Three Reasons Why give up, and how to fight them

1. Illusion - and so I remember everything and everything in control, and I do not need to write it all. Or, I have a small parish, where did it more, divide the funds.
More lies to himself invent difficult. This "harmless" illusion is the cause of human failure and poverty. The fact that you have not written - a lie. What you "remember" and are not going to be taken into account in the table - a lie. And if you have a small parish, then, of course, it is necessary to consider even tougher.

Stop deceive ourselves, tabulated, and you get the satisfaction and pleasure from feeling managing your money. Check it out.

2. Rare populating a table leads to entanglement and losses. Even small discrepancies, some lost ruble leads to a feeling of lies and reluctance to manage their money.

If timely, complete table and achieve the corresponding figure from the table with cash, then you really coming holidays.

This is the victory over self, about which so much has been said in all the books on financial success.

3. You borrowed someone or someone you borrowed money.

It's like - you or you. The very fact that borrowing money is destructive and for the one who loaned and to whom.

It is better to give or to earn. Saying "If you want to lose a friend, lend him money" works even with the best of friends. Moreover, the movement towards financial success is terminated as soon as the start borrowing.

A provocation go. Beggars feel that you have the money and include you among our customers. You even could not imagine that these are long familiar to you, almost the best friends of the family, their children - professional beggars.

And how difficult it is to refuse him, it's his. But this parasite, whoever he did not seem to you. Is one who is able to destroy your small borrowing. He lives constantly borrowing money and pereodalzhivaya. Ideas to make money, he just does not. Why, if there fuckers (he thinks so) that it will lend.

In fact, he was in a deep hole, and get out of it, he could only way to start making money himself, and manage, for example, with the help of our program.

This dreadful borrowing and small, including - making chaos in money management.

If you have the guts, you will quickly realize that the one who began to lend you money - hidden enemy. Unfortunately, often only time and large financial losses prove it.

And what to do if caught?

Most importantly, do so, what would it be seen in the table, what would it also was manageable. Create a fund for long if you borrowed, and delivered from it.

Create the impression that you have to borrow money is dangerous. And not to give up on time, even deadly.

And to be sure look around at those who have money.

Would you dare they lend? ..

And in the case of great need, to be able to borrow and not return on time? ..


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