ...

1. you spawn your own reality; your beliefs shape your experiences.
2. Nothing is by chance - everything is carried out according to the selection.
3. The only thing that should be studied, - a spiritual science.
4. The potential of each is endless.
5. YOU - that's all there is.
6. You - your Guru.
7. You can never be fully enlightened.
8. What do you see at any given time - it's just part of the truth, it is only one aspect or dimension.
9. You can never bring enlightenment to others, and no one can bring you enlightenment.
10. "There is good and there are bad" and "no good or bad».
11. Samsara - is nirvana.
12. Time - is the greatest illusion.
13. In essence, there are no rules and regulations for the conduct - all life is basically a free investigation of its own likes and dislikes.
14. You were born here primarily for your own growth and for your own development.


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