How to overcome laziness

useful to start to understand that there is no laziness. Yes, you heard right: no such thing as laziness, does not exist. Therefore, any attempt to deal with laziness is more like a battle with windmills.

There is no desire to engage in the selected case? I do not want to get up in the morning? Always late? Do not bring the case to the end? Hands fall? You can not bring myself to? Lose enthusiasm?

This is a consequence, but not the cause.

Leni does not exist, but these are very real condition:

dislike what you do; Energy recession; the absence of large-scale vision and, as a consequence, lack of understanding, "the fig I need it»; li > the absence of the current objectives and, as a consequence, energy stagnation. of these phenomena has symptoms that we call laziness - do not want to do and hand sink - but they are treated completely different means. Heal the cause and the symptoms will pass by themselves - it is a universal law of nature. And vice versa - an attempt to deal with the consequences of giving only short-term effect.

- I can not get up early in the morning - say to me. em>
- But if tomorrow you will travel around the world in a team of like-minded, where for years he will have to get up early in the morning, how? Go? Will you get up? (And it will be your joy if such a trip - what you dreamed of.) Em>

How to heal the true causes of laziness and living in a drive? I consider each of the states individually.

1. Laziness as a consequence classes unloved delom

Unloved occupation, senseless thing, stupid, or contrary to the internal rules of your actions cause not just laziness, and includes an internal lock. Hands literally do not rise, and it is directly proportional to your awakening. The higher awareness, the harder you live without meaning.

- What is the meaning of conscious life?
- The meaning of life is to choose your own sense and follow it. Em>

Not to abandon the accepted norms. Very little "pick up and leave" - ​​must choose their own businesses, its meaning, and gave him, and then to learn that the suspension of no better framework for society.

I'm getting another kind of letters with a stable consistency. Subject: «I left with the unloved work. I - the hero »In this case, I always want to answer:

- < My friend, you will become a hero when will gain congenial business and you will have enough patience to follow.

The fact that you left unloved occupation does not relieve you of laziness and other apathetic states. At this point begins the most difficult: to understand that it is impossible to find yourself, yourself, you can only create, and his work can not be found, but you can choose what you like, and start doing it. And to do with the soul.

People are afraid to put his soul. Be careful not to give. First, they want to be loved, or to deal in any way once they filled, and only then they are willing to give. But the future does not work. Nature shows us clearly:

in the spring you sow, you reap in the fall.

Those who do not sow or who do not have the patience to care for their young plants until the fall, did not reap. They speak with the world literally in the language:

- Dear garden, give me your first sweet and delicious cheesecake, and then I it will set and will weed. em> - Dear world, you Let me first favorite thing that inspires me and fills, and then I'll deal with it with the soul. em> what about the world with such advanced cases? How do you want him to respond to that? Here you have the symptoms of suffering and laziness to think and went to be treated for infantile.

Quiet love for the cause (which has nothing to do with an instant euphoria) sometimes comes through time, with the first results, when remains behind to overcome their own fears and open up new horizons of opportunity.

2. Laziness as a consequence of energy spada

Energy recession - is another cause of the symptoms of laziness and can occur even in the most pleasant process. Are you tired, overworked, your forces went on the decline, lose heart, you begin to wonder ("But whether the case I chose?") Appear throes of creation and other self-torture, whereas you just need to relax, regain strength and energy circulation in your physical body.

The first thing that is important to understand - the energy downturn may even be the favorite in the process, and it does not mean that we should drop everything and rush into a new business in the hope that there will be a "solid love».

Reasons for the recession? Fatigue, both moral and physical. Exit - rest and restart. It is just the same, it is important to understand the role of nutrition and physical activity that affect our tone.

If you diagnose at an energy slump, the first thing to do - to restore power with the help of rest and does not make any decisions in this state. And then your task - to make such declines to a minimum, ie to make sport, healthy fun and the right food in your daily diet.

3. Laziness as a consequence of the lack of large-scale videniya

On this subject there is a material of "large-scale vision as a springboard for growth" - esteem. The bottom line is that if you are a business that you are interested in, and quickly progressing in it - earn first money, get first recognition, and so on - then you just need a large-scale vision to continue to evolve.

You grew up in the children's pants, it's time to grow up and it is time to perform an update of its own goals. If before buying a car, and 100,000 rubles a month, you thought, "th-th-th", when they have come, it is very obvious how it is not enough. Yes, it is small, and no matter what is missing. You can, of course, a blow to "get rid of the ego, and it engenders desires," and we can recognize that achieving the objectives - this is an excellent catalyst for internal growth , which your being so desperately need (and will require a lifetime - it is our nature).

Large-scale vision helps to define meaning in the daily routine and to overcome her routine, clover.

But if this vision is not, then the person with an internal scale and ambition becomes uninteresting, and it begins to overcome daily laziness. Fun here himself useless, even sport does not help, we need a global, large and bright goal is to awaken the appetite and zest for life.

4. Laziness as a consequence of the lack of current tseli

Stagnant water goes out. That says it all.

The same thing happens to your energy when it has no clear direction channel, simply stagnates inside, causing all those nasty state - want to sleep when you're not tired, I want to eat when you are hungry, and the like. It's very ugly, but get used to it.

Unused muscles atrophy, and then require enormous work to their stir and return to the tone. The same goes for your inner strength, which is without beginning to give the smell. Of course, in this state, you lazy lot. Still.

It all depends on the level of neglect situation, but in a global sense output is always the same - light target that vstrepenet your being. And it is the current target, to which you can begin to move now, not sometime later. It is now - that's all we have.

Those who are waiting for all my life, and a great big target that will blow their heads, like the doomed 30-year-old virgin waiting for the prince. Guys, reach their feet first before any, let little purpose. Then zamahnites for more. This climb uphill. A fascinating journey, among other things.

Lose weight. Earn a million (to start rubles). Look at the world - tickets to New York are cheaper than in Kamchatka. Open your business. Tie the hook cover "Mercedes". Do something and bring it to the end. This is the only way to learn on their own practice, that this life is real and easier than you think.

To summarize: laziness overcome impossible and not necessary , - is necessary to work on what was the cause of it. And to work as soon as possible, so as not to run this mental illness and not get used to living without color.

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